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Naagin Season 2 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 1st April March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naagin Season 2 1st April March 2017 video watch online HD

Rocky sees Avantika turning into Shivangi and asks how did she do that. Inebriated Rubel says let us how one more glass of bhang. Inebriated Rocky asks Shivani to wait, he will come and kiss her hands, till then he will enjoy bhang. Yamini asks if she saw Avantika. Shivangi says she left due to fear of holi. Yamini mumurs now kali nagin/Shesha will be in fear now knowing she could not see Rudra’s partner’s face. Shivani says Rocky is inebriated, so she is going to prepare lime water for him. Yamini in her overacting witty style asks lime juice even for her.

Shivangi goes to Gurudev and gives him something taking Rubel, Avi, Aaliya, and other forms. Gurudev asks why she is taking different forms. Shivangi she can take any form except Avantika’s, why is it so. Gurudev says they know now that Avantika is no more, she has to be careful now.

Sesha with hypnotized Sushanth calls Yamini. Yamini meets her and yells why did she call her so far from home, she had to walk a lot. Sesha asks if she saw Rudra’s partner’s real face. Yamini sends Sushanth and starts a story. Sesha asks how does he/she look. Yamini says she could not see face. Sesha yells. Yamini says it is time to call 6th murderer and calls him/her. Sixth murderer walks limping silently and meets her. Yamini asks why is she she limping and if she saw who Rudra’s partner is. Sixth murderer removes mask and reveals she is Nidhi. Nidhi tells she walked limping so that nobody identify her, she did not see Rudra’s partner’s face, thinks in mind she knows Shivangi is Rudra’s partner and now she will use Shivangi to kill Yamini and Sesha and elope with nagmani.

Rocky’s with whole family sits for dinner. Rubel and Aliya say his dance with Shivangi bhabhi was god. Rocky asks where is Avantika. Yamini says she went with her Mumbai friend. She starts talking about bee/makhi flying away. Sesha says she means a bee sat on her while she was drinking bhang. Yamini says she wants to go and rest. Rocky says he will drop her to her room. Sesha insists she will drop Yamini to her room and takes her along. Yamini walks up with Sesha when she sees Nidhi speaking to Shivangi and messages her to meet her right now. Nidhi gets nervous seeing message. Shivangi asks whose message is it. Nidhi says customer care and asks her to go while she spies on Mansi.

Nidhi wears 6th murderer’s dress and meets Yamini and Sesha. Yamini starts in her usual overacting style and yells at her. Nidhi confesses that helped always and killed Shivanya wearing Rocky’s dress anyways she is tired of call her badi maa and now wil call her. Their nok jhok continues. Nidhi thinks she will force Shivangi to kill Yamini and Sesha first. Drama continues and Nidhi leaves. Shivangi sees 6th murderer and follows her thinking she will catch Mansi red handedly. Nidhi notices her and walks limping and then silently and comes in front in normal sari holding food plate. Shivangi says where is she coming from. Nidhi says from Mansi’s room, but she is not there. Shivangi walks with her and does not see Mansi in room. Mansi comes out of washroom and asks what are they doing here. Shivangi says they brought for her. Deaf Mansi hears something and drama starts. Nidhi says she brought food fo her. Mansi asks for curd. They both walk out and Nidhi tells Shivangi that Yamini is the boss who killed her mother, why don’t she kill her first. Shivangi says she will kill soldiers first and then boss. Nidhi then tries to provoke her against Mansi and asks to kill her. She walks into Mansi’s room and tells all her problem are because of red clothes, so she should burn all red clothes. Mansi says she does not have red clothes. Nidhi shows red jacket in dustbin and asks to burn it first. Mansi takes it out to burn. Nidhi shows it to Shivangi and says she followed Mansi and saw her taking her jacket out. Mansi burns jacket. Shivangi turns into snake and crawls towards Mansi to kill, but stops seeing Rocky. Rocky asks Mansi what is she going here and what is this fire. Mansi says nothing important and it is better he not know about it. Rocky takes Mansi along.

Gautami reaches back home with Avni and Aaliya and rushes to washroom and vomits. She realizes she is pregnant and calls Sushanth on terrace and informs him that she is pregnant with his child. He laughs and says he himself is a child and it is her child now and she should decide what to do with it. She slaps him and yells she did not know his true colors and walks away.

Yamini sees bee and get happy that her soldier Yamini came. Sesha comes and says it is normal bee around garbage. Yamini shouts dare she is to call her garbage. Nidhi comes holding medicine strip and gives it to Yamini. Usual nok jhok starts. Yamini says Sesha has a plan to kill Rudra’s partner. Sesha says today is puranmasi and all nag nagin exchange their skin and for 15 min, they lose powers. Today around 7 when Rudra’s partner loses power, Yamini’s owl will kill Rudra’s partner. Sushanth passes by. Yamini calls him and after her drama tells Sushanth that her brain fell down. Sushanth starts searching. She plucks feather from his back and he collapses. Feather turns into owl. Sesha asks not to let owl out till 7 p.m. and leaves. Nidhi thinks she cannot let owl kill Shivangi. She silently lets owl out. Aliya and Avni see owl and panic. Rocky sees it and tries to hit with rod. Sesha sees that and asks Yamini to rush and fix Sushanth’s feather. Yamini starts drama. Rocky runs behind owl. Yamini silently goes to Sushanth and fixes feather on his back. He wakes up and own disappears.

Shivangi thinks of killing Mansi before 7 p.m. and prepares poisonous paste for her. Rocky stops her and asks where is she going. She says Mansi is having leg cramp, so she is taking herbal paste for her. Rocky says even his shoulder is paining, so she should apply some paste to his shoulder. She thinks paste is poisonous and asks to change his shirt first. He praises her that he loves her as she takes care of his family so well. Shivangi walks towards Mansi’s room when Avni stops her and says she needs to talk something important. Shivangi says not know and walks to Mansi’s room. Clock clicks 7, Shivangi realizes it is time to change her skin and walks back. Yamini gets excited seeing 7 p.m. Sesha asks her to go and leave owl on Rudra’s partner and not let owl here, else he will kill her. Yamini takes Sushanth out. Nidhi sees Shivangi in severe pain and asks what happened to her. Shivangi says it is time to change her skin and she needs to go out. Nidhi asks to go from back door as Yamini and her owl is waiting for Rudra’s partner there. Shivani thanks her for helping her always. Nidhi says she has to as she is killing all murderers. Shivangi thanks her and leaves. Nidhi smirks that Shivangi is helping her instead.


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