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Misty Live Recap Episode 15


HR sits and smiles as she looks at something. She is super happy and just smiling and enjoying her life at home. She looks through some envelopes and needs a knife to open them, so she goes to Tae-wooks office.

Meanwhile, Tae-wook drives somewhere. He looks at the CCTV traffic camera and pulls another illegal U-turn. He revs his engine as he speeds off somewhere.

At the same time, Hae-ran approaches the drawer.

TW gets out of his car in a parking garage and presses the elevator button.

Hae-ran sees the traffic ticket in TW’s drawer. She doesn’t think anything about it at first, but then it dawns on her.

The elevator opens for TW, he goes inside.

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HR collapses on TW’s chair and epis music plays. She starts to breath heavy as she reads the date and time. She hands shake, she is in disbelief.

TW gets to their apartment. HR hears him. He calls for Hae-ran. HR’s eyes are wide, she tries to put the traffic ticket back and just manages, but she drops the envelope knife.

TW hears the noise and goes rushing to his office, but then HR comes out and they stare at each other stunned for a second. But then HR tries to play it off. She is holding a book and says she didn’t know what to do in her leisure time so she grabbe a book. He says he left something. HR smiles and tells him to pick it up. the book is Stumbling Towards Righteousness. HR sits and reads it. TW watches her.

But then he turns and goes into his office. HR hears the click of the door and looks up. Inside the office, TW looks around as if something isn’t right. Then he goes to his drawer and opens it. He immediately knows that HR read it as he remembers the ticket was under his folder, not on top of it. He looks a bit crazy as he looks at the door.

He leaves his office with the envelope knife and slowly walks toward HR. He looks at her stone faced nand grips the knife a little tighter. HR pretends not to notice. But then he lays it on the couch and HR looks at him.

He says he thought she needed it and she thanks him, then he wonders what her plans are this evening. She says she want to rest, read books and listen to music. He says okay, he will be back after work. She smiles and watches him leave. But then her face falls as she sits back in the couch, the knife opener to her right. She is stunned.

MW tells EJ that she should stop, it was an accident. EJ tells him that she endured a lot these last 10 years. Accident? He wouldn’t die that easy, she doesn’t accept it and she dosn’t accept that courts decision. She says she will torture HR. Even if the world forgives her, she won’t. MW says it is not HR’s fault, everyone suspecting HR makes the matter bigger. EJ says he is stupid, he was used by her and his life is trash now, does he still have feelings toward her? Get real you stupid man.

She gets up but he holds her back. He breaks her sign and she wonders what he is doing. He tells her to stop. She wonders what he will do, will he kill her? He says, maybe. EJ stops, what are you? Dong Hyun….did you do it?

MW says it is difficult the first time, but the second and third…it’s easy. It is not that difficult EJ, so just stop.

The train is coming.

EJ calls him a crazy guy. He breaks the sign again and EJ alls him a crazy guy. He leaves and she yells that he is a crazy guy!

HR opens the drawer, but the traffic ticket is gone. She looks up and thinks back to what TW said, he left something there. But she doens’t want to believe it, she says it is a coincidence, just a coincidence. He was driving at the same time and place.

Cut to TW paying for the ticket.

Back at home, HR starts straightening up TW’s clothing. She sees that one of the jackets is a certain brand name.

W finishes paying for the ticket and leaves.

HR looks through all TW’s shoes in his closet, but then she gets a phone call. SOmeone asks if this is HR. She says yes. This person is from the central prosecutors office.

TW is being interviewed in regards to the managers death. He is asked how long he has been marred to HR and how his marred life is. KJ heard that the day of the accident, he went to JBC to see her. He says it was around 10 Ocklock, right after the news.

Flashback to this happening.

Where you together after that?

HR says she has a meeting and has to leave.

TW says they weren’t together after that. KJ wants to know when HR came home. He says he doens’t know, he was busy at work and he spent all night there. KC confirms that TW was at work when he got there the next day. Around 7am.

