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Naagin Season 2 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Naagin Season 2 23rd April 2017 Full Episode Watch Online on

Shivangi walks near Rocky’s room and sees him getting ready for his engagement. He gets a call from jail’s warden that they fear Shivangi must have died in a fire accident. Rocky sheds tears, but says he does not care if Shivangi is alive or dead. Shivangi gets that Rocky forgot her so soon. Rocky walks out and Shivangi disguises as different woman and joins guests. Tanya’s mother asks Rocky and Tanya to exchange rings and complete engagement. Rocky says let badi maa/Yamini come. Yamini enters. Shivangi is shocked to see her. Rocky hugs Yamini and reminisces babaji telling he relived Yamini via his magical knowledge. Yamini says she has brought some special guest and goes till door. Shivangi hides behind plants and thinks who must have. She is shocked to see Mahendra Pratap Singh entering and thinks still how many surprises are awaited. Mahendra asks Yamini if Rocky knows about him. Yamini says to keep it secret and act as she says. She then introduces Mahendra as Rocky’s uncle and says Rocky was very small when Mahendra last saw Rocky.

Rocky is about to exchange rings with Tanya when Shivangi enters and says this engagement cannot happen as Rocky is already married to her. Tanya’s mother Manjusha asks who is this second woman. Her husband says Tanya is second woman here. Manjusha asks this woman is calling herself as Rocky’s wife. Rocky asks Shivangi why did she come back here after killing his family. He says he will see how she will stop her and exchanges ring with Tanya. Yamini taunts Shivangi to have Rocky’s marriage ladoo, soon he will marry, so she should get out of here right now. Shivangi say what if she does not. Rocky says if she does not go, he will call police and goes aside. Shivangi leaves.

Shivangi goes to gurudev and informs him everything. He asks she is always worried about herself and never asked what he wants. She asks what he wants. He says nagmani. She says it is Shivji’s property and she cannot give it to him. Gurudev throws magical ash and injures her hand. Shivangi says she did not know his true face. He heals her wound and says he was just acting and showing how someone can be brainwashed. Rocky has been brainwashed by people around him, Yamini, and she should fight with them. Shivangi leaves as snake.

Mahendra enters Yamini’s room. Yamini asks why did he enter her, she introduced his her brother and brothers don’t come to room at midnight, what if Rocky watches them. They hear Rocky talking loudly in living room and rush out. Inspector comes with lawyer and says Shivangi has got bail as she was arrested for killing Yamini and she is hale and healthy. Rocky says Shivangi also killed his other family members. Lawyer says everyone know that Sushanth died due to snake bite and other family member’s bodies are missing, so until bodies are found, Shivangi is not guilty, they cannot just held her guilty for a voice confession that she killed badi maa. Rocky continues they cannot bail Shivangi. Inspector and lawyer warn them and leave. Inspector then turn into Shivangi and she says now she got entry into house.

Rocky fumes why did Shivangi return. Yamini brainwashes him against Shivangi. Women rights protection organization people enter and chant against Rocky that he ransacked and troubled a woman. Rocky asks who is it. Shivangi enters and says she is that woman. Rocky yells she killed his family. Shivangi says he alleged she killed Yamini, but she is hale and healthy. Organization members say Yamini is alive, so Shivangi is not culprit. Shivangi says until she is alive Rocky cannot marry anyone else and has to reaccept her. Rocky says he will not. Members warn Rocky to accept Shivangi, else they will get him arrested by police. Rocky says they can do whatever they want. Yamini gets afraid and says Shivangi can stay here until Rocky marries Tanya. Shivangi thanks members and sends them. Rocky yells she cannot stay here after trying to kill badi maa. Yamini says Yamini is a culprit and does not have right to be alive. Rocky yells not to take his badi maa’s name. Rocky goes to his room. He yells why did she come here and soon after 2 months, she will get divorce notice and should get out of his life.

Yamini boasts that Shivangi is not a nagin now and cannot harm her. Mahendra enters and she yells why did he come, he is her brother now. He says why did not she inform him that Shivangi is his bahu, if Shivangi will know that he killed her father, she will hate her. He reminisces incident where Rithik runs carrying baby Shivangi and Mahendra shoots him. He says he protected Shivangi in jail to gain her confidence. Yamini warns him not to reveal this secret and takes him along. Shivangi as mini snake hears their whole conversation. She goes to Gurudev and informs him whole story. Gurudev says now she has to take even her father’s revenge, that is why she is still nagin. She cries Rocky hates her. Gurudev tells she has to expose her enemies’ true face in front of Rocky first. Shivangi agrees and leaves.

Shivangi reaches home. Yamini yells indirectly some people are shameless to return often. Shivangi confronts some people died thrice and return shamelessly. Yamini boasts there is no death in her kundali. Shivangi says she will expose her true identity in front of everyone and then will kill her. Yamini says she cannot do anything. Shivangi then goes to kitchen. Mansi stops her and warns not to enter her kitchen. Her face reminds her of her son’s death. She warns never to show her face and sends her away. Shivangi leaves sadly. After sometime, Mansi feels headache and yells it all because of seeing Shivangi’s face. She calls Avni for help. Shivangi passes by and thinks Mansi needs some help, she disguises as Avni and walks in. Mansi says she is having headache. Avni says she will prepare hot soup for her. Mansi says she does not know to cook. Avni says she will and goes to kitchen. Avni gets up and walks towards Mansi’s room to give her medicine, but then returns back hearing phone ring. Shivangi serves soup to Mansi. Mansi asks if Shivangi prepared it. Avni says Shivangi taught her. Mansi says Shivangi knows how to keep whole family happy, but she killed Sushanth and has to die. Shivangi feels sad and walks out.


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