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Naagin Season 2 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mansi tells Yamini that she can hear everything now and if she says death, she can hear it clearly. She says we know that Yamini killed her family for her greed and not Shivangi. Yamini panics and talks nonsense. Mansi and Rubel say they will punish her and push her on sofa. Shivangi turns into nagin and tries to bite Yamini. Yamini wakes up from sleep worried and realizes it was her dream. She goes to Sesha and says Rocky and Shivangi are together. Sesha slaps her. Yamini continues yelling and repeats. Sesha slaps her again. Yamini leaves warning to be alert. Sesha turns into Shivangi and tells Mansi, Rubel, and Aaliya that they will make Yamini mad by troubling her.

Jadunath shows nagmani book to his guru and asks what secret is hidden in this book, he wants to save his team from Rocky and Shivangi. Guru sees book and says there is a big secret in this book and if it comes out, this world can change for good or even destroy also.

Mahendra sees Shivangi returning home as nagin and then turning into human. He hides and picks knife to kill her, but Rocky grips him and saves Shivangi. Shivangi says they did not want to kill Mahendra so early. She asks Rocky if he knows where to take Mahendra. He says yes and takes him to cave.

Yamini and Sesha are busy chatting when Jadunath enters and tells Ruchika/Sesha that Rock is with Shivangi and betrayed Sesha. Shesha fumes that she will not spare Rocky and Shivangi.

Rocky with Shivangi takes Mahendra to cave and throws him in air repeatedly. Mahendra says he does not know who he is. Rocky says he knows he is his mother’s murderer and his father. He asks Shivangi to kill him and take his father’s murder revenge. Shivangi says she cannot kil him as he is his father. Rocky insists. Shivangi says she cannot kill his father. Mahendra picks trishul and says they cannot kill him, but he can kill Shivangi. Rocky grips him in his tail again and throws him in air. He falls on trishul and dies. Rocky says their shivji took revenge. They both hug.

Rocky goes back to takshak lok and stands near nagmani. Sesha enters with Yamini and Jadunath and says Rocky what is he taking nagmni, if he wants to give it to Shivangi. Rocky says what is she telling. Shesha says he was with Shivangi some time ago. Rocky says why will he be with Shivangi. Shanka maa says Rocky is here since one year. Jadunath uses his black magic and shows Rocky and Shivangi together hugging. Rocky reminisces Gyanimaa giving them powers that they will be seen together in agni kund always. Rocky says it is all Shivangi’s trick, he will not spare her. Jadunath picks nagmani silently, shouts enough of their drama and walks away. Rocky says even it is Shivangi’s trick and follows Jadunath. Jadunath walks into jungle and sees a shiv mandir inside. Shivangi comes there and Jadunath tries to use nagmani powers, but fails. Rocky also comes. Jadunath says they both are together. Rocky says yes and throws him in air. Shivangi says is sadhu, but misused his powers, so he will die. She burns him. They both then see temple and walk to it. Shivanig sees same pics seen in nagmani book. Jadunath’s guru comes and says they are pics of 2 ichadhari nagins and their love story.

Shesha on the other side waits for Rocky. Rocky returns and shows real nagmani and sasy it I always with him, he wants to keep it in takshak lok. He says he killed Jadunath as he tried to kill him. Yamini says she knows Rocky is with Sihvangi, she has to prove it to Sesha, and if she says now, Shesha will slap her. She will show Sesha first that Mansi, Rubel and Aaliya are with Shivangi. Sesha and Yamini return home and ask Mansi if she is helping Shivangi. Mansi says she did what Rocky told. Rocky enters and says he did not, it was Shivangi’s trick and asks Mansi if she told Shivangi what powers he gave to them. Mansi nods no. Shanka maa comes there and says today is very auspicious night, Sesha and Rocky have to marry for Takshak loks’s goodness. Rocky says he can do anything for takshak lok. Sesha gets happy. Yamini silently fixes CCTV camera between flowers. Shesha leaves with Yamini. Shanka maa turns into Shivangi and tells Mansi and others it is time for Shesha to die. She reminisces tying Shankamaa with magical powers and telling she does not have any enemity with shankamaa, but she will not spare Shesha who killed so many innocent people.

Yamini rushes to her room and watches Mansi’s room’s life CCTV footage. Mansi, Rubel, and Aaliya gets ready for marriage. Mahendra comes and says she convinced Sesha to marry Rocky. Yamini thinks why he is calling himself she. He turns into Shivangi. Yamini is shocked. Shivangi says she hid nagmani in Mansi, so Rubel and Aaliya have to hold Mansi’s hand to protect themselves. Yamini relizes Rocky showed fake nagmani and real one is with Mansi. Shivangi tells Mansi, Rubel and Aaliya that they have to kill Sesha now and need to be careful. Yamini thinks let red nagin die, she will get nagmani then alone.

Shivangi gets Rocky ready. Rocky says they have to do their job, what if he finishes Pheras with Sesha. Shivangi says if he thinks she will let that happen. Sesha is her aunt and killed her mother. Today, Sesha will be destroyed, 119-year-old nagin will repay for her sins. Rocky say she is right, one who takes life cannot give life, life for life. He looks at her carefully. She says they will start a new life. He kisses her cheek and gets emotional.


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