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Naagin 3: Ajitabh arrests Bela in Yuvi’s murder charges, Naagin 3 Spoiler 12th August, 2018


Naagin 3: Ajitabh (Adhvik Mahajan) arrests Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) in Yuvi’s murder charges

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Naagin 3 is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.Vish and Ajitabh has found Yuvi’s dead body and Vish is irked as everything seems to go out of her hand.Bela on other hand is trying to find naagmani and gets hint of it being with a hoody women.

While Yuvi’s body reaches home that is Sehgal family and Mahir faints seeing this and Bela thinks that Mahir faints due to poison.Yuvi’s murder charges against Bela,Bela’s trouble is not going to stop here as Ajitabh will come to arrest Bela in Yuvi’s murder charges.

Bela and Mahir are also shocked seeing Ajitabh’s allegation, Mahir will take stand for Bela and asks Ajitabh to come with warrant.Bela is in search of naagmani and thus gets closer to Mahir to find about naagmani’s position.Bela is worried to find naagmani and on other hand Yuvi’s dead body reaches Sehgal house.

Sumitra and others are shocked seeing this, Sumitra tries to tell truth to Bela about Yuvi’s death.Bela and Vish’s new trouble,Bela tries to act surprised but Vish tries to handle situation, Ajitabh tells Bela that he knows how she killed Yuvi.

Bela is surprised and Anu bursts at Bela for killing Yuvi anf tells Ajitabh that she has told him that Bela had killed Yuvi.Sumitra and other Sehgal family are surprised while Vish asks Ajitabh to control himself as they don’t have any proof against Bela.

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Will Vish and Mahir be able to save Bela from Ajitabh and Anu’s doubt, stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes

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