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Naagin Season 2 12th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 12th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naagin Season 2 12th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Shivangi starts feeling uneasy and her skin starts turning snake skin hearing been sound/snake music. Rocky asks her if she is fine. She says after being out for so many hours, she is feeling very weak and tired. Nidhi dorns her shawl. Rocky thanks Nidhi. Rudra thinks he has to come in front of everyone to hide Shivani’s secret from everyone. Seshatries to get out of window, but cannot due to belpatra leaves tied around window. She sees Vikram coming and thinks she has to know who is the other nagin. Rocky orders saperas to play music loudly as Rudra is somewhere around. Rudra comes in front of everyone. Everyone panic seeing him. Rocky orders Rubel, Aaliya and Avni to get out of this place and sends whole family aside. Nidhi takes Shivangi aside.

Sesha feels severe pain unable to tolerate been sound. She tells Yamini that Vikram has come outside hosue and they have to know from him who is Rudra’s partner nag/nagin. Shivangi hears their conversation. Yamini turns and Shivani hides behind chair with Nidhi. Nidhi asks what happened. Shivangi says Sesha is in her nagin form and if she sees Nidhi, she will kill Nidhi, so Nidhi should go to her room hiding and she will go out of house in her miniature form. She turns very small snake and goes to bathroom. She sees belpatra and gets out via wash basin.

Rudra tries to stop saperas. Rocky asks them to continue playing bee. Rudra sees Vikram trying to enter haveli and spit fire on Vikram. Vikram tries to escape and his garud kavach falls Vikram repeatedly tries to enter thinking of informing everyone that Shivngi is ichadhari nagin. Shivani as snake comes and drags Vikram out in her tail. She grips Rudra tightly and hangs him on tree. Vikram shouts he will expose that she is ichadhari nagin. Avantika reaches outside house and thinks where is Vikram only he knows her death secret. She the goes near the tree where Vikram is hanging. Rudra blows air and everyone fly and fall down. Rocky reaches towards his cousins Aaliya, ‘Rubel and Avni. Aaliya shouts Rudra is a monster in snake Rudra grips her in his tail. Rocky shouts to leave her. Rudra feels very weak, leaves Aaliya then gains strength back and hits all saperas with his tail. They all fall down. Rudra then looks at Rocky and his cousins and walks out. Avantika comes near tree ad thinks where is Vikram. Vikram falls down from tree. Avantika asks who tried to kill him. Rudra passes by and sees them. He blows air and then drills himself on Vikram. Vikram dies finally. He smirks at Avantika and leaves. Avantika shouts to stop.

Mansi treats injured saperas. Sesha angrily looks at them. Yamini sees red cloth near havan and thinking it is Rudra’s cloth silently picks it. She sees Sesha looking at saperas and takes them from there. Rocky starts searching Shivangi. Shivangi joins them. Rocky asks if she is fine. She nods yes. Avantika walks in shouting at Rudra to come out. Yamini and Sesha calm her down. Shivangi thinks Avantika is behind Rudra as he must have done something. She follows Avantika, Yamini, and Sesha. Avantika shows them how Rudra killed Vikram ruthlessly and shouts she wants to kill Rudra ruthlessly.

Rudra reaches shiv mandir and informs guruji about the whole incident. Guruji says Avantika will try to take revenge. Rudra says he will kill even Avantika. Guruji says Avantika is Mahishmati’s rani and it is not easy to kill her. Shivangi also reaches there. Rudra says soon Shivangi’s truth will be out and they have to protect her secret. Rocky at home starting searching Shivangi again. Shivangi reaches. He asks where was she, he was very much worried. She says she was in Nidhi’s room. He says wherever she goes, she should take her mobile, at least he can contact with her.

Avantika fumes that she wants to kill Rudra. Yamini says it is not easy to find where Rudra is, but she knows someone can help her. She takes her to Sushanth’s room. Sushanth feels weird and shouts something is happening to him and he collapses. An owl feather emerges from his back. Yamini picks it and throw in air. Feathers turns into owl. Yamini reminisces Uttara giving her feather and she engraving it in Sushanth. She keeps feather back on Sushanth’s back. Sushanth wakes up and she smells him Rudra’s cloth and orders to find him. He leaves and Yamini with Avantika follows him.

After Rocky falls asleep, Shivangi gives him mild hypnotic poison and leaves to find out Avantika’s plan. She searches everyone and does not find them. She thinks she has to go to Panchner haveli to find out what Avantika, Sesha, and Yamini want to do. Sushanth takes Avantika, Sesha and Yamini near shiv mandir. Avantika turns into bee, goes and checks, comes back and shouts at Sushanth why did he bring them here. Yamini scolds Sushanth and asks where is Rudra. Sushanth says he was here and just now went. He shows Panchner haveli next. Yamini orders him to home and sleep, he will forget everything. Avantika says wherever Rudra is, she will not spare him. Sesha says they have to find out who is Rudra’s partner first.

Rudra reaches panchner haveli and sees Avantika and puppets, thinks she must have come to see her death secret, so he has to reach first. Avantika says her puppets she has thrown a trap for Rudra. Shivanig reaches there and thinks why Rudra called her here. Rudra sees her and says she should not have come here and says Avantika and her puppets are here and they will find out what Avantika’s death secret s, she should be careful.

Rocky wakes up and thinks why he is having weird taste on his lip. He sees Shivangi missing and calls her number, but her number is switched off. He gets more tensed. Shivangi tells Rudra that they are searching something since a long time, what is it and how will they know. He signals her.


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