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Naagin Season 2 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Naagin Season 2 25th February 2017 video watch online on

Rudra holding land plougher says enough of Sesha and Avantika now, he will treat them like the should be, animals. He lays a trap from them. Yamini with her maid Uttara takes Shivangi to Panchner haveli and says she brought her here to show something. Shivani asks what is it and thinks she knows what she is up to. Rudra after lying trap hides behind tree. Seeing Sesha coming as snake he thinks why did not Avantika come. Sesha crawl on trap and gets trapped into it. She writhes in pain and shouts who is it. Rudra comes in front f her. Yamini takes Shhivangi to a room and says it has a lot of secrets. Uttara hits Shivani’s head from behind with a rod and Shivani collapses. Yamini grins. Sesha frees herself from trap. Fight starts between her and Rudra. They both throw powers on each other. Sesha overpowers Rudra and throws him on group. They both rollover on ground trying to grip each other. Sesha throws Rudra in air and he falls injured and crawls. She walks behind him. He jumps over and she falls into a deep pit. Rudra laughs standing up. Sesha tries to crawl up, but cannot. Rudra says she is 118-year-old nagin and does not know this is the oldest way to trap nagin and nagin. A nag trapped nagin today.

Yamini with Uttara takes Sihvangi towards Seshnag temple and praises Uttara’s intelligence. Power goes off and Sihvangi escapes. Yamini yells. Uttara gets locked in a room. Rudra asks Sesha where is her friend makhi/bee Avantika. Sesha says he tricked her. He says trick for a trickster. She extends her tail and grips him and comes up throwing him into pit. She then stops him from coming up.

Vikram comes to Panchner haveli. Shivangi comes in front of him as snake. He says if she is surprised that he is alive. Shivangi says he will die twice. Vikram takes out dagger and says he will cut her into pieces. She pushes dagger away and grips him saying if he is Mahishmati’s raja, she is nagin. Sesha traps Rudra into a box and asks who is more smart, nagin or nag, she is kali nagin, Rudra’s end. Shivani continues gripping Vikram and asks dare to escape.

Rocky waits for Shivangi and thins it is night already, where is Shivangi. Sesha comes and Rocky asks if she saw Shivangi. Sesha says no and walks to her room. Yamini with Uttara comes back. Rudra asks if they saw Shivangi. Yamini asks if she did not come yet, she left 2 hours early, not to worry she will come back to only him. She asks to go and rest, says goodnight and leaves. Rocky thinks she goes out every night and reminisces Sesha telling that she must going to meet her friend, then thinks he cannot doubt her.

Sesha takes Rudra to her room. Rudra says she is 118-year-old nagin and does not have ethics. Sesha says even he knows she can kill him right away. She frees him and says he can decide his life now and asks who is his partner, why they are killing people. Rudra says only who troubled his partner. She says enough of drama now, she needs her life. He says Rocky. She asks what he needs in return. He murmurs in her ears Shivangi and says they both will try to separate Shivangi, but Shivaangi should not be harmed. If something happens to Shviangi..Sesha twists his hand and asks else what, what is in the villager that everyone are fond of Shivangi. Rudra asks if she accepts deal or not. Sesa says accepted, shakes hand and leaves. Rudra thinks he loves Shivangi, but will not tell her real form, he loves her and can go to any extent to save her.

Shivangi takes unconscious Vikram to shiv mandir and throws him in front of gurudev. Gurudev says he knew she would do this. She says what will they do when Vikram wakes up. Gurudev says he knows the solution and traps Virkam in Shivngi’s poison. Shivangi asks where is Rudra. Gurudev he had gone with her. Shivangi says if “Sesha and Avantika did something to him. Gurudev sets havan and orders to show where Rudra is. Shivangi sees Mumbai haveli and asks where is Rudra here. Gurudev orders to show Rudra is. Shivangi sees box and asks what is it. He says he thinks Rudra is trapped in Mumbai haveli. Shivangi says she will find out box.

Avantika reaches Panchner haveli and ggoes to a secret dark room. She opens a big trunk loc with her finger and looking into trunk says her death secret is safe, that means nobody knows about her death secret.

Shivangi passes by Yamini’s room and hears Uttara telling Yamini that Shivangi escaped and fooled them. Yamini says some black magic is in that room, they should find out what it is instead of shouting girl..girl girl..Shivangi enters and says she was with her in room and then collapsed, don’t know what happened next. When she woke up, she did not find her there. Yamini says she collapsed, so after laying her there she went out to take help, by then she had gone. She asks not to take much tension and go and rest. Shivangi leaves. Uttara tells something is wrong with that girl, she feels Shivangi is nagin. Yamini says Shivangi’s mother was nagin and was very powerful and intelligent, she used to kill people with her tail. Nidhi hears their conversation and thinks Uttara tantric is misleading badi maa. She walks into room and says Yamini let us go to kitchen as they have to prepare for Rocky’s business award celebration.

Shivangi walks to her room. Rocky asks where she goes every night, he wants to trurst her, but clap cannot happen with one hand, even she should make her trust him, they have to be together to build trust. Sesha receives courier and asks courier boy if it is for her. Courier boy says Shivangi madam. Sesha opens box and reads Rocky’s note to my lovy dovy wife. She fumes and thinks of throwing it in dustbin, then thinks Shivangi will wear what she will keep in box. Shivangi goes to Sesha’s room to find out clue. Rudra comes there. Shivangi asks where was he, she saw some box. He says Sesha had trapped her in a box. He hears someone coming and escapes. Sesha comes hiding Shivanigi’s dress and asks what is she doing here. Shivangi says she is cleaning whole house and came to check it. Sesha asks her to go and get ready for the party. Shivani goes to her room and sees Rocky’s gift box. Rocky says he had brought it for her yesterday, but she is missing since yesterday. He asks to wear if she wants, he will feel good though He goes to washroom. Shivani opens box and sees a short skimpy dress. She asks rocky if he brought it. Rocky says yes. She asks how can she wear it in party. He comes out and says it is up to her to wear it or not. Shivangi nervously says she will wear it.

Sesha asks Rudra what is he doing with Shivangi in this room. Rudra asks forget that, why was Shivangi cleaning her sautan’s room. Sesha says she has already started a plan to crate rift between Shivangi and Rocky and says she will give nidraivish/sleeping poison to Shivangi. Rudra says she will not do that. Shesha says if he wants Shivangi or not. Rudra says then she should use only nidravish. Sesha thinks she will use real poison and kill Shivangi, then Rocky will be only hers.


Naagin Season 2 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shivangi sensuously dances around Rocky on a song…Aaj jaane ki zid na karo. Rocky sees Rudra becoming snake and is shocked.

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