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Meri Durga 9th February 2017 Written Update


Meri Durga 9th February 2017 Written Update and Meri Durga 9th February 2017 video watch online

The Episode starts with Durga and her friends reaching the temple. Her friend says we will make baba bless you. Yashpal wakes up from a dream and smiles. He says if my Durga grows up, she will look like that. Annapurna hears him. She asks what happened. He says I have seen a dream, Durga became big officer, a white car with red light came to our house, everyone was seeing, Durga got down the car, I saluted her and hugged, it was a nice dream, see this will happen. She smiles. He says things seen by open eyes are fulfilled.

Durga and her friends run to the lake. Durga says we can’t breath here. They all go ahead. Baba bawandar plays music and sings. His man comes there. Baba says I already did planning to sell poor villagers’ land, I will sell it and go to make my album in bollywood. The man says yes, you have good talent, I will go and see devotees. Baba says fine, I m going to bath, check at main gate, no poor person should come.

Durga says this basket is coming to us. Her friends say no, it was coming to us. They get scared and shout ghost. They run. A cat comes out of the basket. The guard is at the entrance. They all apologize to guard and ask him to say something. Manohar feels nausea and eats lemon. He asks him to let them go. Durga also requests the man. The man is actually sleeping with open eyes. They hear his snores and silently run. They see baba bawandar taking selfies. Bansi says Baba has taken bath, what will we do now. Durga says I will hold his legs and request him. The boy says he will not help you. She says how to trap him. Bansi thinks to get some junk to make Manohar vomit.

Bansi makes Manohar smell junk. Manohar goes and vomits on baba. Baba bawandar gets shocked. He asks what did you do, who are you, are you mad, I have to bath again now. Durga and her friends smile. Baba goes to have a bath. Manohar scolds Bansi. The boy says first lock the bathroom door.

Yashpal says I will wake up Durga. Annapurna says why, its holiday. He says she has exam in coaching centre today. Amrita wakes up and smiles seeing the phone. She does not find Durga and says did Durga wake up early today. Yashpal comes and asks for Durga. She says she maybe studying. He says you said right, she needs love and support also. She asks him to brush teeth till then she will heat water for bath.

Devotee come to meet baba bawandar. Baba finds the door locked and asks who locked it. Bansi says we kids locked it. He asks why. Manohar says first help me. Baba says its sin to do this. They ask him to help Durga. They tell the story. Baba asks who is Durga, who is Shilpa, what is this story, open the door. Durga tensely says I m Durga, I came to ask for your help, I did not had 500rs to give you fees, just you can make maths line in my hand, you do magic and get marks for me. Baba gets worried. They all ask him to help.

Yashpal thinks did Durga sleep, she has no habit to sleep early, I will see her once. The kids ask Baba to help Durga. Baba says maths is my enemy also. He tells his maths problem. Durga thinks I m not alone in world whom maths scared. Baba says maths means my spirit will always trouble you. Durga says you understood my problem, just you can solve it now. He says sure, but get me out of here first. Yashpal looks for Durga. Amrita asks him to have bath. He says I m not hearing Durga’s voice, maybe she slept. She says I will see her, you go. He says fine, make her ready. Amrita looks for Durga.

The kids free baba and fall in his feet. They apologize and say they did not had money to meet him. Baba stops his men. The kids say baba has forgiven us, thanks. Baba asks them to close eyes and do dhyaan by true heart. Baba goes.

Meri Durga 10th February 2017 Written Update Precap : Yashpal asks for Durga. Durga runs back home. They all look for Durga. Amrita looks for Durga on the road and faints. Rishi asks are you fine….

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