KJ – 3-4am was the accident time. The manager saw TW around 7am.

SJ comes in and tells KJ about the central office calling him about another case. SJ tells him to just stop this case, it was an accident. But KJ says they have to check who that guy is!

HR signs to have her brooch back. Then she sees KJ and walks right past him. He wants to ask her another question. One last question. That brooch…why is it in KL’s car? Everything makes sense, but that doesn’t connect. Are you still suspecting me? The brooch was the thing that made me suspicious of the case, why was it on the scene? KHR, have you thought about it? Do you have any memory of dropping it in the car. You had it and then you went home, was anyone else in the house besides you, HR?

HR says that she told him when he interviewed her, she was along at home, no one else was there. You had two chances, when you arrested me and in the court room, but you didn’t get anything. He says he suspected her as the murderer, that is why he didn’t get the real killer.

HR – what do you mean?

KJ – the person who made you as the prime suspect and hid behind you. SOmeone who can get your brooch and who is closer to you than you think, the real murderer.
TW waits on a sushi lunchbox. He stares off somewhere. Then he comes home with the sushi box. Is HR there? He walks in but the house looks empty. Grey tones abound as he looks around. He sets the box on the table and calls the reporter.

The reporter picks up. Ah, he called HR. He asks if she is with her wife and she says they are together. The entire team is together actually, they are all having a party. Does he want to talk to her? he says it’s fine, he doens’t want to break the mood, he is just relieved to know that she is with them.

The JBC team drinks, but JW drinks for the camera man. The reporter asks him if he would like to join. He says it is fine, just tell her to call when you are all done, he will pick her up.

Reporter Yoon tells HR that she is lucky, her husband will pick her up after the party. SY says she doesn’t envy HR, but she does envy TW. He is the best. Who is cooler, TW or the camera man? JW doesn’t answer. They joke about that and HR says you shouldn’t say too much when you drink with Hubae’s. The manager says okay, let’s drink, cheers for Hae-ran!

But SY feels something strange. She shakes her head as if trying to throw the thought away.

TW sits at home and drinks. He pours himself one shot, then another. The food is still in the bag.

Meanwhile SY drives HR home. She says she couldn’t’ drink because of her, then she asks her what is bothering her. Did she have some trouble with TW? HR says she just doesn’t know …..who TW is. SY laughs, what are you talking about? But HR just stares out the window and closes her eyes.

TW comes down to the garage. SY tells him that HR drank a lot. She called everyone and told them that she would buy them drinks and she also drank a alot. SY asks if TW is okay with her and he asks her if HR said something. SY says no…just. TW opens the door and helps HR out. The reporter friend watches all of this. HR says she can walk herself and tries to do it, but she collapses. She kees insiting that she can walk herself though. SY thinks something must be going on, did they fight? They won the case so what is the reason.
Upstairs, HR says she is okay and pushes TW away. She apologizes and says that she just wants to be alone. She goes to her room and sits at on her bed. Then she looks back at the door and thinks of hat KJ said…there is noone else in the house except you HR? …..Someone made you a murderer and is hiding behind you…maybe the real murderer is a lot closer than you think.

HR falls onto her bed and cries as she holds her head.

Ej comes back with another sign and holds it outside JBC. Director GS comes up and sees the sign, but he doesn’t appraoch her, he just goes inside. He wishes everyone a good morning and sees the hungover manager passed out in his seat. He has to wake him up. GS asks who the woman with the sign is outside, KL’s wife right? He says the security team asked her to leave but she isn’t leaving. He doesn’t know why she is doing that.

Reporter Yoon gets a call from GS. He wants her to do something for him. He wants news and he wants this reporter to interview EJ. SY thinks HR will get angry if she knows about it.

SY goes up to EJ and asks her for an intervivew. Ej thinks about that and we see MW inside the building looking concerned.

