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Naagin Season 2 25th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 25th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shivangi turns into Shanka maa. Rocky walks with her for his wedding with Sesha. Pandit ji asks Yamini to call groom and bride as muhurath is passing. Yamini says bride is more egar than him. Rocky comes with Sesha/Ruchika and sits in mantap in front of agni kund. Shanka maa/Shivangi signals Aaliya and Rubel. They drop chandelier on havan kund. Rocky sees that and rescues Sesha. Shanka maa thumbs up them. Rocky says Shivangi has done this. Sesha says she will not spare Shivangi. Shanka maa says first they should get married in a nearby old shiv mandir as today is auspicious night. Rocky leaves with Sesha. Shanka maa turns back to Shivangi and leaves. Badi maa goes to Mansi, Rubel, and Aaliya and says she was worried for them and says let us attend Rocky and Ruchika’s wedding, goes to get car. Aaliya asks Mansi why did she agree. Mansi says let Shivangi and Rocky kill even her.

Rocky takes Sesha to temple. Shivangi comes there. Sesha says she came here to die alone without a partner. Shivangi says her partner is here. Rocky stands next to her. Shesha says Rocky betrayed her. Rocky says he used her trick on her. Shesha says she is 119-year-old powerful nagin takshika and can kill then both. She grips them and squeezes them. They shouts in pain. Rocky pushes her tail and says if she is takshika, even he is takshak nag. She attacks him again. Rocky and Shivangi fall down. They then combine their power and get a sword. They then revolve and create a storm. Rocky flies up. Storm stops and Shesha not seeing him taunts Shivangi that her partner escaped due o her fear. She opens mouth to spit fire when sword falls on her and cuts her into 2 pieces. Shivangi spits fire on her and burns her into ashes. Rocky and Shivangi rush home then and see Rubel, Mansi and Aaliya missing. He walks into Yamini’s room and sees laptop, opens it and sees Yamini watching Mansi and Shivangi’s conversation and confrontations. Shivangi says Yamini knows Mansi has nagmani now and has kidnapped them.

Rocky and Shivangi rush in search of Mansi, Rubel, and Aaliya and see them hanging on cliff. Rocky rescues Mansi and Rubel. Aaliya falls down. Gyaani maa uses her powers and relives Aaliya. Aaliya joins them. Mansi says Yamini took nagmani. Rocky asks Gyaani maa to find out where did she go. Gyaani maa uses powers and shows direction. Rocky and Sihvangi then find Yamini. Yamini says they cannot harm her at all as she has nagmani, she fought with so many people and killed Shivangi’s mother Shivanya. Shivangi and Rocky try to attack her. She uses nagmani and takes out their powers. They become common human. Shivangi tries to snatch nagmani, but gets a huge shock. She tells to get afraid of Shivji, he will not spare her for her heinous act. Yamini laughs where is Shiv, call him. Shivangi holds her neck and pulls her to pillar. Rocky joins her. Yamini uses nagmani and throws them in air. They both fall apart falling on trishul. Damru flies and falls on Yamini’s hand and nagmani flies from her hand. Shivangi holds nagmani and gets back her powers. Rocky also holds nagmani and gets back his powers. They both kill Yamini. Rocky says their revenge is complete and return home.

Sesha gets back to life and thinks she will not spare Shivangi and Rocky. Rocky and Shivangi reach home and tell Mansi, Aaliya and Rubel that they killed Yamini and Sesha. Mansi looks tensed. Sesha comes from behind and grips all 3 and orders Rocky and Shivangi to return nagmani to her. Shivangi says she cannot. Sesha says she will take Mansi, Aaliya, and Rubel to Takshak lok then and leaves gripping them in her tail. Rocky and Shivaangi meet Gyani maa who tells Shesha is takshika now and takshika got a curse of a very dangerous poison with which she is spoil her own lok. She read a script on a stone that when Sesha dies, even if a drop of her blood falls down, she will relive again. She says only Ardhnareshwar can kill Sesha. Only Ardhnareshwar is the truth in this world. When shiv and shakti united, they became Ardhnareshwar. They have to bring Sesha to Ardhnareshwar’s mandir. Shivangi says she will bring her. Rocky says she cannot give nagmani to Sesha. Shivangi gives nagmani to Gyanimaa asks her to take care of it.

Rocky and Shivangi then go to Takshak lok where Shesha’s aide Shanka maa has kept Mansi, Aaliya and Rubel hostage. Sesha comes and ties them with her powers and asks to give nagmani. Shivangi says they kept nagmani in ardhnareshwar mandir and only queen nagin can pick it. They reach ardhnareshwar mandir. Shesha asks where is nagmani. Rocky and Shivangi pray and lift shivling and show nagmani under it. Sesha asks to pick it. Shivangi says only nagrani can pick it. Shesha tries but get a shock. She orders takshak sainiks to attack them. Gyaani maa reaches with Gurudev and seshnag sainiks. Sesha says she called army, even then she cannot escape. She grips gyanmi maa. Gurudev throws holi ash and on Sesha and frees Gyani maa. Rocky and Shivangi pray ardhnareshwar. They both half shiv and half shaki/parvati and fly in air. Sesha gets sucked into ground and turns into ashes. Mansi, Rubel, and Aaliya are freed. Shanka maa burns.

Shivangi tells Rocky her revenge is complete today. Rocky stabs her with trishul and says he does not want to see her face again and she should die. Shivangi says live, he loves her a lot, then why he stabbed her. He says for him, he helped her take revenge, but he does not love her and he did it for himself. Shivangi says lie, he has to tell truth. Rocky holds her and says she has to die. Shivangi dies. Rocky cries holding her and shouts.. Rithik comes there (still young). Kaun hai who kaun hai wo…song…plays in the background. Rocky drops Shivangi on ground and tells Rithik that he killed her. Rithik says she was shiv’s biggest disciple and biggest love, nobody could kill her in this world except love. A nag killed nagin, Shivangi had to die. Nagin is dead now.

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