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Naagin Season 2 19th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 19th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naagin Season 2 19th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Naagin Season 2 you will watch Rocky enters into Avantika’s secret room searching Shivangi and sees a big trunk there with bright. He thinks he has to check what is in it and opens it. He finds stairs in it and walks on stairs. Trunk closes..Stay Tune With us for more Written Updates.

Shivangi with Guruji reaches Bhairav gufa and sees Rudra’s dead body in open air. Guruji says Avantika and her puppets have kept Rudra’s body purposefully to trap her. Shivangi says she will get Rudra’s dead body at any cost. Guruji blows powder. Avantika and her puppets get blindly for a moment. Guruji asks Shivangi to like Rudra had gone. Shivangi turns into snake, flies and grisps Rudra’s dead body and gets into ground drilling a way and escapes. Once powder clears, Yamini yells that Rudra’s partner escaped with Rudra’s dead body and makhi/nagin could not do anything. Sesha and Avatika turn into snake and Bee and follow the tract and get out on the other side. Yamini also reaches and yells Rudra’s partner took away his body and they just could not do anything.

Shivangi and Guruji perform Rudra’s last rights and turn his body into ash. They prays shivji and ganga jal from Shivji’s hair falls into ash. Guruji mixes ash and water an submits it to Shivji. Shivangi says she will go now as everyone must be waiting for her.

Shivangi reaches home. Rocky worriedly hugs her and asks where was she, he was very much worried for her. She says she was in Neeti chachi’s room. He says he did not check only Neeti’s room. Shivangi realizes her nidra vish/hypnotic poison worked for 2 hours. Rocky tells he went to Panchner haveli searching her and saw Rudra’s body surrounded by a tornado and then saw a big truck in a room. He opened it and found stairs. He stepped on them and descending down and then fell on ground. He found honey on ground. He even got his hand sprained, etc. Shivangi thinks if it was same trunk which she was trying to open. Rocky gets ready and a sling for his hand sprain. Shivangi forcefully applies medicine to his eyebrow injury. He says he is going to Panchner haveli to find out secret of that trunk. She asks to rest first. Rocky thinks he has to go and find out trunk secret at any cost.

Shivangi then goes to kitchen and sees Neeti with Mansi. She signals and Neeti says Mansi cannot hear anything without her hearing aid. Shivangi takes her aside and tells Avantika killed Rudra and Rocky knows the secret which she wanted to know about the trunk. Before he can find out the whole truth, she has to find out truth.

Yamini yells at Shesha and Avantika in her usual overacting style that Rudra’s partner took his body easily away. Avantika says Rudra’s partner’s powers are half now without him. Sesha says even half powers are enough to kill them all. Yamini yells her readymade grandson knows a lot about panchner haveli now, they need to find out what he knows. They all 3 get down. Aaliya, Sushanth, Roubel, etc. wish Shesha happy birthday. Sesha says she herself forgot about her birthday. Aaliya says they have planned a surprise for her. Roubel says they have planned her birthday at Panchner haveli. Shivangi comes down and says Rocky himself has arranged birthday already. Yamini thinks if they are giving surprise or shock. Rocky comes down. Shesha thanks and hugs him for throwing party for her. He gets confused and says he did not arrange party. Sesha thinks he wants to give her surprise. They all leave for Panchner haveli. Youngsters start party. Shivangi asks Neeti to stop Rocky if he tries to go near basement room and leaves silently. Sesha comes on moon prop and gets down. Everyone clap for her. She starts dancing with Rocky on song..Saaara Zamana haseenon ka deewana. He tries to leave, but she gets him occupied. He silently leaves, but Neeti sees him and says badi maa is searching him. He asks why. She says she does not know.

Shivangi gets into trunk and descends stairs. She gets on floor and sees honey all around. She then sees honeycomb and bees around it, freezes them for sometime and walks further in to see a man Sishupal tied to a chair. Man without seeing her says Avantika go, I don’t want to tell your death secret. Avantika hears his voice and realizes someone entered secret room. She goes down and asks Sishupal who had come here. He does not reply. She reveals that he is her husband and leaves. Shivngi comes out of Sishupal and frees him saying she knows he is Avantika’s husband. He shouts that he knows Avantika sent her to knowher death secret and strangulates her neck. She says she is not. He throws her in air.

Rocky walks towards Yamini when Ruchika stops her and cuts cake with him. Rocky offers her champagne. She asks if he is offering her drinks. He says it is champagne. She picks whole bottle and says if it is his party, then whole bottle should be served. He smiles and leaves. Yamini yells at Sesha and warns to not drink much Sesha says it is a stupor of love and she is enjoying it.

Haveli starts shaking like earthquake. Avantika thinks something is wrong, someone has come there and tries to rush towards room, but Neeti stops her. Rocky takes everyone out and asks where is Shivangi. Avni says she is still in room. Rocky goes to room and sees trunk, thinks if she went inside it. Shesha follows him and thinks he cannot escape from her love today.

Shishu pal attacks Shivangi again. Shivangi asks if he wants to know who she is, turns into snake and says she is nagin.

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