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Meri Durga 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with goon scolding Durga. Sanjay comes and holds the goon’s hand. He beats the goons. The goon holds Durga. She gets scared. Sanjay throws the goon away. All the goon run away. People in the market look on. Sanjay says our scores get equal. You saved me yesterday and today I saved you, I came to give this money to you, wait I did not finish yet. Now we are even, I can call you freely as Ms Cheater. She says you think I saved you for money, go to hell. He says you go to hell as well, you won’t come to college from tomorrow. They argue. He says you can just do this, run this veg stall. He says good bye Ms Cheater and goes.

Umang comes to Rajveer and looks at him. Amrita sees Umang and thinks Umang is thinking this is his dad. Umang says I will get water for Papa and runs. Dadi comes and says if you delay in telling him truth, his heart will hurt, when he sees his dad is Rana Sir. Amrita says I tried to tell him truth, seeing his happiness, I could not tell him. Dadi says knowing truth is imp for him than raw happiness, family is with you to manage all this, you tell me will you talk to him or shall I talk. Amrita thinks Umang has right to know truth.

Durga comes home and asks Yashpal did Rajveer get conscious. He says no, doctor said he needs more time. She thinks how to tell him that SP got her out of college. He asks her not to go college, it does not matter if she misses college one day, sit with Rana Sir, I will go. She thinks to tell him truth seeing right time. Yashpal goes to her room to get prescription. He sees the letter and think what is it. He gets shocked reading rustication letter. He says Durga is removed from college, how can this happen, she did not tell me. He thinks I won’t let injustice happen with Durga.

Sanjay and Sam contest in college elections. They look at each other. Sanjay says Durga is out of college, you are next. Sam claps and says don’t forget the college gate. Sanjay says I don’t need to. Sam says we will see. They go to give their votes. Sam thinks I will win. Sanjay thinks lets see, just wait and watch.

Yashpal comes to the college and gets a stick. He stops Sanjay by throwing the stick. Sanjay asks who’s there, are you mad. Yashpal shouts stop, else I will hit you with the stick. Sanjay gets shocked. Amrita says I can’t lie more, Umang has right to know truth. Umang comes and gives the get well soon card for his dad. She says Papa will get fine soon and hugs him. She thinks sorry, I feel lying is right in front of your happiness. Sanjay says Durga’s dad. Yashpal says yes, how dare you remove her from college, I will not let injustice happen with her, she is trying to link with her life after 5 years, you know what you did with her.

Sanjay says sorry, she did mistake and got punished, she cheated every person who trusted her, she is a cheater. Yashpal says stop it, else I will break your bones. Sanjay says I m not young, don’t do this mistake, everyone knows this truth, else get proof that Durga never took drugs, what happened, don’t you have any proof, I have proof, there is someone who has seen Durga taking drugs. Yashpal says its a lie. Sanjay says fine, I will not see, I will just show you. He asks a girl to tell Yashpal that she has seen Durga taking drugs. The girl worries. Sanjay says in fact you stopped Durga, but she always took drugs, she threatened you too, tell him, he has to know it. The girl lies that Durga took drugs. Yashpal says you are a liar, Durga can’t do this ever. Sanjay says its fine if you don’t want to believe it.


Meri Durga 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga cuts Rajveer’s hair. Gham musafir tha…..plays…. Yashpal asks the girl to tell in which hand Durga took drugs. The girl worries. Sanjay asks the girl to answer, did she see Durga or not.

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