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Meri Durga 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga finding a chit. Shri asks her about district level competition training. Durga sees Shri and signs good. Shri sends apology note. Durga smiles. Durga sends her the note back. Durga writes forget everything, the best thing is Rajveer took good class of maths teacher, who did my complaint. Neelkant complains to principal about Rajveer. Principal defends Rajveer. Neelkant says Rajveer will be given a chance to justify his behavior, its fine if he is right, else it will be his last day tomorrow. Durga thinks what would have happened if Rajveer was not here.

Shri asks Durga how is she going home. They see Subhadra. Shri hugs Subhadra. Durga goes to her. Shri sees Yashpal. He comes there and sees Subhadra. Subhadra apologizes to him. Durga asks him to talk to Durga once. Subhadra asks him not to get angry, till when will he come here always. He says I can do anything to educate my daughter, I will pay you for the expenses you have spent on Durga.

He sees Shri and blesses her. He leaves with Durga. Subhadra gets angry and says he wants to return money to me, when he is so poor. She sees Shri and starts drama. Shri goes. Subhadra calls her out.

Amrita makes a painting. Someone looks on. Amrita’s family comes and sees Amrita making painting. Sheela signs Shilpa. They get glad seeing Madhav. Madhav greets them. Madhav praises Amrita, who helped him a lot, she worked hard. Amrita smiles. Durga thinks why is he acting sweet, selfish, maybe he wants Amrita to work more. Madhav asks Amrita to show them new idols. Amrita takes them.

Shilpa says you have done good arrangements of this exhibition. Amrita shows the idols to everyone. Durga smiles. Madhav sees Amrita’s dupatta getting stuck in the idol box. Madhav holds the dupatta and tries to free it. Durga looks on. Shilpa comes in between. Durga goes to Amrita and asks her to come along. Amrita asks what happened. Durga says Madhav is clever, he will make you work more by acting sweet. Amrita says its nothing like that. Dadi coughs and says I m feeling restless. Sheela and Bantu smile. Sheela acts good. Everyone worry for Dadi. Durga runs to get water. Madhav asks what happened. Durga says why do you ask, I m not Amrita. He smiles. He goes out and gets shocked seeing Dadi. He calls doctor. Sheela thinks of adding some medicine in Dadi’s food.

Dadi gets admitted in hospital. Doctor says I did her checkup, she is fine, I took blood sample, I will inform after reports come, you can take her home. Sheela and Annapurna ask Dadi to come. Sheela’s brother comes. They all go. Sheela asks him to set the report as she is paying for it. The man says I m setting wrong report. She asks him not to make mistake.

Subhadra talks to her friends. They ask about maid. The lady sees Shri and asks her to get a glass of water. Subhadra looks on. She asks Shri to go upstairs. Shri says I will go and get tea. Subhadra goes to see kitchen work. Shri asks her to leave. Subhadra says I will manage, why are you not agreeing. Shri asks when Durga can work, why can’t I. She serves the tea. Plate falls down. Shri says I will clean it. Subhadra comes and asks Shri to go. Shri says no, I will clean. Subhadra says I will do, please go and study. Shri says no. Subhadra insists. Shri says enough, you are feeling bad seeing me work here, when you made Durga do the work, did you not pity her, Durga was not maid, she was your brother’s daughter, if she can work, why can’t I work. She goes.


Meri Durga 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Neelkant says I have seen truth, you are removed from this school. Madhav asks the man who allowed him to get gun. Someone comes to steal the idol.

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