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Meri Durga 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Durga Gets Drunk


Meri Durga 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meri Durga 8th December 2017 Episode start with Durga doing stretching exercises and dropping the kalash. Gayatri asks her to keep trying, she has to run 8 kms every day and stay on just salads and water. She says you have to listen to me and do as I say, if you want to become like Jassi. Durga thinks I know you are doing this for troubling me. Gayatri goes. Durga comes home and sees the birthday decorations. She drinks water and tells servant that she keeps a fast on her birthday. Sanjay pours red wine in a bottle and says when you get drunk and make a joke of yourself, all your self respect will be gone.

Yashpal talks to Durga on call and asks did Sanjay trouble you, if he does anything, I will not leave him. She says no, he is my husband, I know its your love, you won’t do anything for my sake. He agrees. Sanjay knocks the door. Yashpal asks her to get ready fast. Durga thinks how to go in party in these clothes. Sanjay goes to hit and break the door. Durga opens the door. He sees her wearing the gifted gown and gets mesmerized. Music plays…. she asks am I not looking good. He calls a servant in. She runs and holds a pillow to cover up the sleeveless dress. Servant gets the red wine bowl. Durga asks what’s in this. Sanjay asks shall I believe that you have worn this dress on my saying and you can do anything to save this marriage. She says yes.

He says then lets play a game, you have to copy me, there will be three rounds. She asks now. He says yes, its your birthday. She says okay. He spoils his hair and says its a game, start. She also spoils her hairdo. He gets hurt. She laughs. They proper their hair. He says round 2 now. He gets two footballs and says we have to balance on these balls, its our task. They stand on the ball and try to balance. They fall on the bed and have an eyelock. He says so final round. He shows the red chillies and asks her to eat it. She refuses. He eats the chillies.

She too starts eating. They cough and get thirsty. He locks her in the room and runs to kitchen to have water. He drinks water and gets relieved. He thinks now Durga will have to drink the wine. She looks for water here and there. She doesn’t get water. She thinks she can’t drink wine, no…. She gives up and drinks wine. Sanjay drinks the juice. He asks Anjana to go and call Durga. He smiles. Anjana looks for Durga. Durga gets drunk. Anjana gets shocked. Sanjay welcomes everyone. He says we won’t have cocktails in the party. He smiles. Anjana asks Durga to come, Sanjay is calling her downstairs.


Meri Durga 9th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga comes stumbling. Sanjay says you are drunk. Yashpal gets shocked. Durga dances with Sanjay and falls down.

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