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Naagin Season 2 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Naagin Season 2 11th February 2017 video watch online on

Shivangi reminisces Manav with others killing Shivani and thinks she will not spare him. She also reminisces Rudra reminding her about her revenge. She thinks if Rocky will know her truth, he will not forgive her. Rocky enters and asks where she had been. She nervously says..she.. He says he knows she went for love, he means valentine’s day gift. He gives her diamond pendant and chain as valentine’s day gift. She says it is very beautiful. He says their love will be bright like this diamond/star and promises that he will not let their love break. He dorns chain and pendant in her neck and says beautiful.. Shivangi says she did not bring gift for him. He says no need for explanation and he has realized that one should respect each other’s privacy in a relationship…He dances with her and says they both are different and it is not necessary that they both get angry or love at once…..etc…, he wants to become a perfect husband and will not let their fight deter their love. She asks if he means he will fight with her. He says he did not mean that…he just want to say that they will not separate forever….it is good she did not get gift as her gift would be always better than him. She emotionally hugs him and thinks even after knowing truth, Rocky will not hate her and now she will kill Manav first.

Yamini returns after meeting 6th murderer and tells Avantika and Sesha that she met 6th murderer who told he did not meet Shivangi and does not have nagmani, else he would not have roamed in house freely. Avantika says then it is someone else. Sesha says Shivangi is lyingg and is nagin. Yamini says they tested Shivangi many times and found Shivangi is common girl, Sehsa is jealous of Shivangi as Rocky loves Shivangi. Avantika says they have to find out truth.

Sesha goes to market to get Valentine’s day gift for Rocky and finds Shivangi’s sister Gautami there. Gautami sees her and tries to escape in auto, but Sesha stops her and says they thought she is dead. Gautami says when dacoits attacked her family, she just got unconscious. Sesha asks if she remembers who tried to kill her. Gautami says a woman and a tall man, actually she does not remember much as it was very frightening night. Sehsa asks where she is staying here. Gautami says she is working in a sari shop nearby. Sesha says Shivangi will be happy seeing her and it will be Rocky and Shivangi’s best valentine’s day gift. Gautami acts as getting happy hearing about Shivangi. Sesha thinks she will use Gautami against Shivangi to get nagmani.

Shivangi in kitchen thinks she has to kill Manav now. Manav comes and says she has to make arrangements for 30 guests tonight. She asks him to get new dinner set from cupboard. He climbs chair. She tries to bite him, but falls down due to garud kawach. Manav asks what happened to her. She says she slipped. She then spits poison in juice and insists Manav to drink juice. He says he just had tea. She insists more. He is about to sip it when Rocky enters. Manav gives him juice and leaves. Shivangi gets tensed. Rocky is about to sip it when Shivangi says he is allergic to orange, so she will prepare him strawberry juice. Yamini comes and says she loves orange juice. Rocky leaves reminding Shivangi that he is waiting out for strawberry juice. Yamini sips juice and says she knows it has poison and she is icchadhari nagin and wants to kill Manav. Shivangi gets tensed. Yamini turns into Rudra and he apologizes her. She says she remembers her revenge, tonight is party, lots of people will come and even Manav’s death. Rudra says they will plan how Manav will die.

Rocky tells his cousins that he has arranged party according to their requirements and asks them to be in limits during party. Aaliya says yes and asks Shivangi to teach bhai how to be jovial. Rudra enters as Sardarji chef and praises about his dishes. Rocky asks if he worked in this house before. Shivangi prays god that Rocky should not identify Rudra. Rocky says he has worked all over India and came to this house for the first time. Rocky says fantastic, all guests should bite their fingers with food. Rudra says everyone will love his food.

Sesha enters and says she brought a surprise for her favrorite Rocky and Shivangi. Avantika and Yamini from balcony discuss that Sesha will throw small bombs now. Shesha calls Gautami. Shivangi is shocked and thinks where did Ruckhika/Shesha find Gautami. Yamini hides behiind Avantika and panics that she will expose her. Avantika asks her to hide behind pillar. Shivangi hugs Gautami and acts as very happy seeing her sister alive. Shesha says Gautami will stay with them. Rocky asks where she was staying before. Sesha says that is not important where she was, it is important tha she will stay with them now. Sushanth saays Ruchika is right. Sesha says she will drop Gautami to guest room. Shivangi says she needs to talk to her sister first and takes her along.

Yamini yells at Sesha why did she bring Gautami here. Sesha says Shivangi is lying that she does not know Gautami is alive, both sisters are hiding something. Avantika asks what will they gain. Yamini says Sesha wants them dead and grab nagmani. Sesha says she wants them to panic, she cross verified that Gautami does not remember anything. She says Yamini so obese that she cannot hide behind Avantika and pillar, she is dumb. Gautami did not react seeing Yamini and thinks she is just Rocky’s badi maa. She will use Gautami to force Shivangi to get nagmani. Yamini says for that Rocky is there. Sesha warns dare not to think of Rocky, they will use only Gautami against Shivangi. Avantika says Sesha is right.

Shivangi listens to Gautami and says that means Sehsa does not know about their plan. She warns her against Sehsa, Yamini, and Avantika and asks not to tell them anything. Gautami asks how can live with her mother’s murderer’s son. Shivangi says Rocky is innocent and will not betray her.

Party starts and Rocky asks Robin if he saw Shivangi. Robin says whover Sushanth is looking at, Shivangi is standing with her. Rocky sees Shivangi with Gautami and asks Sushanth if he knows who she is. Raman says she is bhai’s SIL. Rocky asks him to behave. Gautami sees Shivangi searching Rocky and taunts her. Rocky walks towards them. Gautami says Shivangi was searching him and took 1 hour to get ready, she will leave love birds alone now. Rocky says Shivangi that she is looking very surprise and he has one more surprise for her. She asks what. He asks to wait. Shivangi sees Manav around and fumes that her mother’s murderer has die. Shesha gets jealous seeing them. Shivangi leaves to check food arrangements. Sehsa comes and greets him. He says sorry for Maheesh’s death. She asks not to talk about Maheesh. Someone calls Rocky and he loves. Yamini taunts Sesha. Sesha shows her Sushanth with Gautami and says they will use Sushanth and Gautami. Yamini praises that she is getting intelligent.

Shesha meets Rudra who says she should traap Manav disguised as Sesha as Manav has crush on Sesha. Manav is busy flirting with a girl. Manav’s wife searches him. Shivangi asks whms he is searching. Wife says Manav, she got a gift for him and he is missing. Shivangi she is good, but Manav does not care about her feelings, she deserves someone who loves and respects her. Wife says looks good in words, but not in real.

Shivangi disguised Sesha meets Manav and says she loves him and reminds him that she wanted to meet him alone during Shivangi’s muh dikhayi, asks him to come to bedroom. Rocky describes his feelings to guests and dances with Sushanth and Rocky on Gore Gore…song… Shesha takes Rocky to a bedroom and says she was waiting to strangulate his neck..means to hug him…He tries to hug her, but gets shock from garud kavach, thinks where is Rudra, he can help her get rid of kavach. She asks Manav to get rid of kavach if he wants to love her. He says what is a big, tries to remove it, but reminisces Yamini’s orders not to remove it and says he cannot. She says he has to if he wants her. He removes kavach. Rudra jumps in front of him. He asks Shesha to save him from Rudra. She goes and stands next to Rudra. Manav asks who is she. She turns into Shivangi and says she is nagin, his d

Precap: Shivangi creates fire and Manav suffocates in smoke. Shivangi grips Yamini in her tail and throws her in air, telling she will finish her mother’s one more murderer.

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