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Naagin Season 2 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Rocky drives car into jungle following snake/Shivangi by tracking via babaji’s given device. Sesha hides and blows air on Shivangi snake. Shivangi is unable to move forward, turns into human and thinks how did this storm come at this time. Sesha boasts Shivangi should be afraid of 119-year-old nagin. She provokes birds and they attack Shivangi. Shivangi thinks how did they come at night and burns them. Sesha then creates a wall. Shivangi breaks it and thinks Sesha is behind her and it is good she is following her, she will stop Sesha somehow. She creates storm and escapes. Sesha thinks let her escape, she will reach Takshak hill before her. Rocky continues following tracker and driving car.

Shivangi reaches takshak mountain and starts searching takshak temple. Sesha reaches and comes in front of her. Shivangi asks if she is not surprised seeing her or she knew her secret from before. Sesha says nothing is hidden from her. Shivangi says she is Sesha, 119 year old nagin, her aunt who killed her mom for her papa. Sesha says it was her love. Shivangi says love cannot be snatched and whoever tries dies. Their fight starts. Rocky reaches Takshak mountain and starts climbing it following tracker. Sesha calls snakes, but Shivangi prays shivji and all snakes return. She then thinks if she continues fighting, she cannot reach takshika. She creates storm and escapes. Sesha thinks till when Shivangi will escape, she is coming.

Shivangi reaches takshak temple and sees lots of stone idols, reminisces guruji’s words that whoever looks into takshika’s eyes will become stone. She thinks Takshika must be somewhere around, hears sound and asks who is it. Takshika comes in front and says her death. Sesha enters temple and starts searching Shivangi. She feels place weird and thinks something is wrong, means Shivangi called her here purposefully, but why. Rocky reaches temple tracking device and thikns why icchadhari nag came into this temple. Takshika tells Sesha that she is her death. Shivangi says yes, she is her death. She blindfolds herself. Takshika removes her blindfold and says if Shivangi is nagin, she is queen, today she will die. Shivangi blows air on her. Rocky reaches temple following tracker. Sesha hides and thinks what is Rocky doing here. Takshika comes in front of Shivangi. Shivangi with closed eyes gets sword and beheads Takshika. Her head falls down. Rocky clashes with Sesha and asks what is she doing here. Sesha says she saw Shivangi going out of house suspiciously, so she followed her till here and saw Shivangi walking alone. She feels Shivangi ichadhari nagin. Rocky says ichadhari nagin is here and he is afraid ichadhari nagin will harm Shivangi. They hear a sound and hide. Shivani passes by as half snake and half human. Rocky is shocked seeing that. Sesha says she sacrificed him for icchadhari nagin, her love is pure for him and she will save him from Shivangi. She gives him hypnotic poison and he collapses. Shivangi notices takshika’s head on floor. Sesha comes in front of Shivangi and says she is 5-mouthed nagin and will kill her. She grips Shivangi and Shivangi frees herself. Sesha attacks Shivangi, but escapes and throws her in air. Shivangi tells she is powerful, but is overproud of herself, so shivji will not help her. She throws Shesha in air again and silently picks takshika’s head. Sesha gets forehead injury. Shivangi taunts if she is so injured that she cannot see her. Sesha says now she will show what she can do and opens her eyes. Shivangi shows takshika’s head and her eyes emit rays and Shesha turns stone. Rocky wakes and watches hiding. Shivangi says she will kill her today like she killed everyone and will kill next Yamini. She kills Sesha and leaves.

Rocky thinks Shivangi killed his family, now he will see how she will kill rest of the family. He reminisces their first meeting, their love, etc.. and thinks he cannot believe Shivangi is ichadhari nagin, he cannot believe she killed his family members. He remembers Shivangi telling she is afraid that she will kill his family, Rudra telling he does not know how he is related to Shivangi. He thinks he trusted Shivangi, but she killed his family members. He thinks he will not let Shivani kill anyone, shouts Shivangii….He drives car thinking he will protect his remaining family now.

Shivangi takes takshika’s head to gurudev and tells she made Sesha a stone idol. Gurudev says he knows nobody can stop her. Shivangi takes out takshika’s head and asks to destroy it. Gurudev removes Takkshika’s eyesight and says if her head unites with body, she will get back to life. He creates acid from water and throws on head to destroy it, but nothing happens to it. Gurudev says impossible, even his powers are not working on takshika’s head. Shivangi says she will kill Yamini next soon. Gurudev says Rocky will protect Yamini. Shivangi says Yamini loves only herself, so she will kill her by morning. Rocky speeds car towards home.

Yamini eagerly waits for Sesha. Sesha reaches and Yamini in her overacting style asks where was she. Shesha says she went to kill someone. Yamini asks if she killed Shivangi. Sesha says not yet, she will today and she will get nagmani. Yamini says let us go and heads towards door. Sesha turns into Shivangi and thinks Yamini will die today.

Rocky reaches home and searches Yamini. He asks family where is badi maa. Roubel says badi maa went with Ruchika. Rocky realizes Shivangi disguised as Ruchika took badi maa. He rushes out. Shivangi as Sesha takes Yamini near nagmani. Yamnii in her overacting style gets excited seeing nagmani and Shivangi being tied and force Shivangi to pick nagmani and then kill her. She in her loud overacting asks Shivangi to pick nagmani, else Sesha has got promotion and will kill her. Shivangi says she will not, let Sesha kill her. Yamini says sesha, multipower nagin, show your powers. Sesha grips Shivangi and asks to pick nagmani. Shivangi says no. Sesha says she will kill Rocky. Shivangi says she will not kill Rocky as she loves her. Sesha says she can kill anyone for nagmani.

Precap: No precap.

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