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Meri Durga 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjay refusing to go home. He asks Durga to hug him. Durga says what shall I do of you, you got much drunk, you look cute. He says I love you so much. Amrita comes and sees them. Dev holds ears. Sanjay asks who is she, Amrita didi. He says I m your house’s would be son in law, Durga’s would be husband. Amrita looks at Durga. They hear Yashpal and worry. Durga stops Sanjay. Amrita says send him from here fast.

Gayatri says Durga didn’t do right by making my son away, person should look high as per status, else neck gets strain. Police comes to Yashpal’s house. Durga asks Sanjay to stay here, she will go out. Sanjay says no, I will see. She asks whose house is it. He says now yours, mine later. She smiles and says promise you will be here. He promises.

Inspector asks Yashpal about kidnapping a young guy. Brij says you are mistaken, we are decent people. Yashpal says leave from here, how can you say this, do you have proof. Inspector scolds him and says let us search the house. Everyone comes there and gets worried. Durga prays they don’t go to kitchen. Yashpal argues with inspector. Constable calls inspector to come and see. They see the mess in the kitchen and get shocked. Durga gets relieved on not seeing Sanjay there. Inspector asks what happened here. Durga says I came here and saw cockroach, I was catching it and this happened. Constable says we didn’t get anyone.

Inspector apologizes. Yashpal says you didn’t do right, neighbors will point fingers at her. Police leaves. Yashpal asks everyone to go and sleep. Inspector calls Gayatri and says SP is not there. She asks what, you would have not checked well. She gets angry and says where can Sanjay go. Sanjay waves to Durga and leaves. He stops and signs Durga. She signs him to just go. Sanjay gives her flying kisses and goes. He messages I love you. Durga smiles.

Amrita asks Durga who was that guy. Durga says he is my childhood friend SP. Amrita asks what was going on, answer me. Durga says I love SP and he also loves me. Sanjay comes home drunk. Gayatri sees him. He says I love Durga a lot. Durga asks Amrita not to tell anything to dad. Amrita starts laughing and asks her not to get afraid, love is not any crime. She hugs Durga and supports her. She says explain him not to come at night, if anyone sees, it will be big trouble, dad will like SP. Durga hugs her. Amrita says you have big responsibility, love can become a strength or weakness for you, it depends on you.

Gayatri thinks I will make Durga away from SP forever. He hugs her. She asks him to go and sleep. He goes. Its morning, Durga practices. She tries to hear Rajveer’s talk. Rajveer comes out. Umang supports Durga. Rajveer asks Umang to come. Durga asks Rajveer to help her directly, not via Umang. He says I can see your failure, athlete runs to win coach’s respect, you can’t lose, whatever happens.


Meri Durga 10th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Dadi apologizes to Gayatri. Dadi gets humiliated. Dadi curses her. Sarpanch warns Durga against losing the race.

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