EJ sits at a cafe with SY. They have coffee. She tells her to drink, she has been standing all day, so she had a hard time. SY tells her that the case ended with a not guilty verdict, so why is she doing this? EJ says seh should talk about the truth so her dead husbnd will have some peace. She thinks HR killed her husband. What is the reason? HR,s car blackbox chip was with her, she had it. The missing blackbox chip? Why didn’t you submit it as evidence? TW removed it. The lawyer removed the evidence? Does it have evidence of HR killing KL?

EJ – not the evidence of killing, but they were together in HR’s car.
SY – something doesn’t match. HR brooch was found in your husbands car, but if they were in HR’s car…then it doesn’t match.
EJ – maybe HR dropped it.
SY – or someone dropped it on purpose…..well, Kang Tae-wook, the chip, can you tell me what was on it that TW removed?

HR wakes up fully clothed, it’s 1 or 2pm. Her phone rings. It is SY. SY says…well….she is just checking. HR wants to know if she should have something. SY asks to see her for a second or she can drive there. SY wants to know what is up. SY says she has to talk with her about something. HR hangs up and SY sighs. then SY sees MW approaching her car.

He knocks on the window and then beats it in with a bat!
KC and TW playfully talk. Then KC says he met with the detective. He was in the basement parking lot. He was asking someone when TW came back that day (the parking lot attendent). KC says KJ was torturing HR and now he is torturing TW, why is he doing that? YTW tells him not to worry about it, they can just work. But the manager looks suspicious of TW.

Back at home, HR waits in her living room wih her jacket on. She calls her friend but she doesn’t pick up. A man picks up. HR says she is looking for Yoon Song-yi, who are you? The hospital.

Cut to HR frantic int he hospital. SY is in the intesive care unit, she looks like she got beaten up. GS is there and tells HR not to see SY now, lets go talk. He pulls her away and they talk. Teh polic say it was a theft, but nothing was stolen. Did HR talk to her about it? HR says she said she needed to talk to he about something but she never came. GS says SY went to see EJ. Why? EJ is one person protesting in front of the JBC. But why did you ask reporter Yoon? GS thought her person whould go there and do the interview. GS wants to know why he cares, does he suspect her of the killing?

HR yells at GS about this, is he digging up some more? Why?

GS says the police man came to see them last night, he knows that TW came to the building on the night of the death.

TW – do you know how hard I try to understand you, are you even looking at me?

HR – so what? TW met me, what does that have to do with the case?

KJ – accept HR, I am looking at the prime suspect.

KJ thinks TW saw his wife meeting another man on the day he went to meet his wife. What if he saw KL and HR meeting in a secret place? Then the next morning, KL died. If HR is not the killer, who do you think the prime suspect is?

HR tells GS that doesn’t make any sense. GS thinks it makes sense, there is no one who is not that kind of person. She knows that the most trustworthy person can commit a crime, she is the one that reveals their stories and puts them on the news. He doesnt’ want to think about it, but if TW killed KL…

HR – if you saw one more thing about this then I won’t treat yo as a human being anymore!

She storms off and GS sighs. HR drives up to JBC and approaches EJ, lets talk. Ej says she has nothing to talk to her about. HR wants to know what she told reporter YOon. Right after she met with you, she wanted to see me, but she got attacked and is unconcious right now. What did you tell her?

EJ – we talked about your husband and what I saw on the blackbox chip. I thought you killed my husband, that is why TW erased everything, to protect you. But SY has a different idea.

HR – What did she say?

SY – SOmeting is strange, why did he erase it?

EJ – If it comes out to the public, it is evidence of HR and KL having an affair. Maybe it worred him?

SY – yes of course, but she woulnd’t be the killer right? …. (missed some) ….HR was soothing KL as lies, but why did she have to tell those lies to him? Maybe she wanted to finish this relationship, then this blackbox is actually good evidence with HR, TW lawyer should know that….why did he erase it? Isn’t something suspicious?

