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Meri Durga 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with the girl Neena lying about Durga. She says I have seen her taking drugs. Yashpal gets shocked. He asks did you see her taking drugs, tell me how did she take drugs. She gets tensed. He says tell me, I should know what happened that time. He asks her to say in which hand Durga took drugs, what’s going to say. She says I don’t remember. He says people don’t remember such things, tell me. She says left hand. He asks are you sure. She says yes. Yashpal asks Sanjay to see the liar, Durga was given food in drugs, she did not take any injection, you were there, did you also forget the blame on Durga. Sanjay gets shocked.

He recalls the past and asks Neena what is she saying, she said she has seen Durga taking drugs. He asks what’s the truth, tell me. She says sorry, I did what Aarti told me, I did not see Durga taking drugs. Sanjay gets shocked. Yashpal asks Sanjay to see truth, Aarti has made Neena do this, and he broke friendship with Durga. Neena says but Durga took drugs. Yashpal defends Durga and says I swear the man who added drugs in her food, I will not leave him. He asks Sanjay to think well, if he got senses, stop troubling her, she is bearing this since five years, you never understood her. Sanjay recalls Durga.

Durga recalls Rajveer and set things for him. Jeeta hai chal….plays…..She cuts his long hair and beard. She makes him like before and asks Rajveer to see himself in mirror. He does not react. Durga asks him to get well soon. Annapurna comes with food, and sees Rajveer. She asks what will happen by this. She tells what Rajveer used to do, he was so handsome and all teachers liked him, he used to bribe me by jalebis and made me run. She takes his blessings.

Sheela argues with Annapurna. Durga comes. Sheela asks till when will Rajveer stay here, he is a patient, take him to hospital, who will bear his expenses. Durga asks her not to worry, I will bear all expenses by selling vegs, money will be used for his care and medicines. She hears a sound and runs to see. She sees Rajveer fallen on ground. She holds him and feeds him water. He spits water. Umang gets scared seeing him. Rajveer asks for wine. Durga makes him lie down.

Sanjay meets the sports association and asks officer for Durga’s reports. Officer says we don’t have reports. Sanjay says I have papers, I have right to know. Officer gives him Durga’s file. Sanjay checks it and gets shocked. He says Durga’s RBCs are less, the RBCs would be high if she took steroids, reports are fake. Officer says yes, steroids have to be taken since 10-15 days before to perform well, maybe she did not take steroids. Sanjay says it means she has won on her own, she was the winner that day, you proved her wrong in front of the world. Why did you not say she did not take drugs, you know what she did, I had fought with her till now. He says her blood report was positive, she had taken drugs that day, none can participate in race by taking drugs, she has disqualified herself, I just did my duty. Sanjay recalls Durga and gets sad.

Sheela and her husband see the goon in market. The goon ask for Rajveer. He tells Neelkant that he found Rajveer. Neelkant says find him, I want that man. Durga does practice. Yashpal helps her. He asks her not to worry for anything. She says you did not ask me about college. He says I know, so I did not ask. She asks what. He says everything. She gets shocked.


Meri Durga 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The college president is announced. Everyone gets shocked. Sanjay removes Durga’s bad posters from the walls.

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