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Naagin Season 2 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naagin Season 2 18th March 2017 video watch online on 

In this episode of Naagin Season 2 you will watch Rocky wakes up and thinks why he is having weird taste on his lip. He sees Shivangi missing and calls her number, but her number is switched off. He gets more tensed. Shivangi tells Rudra that they are searching something since a long time, what is it and how will they know. He signals her. Stay Tune with us .

Avantika with Yaminia and Sesha walks into a special magical room. Yamini asks Avantika what trap she laid here for Rudra. Avanika creates a web with her magical powers to suck Rudra’s powers. She then orders lakhs of bees to form a protective barrier around it and tells Yamini and Sesha if a nag or nagin comes here, all his/her powers will be sucke here. Sesha asks even her powers. Avantika says yes and asks to go from there and says after killing Rudra, she will kill his partner and will take Vikram’s revenge. She walks out of room and thinks Rudra must be somewhere here. Rudra comes there and senses someone there. Avantika notices him and walks towards room thinking Rudra will fallow to her trap. He follows her thinking she did notice him.

Rocky searches Shivangi in whole house and thinks Rudra must have taken her to Panchner haveli thinking nagmani is still there. He has to reach there soon. Shivangi in panchner haveli reaches a room where Avantika’s death secret is and sees an old trunk. She tries to open it. Rudra walks into a room and Avantika locks door. Rudra realizes it a trap for him and tries to use his powers to escape, but cannot. Avantika comes there and stabs him turning her fingers as knife. She asks who his partner is. He says he will not. She repeatedly stabs him. He says Vikram shouted more than him before dying. She angrily stabs him repeatedly. Shivani tries to open trunk when she hears Rudra shouting in pain and runs searching him. Rocky speeds his car towards panchner haveli thinking Rudra cannot fool Shivangi this time. Avantika shouts nag and nagin will face a very bad dead. Rudra says nags don’t die shouting in pain. He will never tell his partner’s name. She continues stabbing him lifts in air, revolves in air like a fan and throws. Rudra strikes wall, breaks it and falls down the cliff. Shivangi notices him and rushes in snake form to save him. She goes down and thinks why he is not taking snake form. She catches him before he falls. Rocky sees climate changing and thinks he has to reach haveli and save Shivangi from Rudra. Shivani lies Rudra on her lap and cries saying what happened to him. He says it was his destiny.

Yamini with Sesha peeps into room. Sesha says she can see only Avantika. Yamini in her usual overacting loud style yells she has gone old, Rudra is also present inside. Avatika asks them to come in and says she threw Rudra from cliff and killed him. She will kill even his partner and take Vikram’s revenge. Shivangi continues crying and tells Rudra she will take him to guruji. He says he is sad that he could not help her in her revenge. Whoever snakes see before dying, their image will be engrasped forever, he is dying seeing the woman he loves, yes he loves her and is sad that he cannot help her, he now realized that she loves Rocky a lot. She should take her mother and his revenge,, it is time for him to go. He passes away.

Avantika says Rudra thinks she cannot know who his partner is. She will find him/her and take Vikram’s revenge. Sesha says why did she throw Rudra’s body down, it would have shattered into pieces. Avantika says she will show the place where Rudra must have fallen. Rocky reaches haveli and Avantika and team is seen walking out on the other side. Shivangi thinks she should take Rudra’s dead body to guruji. She sees Avantika, Shesha and Yamini coming there and puts grass on Rudra’s body and hides herself. Avantika says she dropped Rudra here, then where did his deadbody go. Yamini’s jokergiri starts again. Avantika with her superpowers brings huge tornado. Rocky reaches room and sees its wall broken. He peeps out an sees tornado down and thinks Rudra must have taken Shivangi there. Grass flies from Rudra’s body and body is revealed. Yamini and Sesha notice his dead body. Rocky reaches there. Sesha notices him and hides behind tree with Yamini. Yamini thinks what his readymade grandson is doing here. Rocky sees Rudra’s dead body and thinks where is Shivangi, gets worried for her and leaves searching her. Avantika then orders her bees to take Rudra’s body from there. Shivangi stands helplessly.

Shivangi reaches guruji and tells Avantika with her friends killed Rudra and took his dead body somewhere, she wants to save his body and perform last rights. Guruji says Avantika must have spread a big trap for her, so she should nto go. Shivangi says Rudra sacrificed his life for her, she has to perform his last rights at least. Guruji checks in havan and tells Rudra’s dead body is in Bhairav gufa/cave and Avantika, Sesha, and Yamini are around his body. Havan fire sets off. Guruji says they have spread a very strong trap for her. She says she will go even then. Guruji says he will accompany her.

Avantika tells Sesha and Yamini that Rudra’s partner will come here for sure and get into tap. She will kill him/her and take Vikram’s revenge. Yamini shouts let him/her come, she will smash him/her and gift it to them.

Rocky enters into Avantika’s secret room searching Shivangi and sees a big trunk there with bright. He thinks he has to check what is in it and opens it. He finds stairs in it and walks on stairs. Trunk closes.

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