Ej – so that is what I thought, maybe, the person who can’t stand it the most is not HR, but Kang Tae-wook.

HR – no

EJ – For him, it is more important to cover up his ashamed feeling than make the wife clean. That is what you don’t want to believe, but I know that feeling, he is just a man with a jealous feeling, he wants to cover it gently.

HR – You want to torture me that much, then do it, but don’t talk about rumors of Kang Tae-wook, he is….he is…the only one who endured someonelike me, he understood me more and was always on my side, so don’t talk to him like that.

EJ – really? So you made another nice man a murderer. 19 years ago, you did it to MW, and now to your husband, right?

EJ throws the sign,

EJ -I don’t have to do this anymore, you look like you are suffering enough, maybe you misunderstood something, right after she met me, she went out to see someone else, not you right away.

Reporter Yoon talks to someone and tells him that she has something to talk to him about. TW….he will see TW over there. SY gets into the elevator to leave.

EJ – do you know why SY became like that? Ask your husband.

EJ leaves HR standing there.

TW picks up a travel card. The agent tells him that he can have a tour. He says he just wants to rest. She asks for the departure date and he says as soon as possible.

TW – ets go on a trip together. We never traveled for 7 years, you are on vacation now, so lets go anywhere and rest
HR – trip?
TW – where would you like to go?
HR – somewhere warm and with waves and we can be alone together.
TW lets go somepace like that.

The travel agent tells him that it is possible this weekend. Would he like to book it? He says yes.

Cut to HR going to a convenience store for a headache pill. She buys it and puts it in her bag, the she sees teh brooch in there….why was it in Kevin Lees car?

HR goes home and looks shell shocked. EJ calls her on the night of Kevin Lee’s death. She doesn’t answer and just passes out on the couch.

No one is in your house accept you.

TW comes out of his office, HR is passed out. He looks very angry and rattled. He sees her brooch and goes to grab it. He pulls it off and stares at it as he holds it in his hands. Then we see the flashback of him buying it as a gift to his wife for her pregnancy. But she says she can’t go to the audition pregnant, then KL tells him that she dropped it when they were together….he grips the brooch tightly and looks at HR angrily.

HR walks in and sees this scene as if she is dreaming it. She can’t believe what she is seeing.

TW puts on his jacket and goes outside. Slow motion of him passing HR and putting on his shoes. She follows him and sees wha shoes he puts on. She stares at the door.

then she goes into his office and looks at the clothing he was wearing, she grabs it and finds the shoes that she saw, she grabs those too. She throws them all on her bed and finally looks inside her drawer, she goes through several of the envelopes and grabs one of them. She opens it and reads it. She sees the date on it of the credit card purchase of the coat and shoes from the department store.

Maybe TW threw away his old clothing and purchases new clothing to replace them. We see him buying the clothing and shoes at the mall.

HR throws everything on the floor and says…no…no, it shouldn’t be.

TW comes in at that moment as she is repeating this over and over again.

TW – Hae-ran ah

HR turns and sees TW at her door. He looks at her confused for a moment and then he sees his jacket and shoes on the bed. HR asks him…was it you?

Cut to TW driving his car and stopping at a light on the night of the death. He sees Kevin Lee stopped at the other light.

HR – It’s not you, tell me you didn’t do it, not you…you aren’t that kind of person.

TW sees KL driving off and someone honks at him to drive. He starts driving but then pulls a U-turn and goes back toward KL. The traffic camera caught him.

HR – tell me…it’s not you.

TW comes into the bedroom and tells her that they can go on a trip, somewhere where no one notices them at all. But HR is holding back tears as she says, Lee Jae-young…did you kill him?

TW – Hae-ran…

HR – tell me…did you kill Lee Jae-young…tell me! Did you kill Lee Jae-young?

TW – Yes.

Hr drops the credit card letter

HR – TW…not you…what did you do to me?

Fade Out.
We find out everything! The full truth.

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