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Naagin Season 2 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sesha tells Shivangi that she must have not seen takshak nag and nagin. She further says she made Rocky believe that Shivangi tried to kill her, so Rocky brought her home, now it is a fight between takshak nagin and sesh nagin. Shivangi says she will not let her near Rocky. Sesha says she and Rocky are of same clan and Shivangi is sesh nagin. She provokes Shivangi to fight with her, enlarges her size, grips Shivangi in her tail and throws her down. Shivangi falls down. Sesha also jumps in front of her and tries to bite her. Shivangi bites her back and says always love wins. She lifts Sesha repeatedly and throws her own. Sesha again grips Shivangi in her tail and throws her down.

She boasts that she kills her enemies slowly and continues throwing he down. Rocky passes by and stops seeing Shivangi on floor. Shivangi tries to get up, but cannot in pain. Rocky walks, but feels concerned for her and runs back towards her and lifts her up. Tu hi hai mera junoon…plays in the background. He lifts he up. Shivani thinks there is love in his hatred. He thinks his hatred is increasing. He takes her t room and drops her down and says she must have gone to take revenge from someone and must have gotten injured. He tries to leave, but she holds his hand. Tere sang pyar mai nahi in the background. Rocky frees his hand, walks aside, gets first-aid box. He applies medicine to her wounds. They both look into each other’s eyes. He says it is a small injury and should be treated, else it will become long lasting pain. Sesha fumes seeing that and thinks it is a story of death now.

Shivangi goes to meet Gurudev limping. Gurudev asks what happened to her. She says Sesha injured her, she is takshika now, she relived and killed Takshika and became one herself. She says takshak nags are very poisonous and she has to fight with them. Gurudev says he will find some way. Next day, she thinks of informing Rocky that she is ichadhari nagin still. Rocky comes down and she is about to talk to him when Rocky sees Jagunath and walks towards him. Shivangi turns into Mansi, stops him and says she needs to tell something. Mansi turns back to Shivangi. Rocky says he will later and walks away searching Jadunath. Yamini stops him and says Avni’s fiance is coming, so she has thrown party tonight. Rocky says he loves parties, will join them later as his bestfriend is coming. Ruchika/Sesha enters and says she is Rocky’s best friend and asks Tanya who is she. Manjusha says Tanya Rocky’s best friend does not seem good. Yamini says Manjusha is joking. Sesha says they will keep a party theme of nagin. Yamini murmurs in her usual overacting style.

Gurudev goes to his secret room and eagerly waits for someone. A masked woman enters. Gurudev shouts he taught her black magic and gave all his knowledge wanting her to find out Rocky’s secret, but she did not yet. Woman opens her mask and reveals she is Tanya. Gurudev times black thread on her wrist and gives her more powers.

Shivangi comes to Rocky’s room in nagin’s form. He asks who is she. She turns into half human and half snake. He says he knew she is still snake. She reveals her whole story how Yamini and her team killed her mother Shivanya and all her secrets. He also turns into nag and says even he is nag and knows her pain. She says he does not know that Yamini and her team..He stops her and says he knows, he hugs herr and reminisces seeing Sesha removing her skin with pain and asking him to go away. She turn snake and says Shivangi made her snake. He also turns into snake. She says he is takshak nag as she was caged in takshak lok by Shivangi, they both are from takshak clan and should take nagmani from Shivangi if he wants to protect his family. He asks how. She says with love and thinks he foolishly believed all her cooked up story. Out of flashback, he asks how will they fight with Sesha. She says via nagmani and goes to get nagmani. Sesha watches them hiding near door and thinks once she gets nagmani, she will kill Shivangi, then Rocky will hers forever.

Manjusha eagerly waits for her son and says her sn Prithvi is coming from US. Yamini thinks he is in jail. Pritvhi comes. Mahendra is shocked seeing his jail inmate. Manjusha and Virendra greet him loudly. He realizes Mahendra was his jail inmate, how is he related to Avni. Yamini introduces Mahendra as her brother from US, they must have met there. Sesha/Ruchika comes down. Prithvi gets mesmerized in her beauty. Yamini thinks he is looking at nagin and she will kill him. She introduces Prithvi to Ruchika and says he is getting married to Avni next month. Rocky comes down holding Shivangi’s hand and introduces himself to Prithvi and says meet his beautiful wife Shivangi. Yamini is shocked. She sees Sesha smiling and asks she wanted to kill Shivangi, then why she is laughing. Shesa says wait and watch.

Shivangi tells Rocky that when he was not talking to her..Yamini interrupts and asks Rocky he wanted to get rid of Shivangi, what happened now. Rocky says he misunderstood Shivangi and now realized her value. Yamini moves aside fuming and thinks he is sleeping when he has to earn. Shivangi warns her that she will expose her truth to everyone. After sometime, Rocky tells Shivangi he is feeling guilty using her. Sesha says once they get nagmani, they will hand it over to their clan. Engagment party starts. Rocky and Sivangi dance chatting with each other feeling guilty for their act.


Naagin Season 2 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jadunath tells Tanya that today nagmani will glow itself tonight. Tanya says they are more powerful. Jadunath says someone is more powerful than them. Sesha grips a few people in her tail. She later tells Rocky it is time for nagmani to glow, he should take it from Shivangi. Shivangi hears their conversation hiding. Jaunath punshes Gurudev and shouts he will get more powers.

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