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Meri Durga 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Annapurna asking Durga about medicine and phone. Durga makes excuses. Annapurna says I will do massage and make you feel fresh for the race tomorrow. Durga says no, I m feeling fresh like vegetable, I have to talk to you and Yashpal. Sanjay gets up and signs Durga to send her. Durga takes Annapurna and goes out. Gayatri worries for Sanjay and asks police to find Sanjay soon, send a team to Barwara as well, I don’t trust those people. Sanjay gets headache and gets medicine bottle. He drinks it. Durga says I thought to sing lullaby for you and make you sleep. Annapurna says how will we sleep before you sleep. Durga insists.

Durga sings. Yashpal says you are singing film songs. Durga sings again. They look at her. Sanjay gets dizzy by wine and thinks what’s happening. Yashpal says you are singing old film song, I know everything. Durga says fine, you sing lullaby. He agrees. They hear a sound. Durga thinks what did SP do now. She says maybe its a cat.

Sanjay says I can’t go, Durga kept medicine for me, I will thank and hug her. He comes downstairs and falls in front of Sheela. Sheela thinks who is this guy. He laughs seeing her and says how are you, interesting pose, Balle balle or spiderman. He asks where is Durga. She thinks he is Durga’s lover, someone come out and see him. Durga says I m feeling sleepy and goes. Annapurna says she is behaving strange. Yashpal asks her not to think so and sleep.

Durga comes to room and looks for Sanjay. She sees Sanjay and worries. She sees Yashpal coming and thinks what to do. Gayatri gets informed about SP and says my guess was right. Neelkant asks what happened. She says he is in Barwara, those villagers didn’t see me. She scolds inspector and asks him to arrest Choudharys for kidnapping her son. She says Durga and her family spoiled my sleep, I will ruin their peace, happiness and everything.

Durga covers up Sanjay. Sanjay says how did it get night. Durga takes Sanjay and hides. Sheela tries to make a noise. Yashpal asks Durga did she not sleep. Durga says I was making cat leave. Yashpal says what’s this Sheela doing here at night. Sheela signs him. He asks do you have eyepain or neckpain.

Durga says she would be feeling sleepy. He says you started understanding her language, its fine I will take her. Sheela signs. Yashpal says she is thirsty. Durga says I will get water. Sanjay holds her and says you gave me medicine, I came to thank and hug. She asks him to control and go. He pats him and says you have drunk wine. He says I had medicine, my pain went. He says I will go after hugging you, I will become your fan. She says you are mad. He says you are cute, sweet, Ras malai. She says thanks, go home. He refuses and sits there. She thinks how to make him leave now.


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