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Naagin Season 2 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rocky etends his hands towards Shivangi seeing her snake eyes, but then stops and thinks what is happening to him, what is she doing. He leaves. On other side, in takshak lok, takshak nag sainiks greets nag mata who asks where is takshak nagraj Rocky. They say they could not get. Nag mata fumes. Shivani goes to Gurudev and tells she did not find knife in Rocky’s body. Gurudev says Rocky is takshak nagraj now and knife got engrasped in his body and they did it purposefully. He tells today is amavasya and Rocky will remove his snake skin today, she should get mantra out of Rocky’s skin, knife will be destroyed automatically. Shivangi agrees and says she will bring Rocky’s skin to him and leaves.

Yamini with Manjusha walks in market. Manjusha asks where are they going. Yamini yells in her usual style yells at her. They reach an antique shop. A woman comes out. Yamini asks if she found out how Rocky got his powers. Woman gives a ring. Yamini yells she does not want to get engaged. Woman says it is not a simple ring. She drinks a blue liquid/poison and falls down rolling down in pain. A golden bird emerges from ring and speaks. Woman then reaches towards red liquid/antidote. Yamini gives her liquid. Woman drinks it and gets back to normal. Golden bird gets back into ring. Woman gives it back to Yamini and says it will show what powers Rocky got and asks Yamini to dorn it in Rocky’s hand.

Yamini with Manjusha reaches back home and sees Tanya reciting a story. Rocky comes down fuming over phone. Mahendra asks what happened. Rocky says he is fine. Yamini forcefully dorns magical ring in Rocky’s finger with her emotional blackmail. Aaliya tells them that his friends Madhav and Riya/Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor are coming to play volleyball with them (to promote their movie Half Girlfriend). Shraddha and Arjun Kapoor play football with their movie cast. Shraddha/Riya wins. Arjun/Madhav praises her that she won by breaking rule. Riya says everything is fair in love and war. Aaliya with family meet them and they all greet each other. Aaliya says Rocky bhai is college champion. Madhav sees Shivangi standing at a distance and asks why she is standing aside. Yamini says Shivangi does not know to play volleyball and takes them aside. Madhav plays looking at Shivangi’s nervous face. Shivangi thinks it is Rocky’s skin removal time. Madhav wins at first, but Rocky uses his nag powers subconsciously and wins. Madhav acts as injured and excuses himself. Badi maa joins in his place. Madhav asks Yamini why she looks tensed. Shivangi says Rocky is ichadhari nag and today he will remove his skin, she has to take that skin to guruji as Yamini and her puppets have engraved magical knife in his body and guruji will remove it from skin. He trusts her.

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She says even she is icchadhari nagin. Rocky does not know that they both are nags. Madhav asks her not to worry and informs his friends not to let Badi maa near Rocky. He takes Rocky to a room and says he should be in his team. Rocky’s skin starts itching and he feels pain. He then turns into snake. Shivangi reaches. Rocky collapses and his skin comes out. Shivangi asks Madhav to keep the skin with him and make sure Badi maa does not come here and takes Rocky in her tail. Golden bird comes and blabbers Rocky is ichadhari nag. Shivangi realizes Yamini gave ring to Rocky to know his secret. She kills bird. Madhav goes out and asks his friend Shailesh to not let Yamini away, but Yamini silently slips giving volleyball to Mehendra. Shivangi takes Rocky to changing room. Even her skin comes out. She hides her skin in locker and goes to get skin from Madhav. Madhav gives her skin and promotes his movie releasing on 19th May 2017. Rocky gets up and starts feeling itching again. Riya sees her and calls ambulance. She gets him into ambulance. Nurse identifies her as Riya and says she knows how rich her family is and praises her. Ambulance leaves. Riya gets confused how nurse knows her. Madhav comes and informs her that Rocky is ichadhari nag and after his skin came out, he was feeling weak, but will be fine soon. Riya gets confused. Madhav says he has heard these stories and they are true. They both promote their movie again and say goodbye

Yamini searches Rocky and does not find him. She tells her puppets they should go to jadunath, only he can inform where Rocky is. They start traveling in car. Ambulance speeds up. Driver reveals she is ichadhari nagin. A snake charmer sitting on roadside charms snake with been. Driver feels her skin changing and warns snake charmer to stop playing been. He does not. She turns into snake and kills snake charmer and peons. She lifts Rocky’s body and leaves. Yamini passes by ambulance and sees stranded ambulance without Rocky and peons dead on floor. She says something has gone wrong and only Jadunath can tell them what happened.

Shivangi takes Rocky’s skin to Gurudev. Gurudev does havan and destroys knife. Shivangi asks to check where is Rocky. He checks and finds a snake taking him. She asks to check naginn’s face, but it disappears. Gurudev says something is really bad. Jadunath also does black magic and sees a disaster. He sits in a shock. Yamini and her puppets also get tensed seeing that. A snake woman takes Rocky to Takshak lok and reveals her face as Sesha. She says she will get Rocky forever now.


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