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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Mohendra unveils Kulfi being Sikandar daughter, Tevar’s promise teams up with Amyra


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi missing Sikandar, Mohendra unfold Kulfi relation with Sikandar

Star Plus’ most popular and lovable daily soap show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is up for some high voltage melodrama and more interesting twists in upcoming tracks.As per ongoing track of the show Sikandar is worried for Kulfi where further Sikandar gets happy getting Kulfi back where Sikandar is shocked knowing Kulfi is girl.However where further at this point makers of the show planned to bring major climax in story.Mohendra reveal entire truth, flashback ahead

Where after all this, Mohendra reveal entire truth forth everyone where further upcoming track of the show will showcase flashback of Nimrat and Sikandar love story.Sikandar is behind Kulfi where further Kulfi met with deadly accident where after this Sikandar brings Kulfi to hospital.However where further after all this there will be sequence where Kulfi meets with her mother where later Sikandar will get happy getting Kulfi back.Sikandar furious over Kulfi for lying to him

While at this point Sikandar is furious over Kulfi later knowing the truth that Kulfi Is girl where Sikandar get hell shocked with this.However Amyra will take advantage of the situation and will manipulate Sikandar against her.Sikandar learns shocking truth that Kulfi is a girl and not a boy, Sikandar, Amyra all are shocked.Mahender stops himself from telling anymore truth about Kulfi that is she is Sikandar’s daughter.Sikandar is confused as why Kulfi lied to him and wants answer from her, while there Amyra is outrageous learning this truth.

Amyra seeks help from none other than Tevar and Tevar being Amyra’s father agrees to help her and makes a promise to Amyra.Tevar’s promise to daughter Amyra,Tevar promises Amyra that he will create differences amid Kulfi and Sikandar and thus throw Kulfi out of her life and Amyra is happy hearing this.Will Tevar create new trouble for Kulfi and what evil game will he play.

Will Sikandar accept Kulfi after all this?Will Lovely able to digest this truth?What will be Amyra’s reaction?It would be interesting to see coming up spicy drama, and what will happen next?

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