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Naagin Season 2 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sesha takes unconscious Rocky to Takshak lok’s sheesh mahal/mirror palace and says he will see his real face here. She says she loved Rithik as he was Suryanshi price, she loved a common man Rocky and now realized it is because he is takshak nag raj. She describes how Shivangi turned her into idol and she got life back when she Rocky touched her, she came back to life. She walked searching him, but he left. She saw snakes crawling towards one direction and followed them. She reached takshak lok and saw an old lady telling today is takshak nag raj Rocky’s 27th birthday and he will marry takshika. Soldier says Takshika is beheaded. Sesha goes to shiv mandir searching takshika’s head while Gurudev is busy in meditation and gets it after praying shivji. She brings it to Takshika’s head and fixes it back on her head. Takshika gets back life. Shesha congratulates her.

Takshika says she relived Takshika, nagin had behead her and did not know her head had to be burnt to kill her completely. Shesha says one who beheaded her is her niece Shivangi. Both she and her sister loved a same man and hated same people, even Shivangi and she loved same man again. Takshika says she did not understand. Sesha takes her near Rocky and says she will kill her again. Takshika says she cannot kill her as she got her powers back. Sesha says gorakhnath/Gurdudev took all her powers. Takshika says Takshika kills others and tries to bite. Sesha puches her and she falls far apart. They both fight as half snake and half human. Sesha overpowers her, but Takshika frees herself and says nobody can kill her. Sesha says if she bites, nobody can be alive. Takshika says only takshak nagraj can kill her and he has not come here yet. Sesha grips her in tail and says he has come and shows Rocky. She gets magical knife and gives it in Rocky’s hand and then stabs Takshika with that knife. Takhika dies.

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Shesha thinks Shivangi was innocent, so she spared Takshika’s head, but she is not, so she will burn Takshika. She then becomes takshak nagrani, red nagrani. She takes nagrani’s seat and praises herself. Her people chant her name. Shivangi hears that and thinks whom they are praising, prays good to save her love Rocky. Sesha tells Rocky that she left everything for Rocky. She will marry Rocky and become takshak nagrani, he will get crown, then nobody can separate them. She will do mahapuja before that. Once she completes pooja, they will unite forever. She says she will dance today on been sound to show Rocky that he is takshak nagraj. Seperas start playing been and music and she dances. Rocky wakes up and sees himself in mirrors. Sesha continues dancing. Rocky thinks he has to go out, where is the place. Birds attack rocky and kills them extending his hand. He gets tensed why his hand getting long.

Shivangi reaches venue, but sees a wall on door. She thinks Rocky cannot see her. She hears been sound and thinks it is affecting Rocky. Sesha continues dancing. Rocky turns into half snake and half human and is shocked see himself as ichadhari nag. Shivangi shouts Rocky…Sesha thinks nobody can stop her from meeting her nagraj. Shivangi enters as snake and sees Rocky confronting shivji who is he, he used to think Shivangi is nagin, but he is also nag, how will he go in front of his family, he loves his family a lot and does not want to lose them. He chants Shiv shiv..and sees changes in himself and turns into snake and human repeatedly. He realizes if he chants shiv thrice, his form will change. He leaves thanking shivji and leaves. Shivangi then thanks shivji for showing Rocky a way and leaves. A voiceover tells one day seshkanya and takshak nagraj will come in this temple together. Sesha thinks Rocky was her passion and love, not he is her fate and they will meet. She turns into snake and leaves.

Rocky reaches home. Whole family relaxes seeing him. Yamini does emotional drama, where did he go, if he goes again, she will die. Rocky emotionally hugs her and thinks how to think their Rocky is snake now. Yamini asks where did he go, his ambulance met with an accident and he was no where, where did he go. Shivangi says Rocky went to personal clinic and doc called her and informed. Mansi asks why did not she inform them then. Shivangi says she thought they will not trust her. Rocky says he is having head and will go and rest, leaves. Everyone look at Shivangi.

Jadhunath does black magic and shouts to show what is going on. He sees Goraknath/Gurudev’s name and thinks how are they related.

Rocky holds Shivangi and asks why is she lying, he was not in clinic. She says she knows he was not in clinic and knows he does not want to lie badi maa, so she lied. Rocky holds her and thinks if she was with her, he would have fought with whole world. Shivangi says there is no need to tell his truth. He pushes her out and locks door. Shivangi thinks Rocky has to know who he is. She peeps from window and sees Rocky chanting shiv thrice and taking each family members’ form. He thinks only badi maa can tel who she is. Shivangi thinks she has to be with badi maa always. Rocky thinks he became ichadhari nagi because of badi maa’s ring. He goes to badi maa’s room as mansi and sees her writhing in headache, says why she is worried about Rocky when he is not from their family. Badi maa slaps her and warns not to repeat it. Real Mansi walks towards Yamini’s room. Shivangi notices her, turns into Avni and asks to help her in online shopping. Mansi says later and continues walking. Rocky/Mansi tells Yamini that truth will not change if she is slapped. Yamini says never to tell Rocky that he is not from this family. Shivangi turns into Yamini and meets Real Mansi. Mansi says she wants to do havan for Rocky via Jadunath. Yamini says okay. Mansi leaves. Shivangi taks her real form and hides. Rocky comes out and takes his real form and leaves.


Naagin Season 2 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Yamini says when she can kill her rented family, she can kill bald Jadunath. Rocky shows jadunath that he is ichadhari nag. Shivangi thinks Jadunath and Yamini will try to misuse Rocky’s powers and she will not let that happen.

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