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Naagin Season 2 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Naagin Season 2 16th April 2017 video watch online on

Sesha tells Shivangi if she does not pick nagmani, she will kill Rocky and says Yamini let us go. Shivangi stops them and gives nagmani in Yamini’s hand. Yamini gets very happy and starts her usual overacting. Sesha gives her knife and says with this knife, they killed Shivangi’s mother and now it is Shivangi’s turn. Yamini stabs Shivangi repeatedly. Shivangi disappears followed by knife and nagmani. Rocky rushes to babaji and tells him that his wife is ichadhari nagin and she is behind badi maa now, he wants to know where Shivangi is. Babaji closes his eyes and says it is a pure place full of light near nagmani. Rocky asks him to take him there. Shesha turns into Shivangi. Yamini realizes Shivangi had disguised as Sesha. Shivangi says Yamini killed her father Rithik whom Yamini considered as son, killed her mother whom Yamini considered as bahu, she with her puppets stabbed her mother 8 times, now she will die. Yamini says she cannot kill her as she is Rithik’s badi maa and he will not spare her and she has garud kavach. Shivangi emits laser from her eyes on stones and they fall down. Yamini picks trishul and tries to attack Shivangi and loses her garud kavach during the process. Shivangi says she lost her garud kavach, grips Yamini in her tail and bites her repeatedly. Yamini dies. Shivangi leaves. Rocky with babaji reaches there and shatters seeing badi maa’s body. He holds her and cries. Yamini opens her eyes and tells Shivangi is nagin and she killed Manav, Amar, Nidhi, Sushanth, Sesha, and everyone. He should not burn her body until he takes revenge from Shivangi and dies. Rock cries and pleads babaji to relive badi maa. He tries mantras and nothing happens.

Shivangi reminisces killing each enemy. She goes to Shiv temple and addresses Shivji that whoever she killed are culprits and not innocent. She has taken her parents and Rudra’s revenge and is free now. She thinks of telling truth to Rocky now and heads towards home.

Rocky lies Yamini’s dead body on ice. Babaji tells he should do her last right. Rocky says he will kill Shivangi and fulfill badi maa’s last wish and then do her last rights. He leaves. Babaji asks Yamini if she heard what Rocky told. She opens eyes and gets up and says she heard and even saw, now Shivangi will be killed by her love. She reminisces meeting babaji and requesting him to save her as once Shivangi kills Sesha, it is her turn. Babaji gives her antidote and Shivangi’s poison will not harm her if she drinks this.

Rocky reaches home and imagines holding Shivangi and stabbing her repeatedly. Rubel asks why he is distressed and whom he wants to kill. Mansi and Avni join him and ask what happened to him. He says nothing. Mansi asks where is badi maa, she is not seen since morning. Rocky goes to his room and cries vigorously looking at his family pic. He thinks how to take revenge from Shivangi. He reminisces reading in the book that if ichadhari nagin consummates with a human, she will lose all her powers. Shivangi reaches room and tells she needs to tell him something. He gets emotional and says he lost his whole family. Shivangi tries to console him. He starts luring her and starts romancing. Ang lagade re…song..plays in the background. They consummate their marriage.

In the morning, Rocky asks Shivangi what she wanted to tell yesterday night. Shivangi hugs him. He insists to tell what she wants to say. She asks if he remembers their wedding day and dacoit attacked them. He says he remembers that. She says if he knows who the dacoits were who killed her mother and others. He says who they must be, badi maa, Avantika, Sesha, Manava, Amar. She says that means he knows everything. He says he knew she would fabricate a fake story, why did she kill them all, he knows she is icchadhari nagin. She says she is icchadhari nagin and even killed his badi maa and took revenge. Rocky says he took revenge from her by consummating. He had read in her book if she consummates with him, she will lose her powers. He forced her to love him, he had loved her truly, but she betrayed him. He shouts to get out and drags her all the way till living room and shouts to get out of his house. Mansi asks what is he doing with Shivangi. Rocky shouts she is a murderer and killed Sushanth, Badi maa and others. Mansi slaps her and asks if she really killed them. Shivangi says she did, but did it for her and Rocky’s love. Rocky shouts if she really knows the meaning of love. He gives her confession recording to police and says asks to arrest her. Police arrests Shivangi and puts her behind bars.


Naagin Season 2 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :After 45 days, shiv mandir is shown and a man says today wind is blowing in different direction today, everything is same except one story..nagin. Rocky is seen sound asleep on bed. Two snakes enter his room. Shivangi in jail prays Shivji to protect her Rocky.

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