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Naagin Season 2 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naagin Season 2 25th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Shivangi reveals Sishupal that she is icchadhari nagin. Sishupal reminisces his guru’s words that an ichadhari nagin will come to save him from Avantika. Shivangi shows him in her eyes how Avantika and her team killed Shivanya. Sesha on the other side disguises as Shivangi and goes back to Rocky. Rocky asks where was she, he was very concerned for her. He takes her out and stands with whole family. Avni says today’s party is spoilt. Rocky says he will throw party again. Nidhi sees Shivangi walking away with Sishupal and one with Rocky and realizes Sesha has disguised as Shivangi.

Shivangi takes Shishupal to guruji who tells sometimes they find friends among enemies. Sishupal tells Shivangi that he is ready to help Shivangi kill Avantika and tells story that he was Mahishmati raja and married Avantika. Avantika wanted to rule mahishmati, so she drugged him and was about to kill when minister Saroja stopped her and told that her life is related to Sishupal and if she kills him, even she will die. He met his guru who told if he does reverse pheras with Avantika, his life will be unlocked from Avantika’s life, then a knife willl emerge in that room and only ichadhari nagin can kill Avantika. Avantika catches him again and cages him in Panchner haveli. Out of flashback, he tells he will help Shivangi kill Avantika.

Rocky brings Shivangi/Sesha home. Sesha acts as heavily inebriated and gets romantic with him. Orignal Shivangi returns and fume seeing this. Nidhi asks where was she. Shivangi says she found secret to kill Avantika, but now she will show Sesha what it is to touch her husband. Nidhi asks to let it handle it. She walks in and acts that she entered by mistake and did not see their romance. Rocky gets conscious and say she was pressing Shivangi’s head. Nidhi tells Shivangi/Sesha that her leg is paining and she wants her to massage leg like yesterday. Sesha angrily asks to take Aliya’s help. Nidhi says she has magic in her hands, so only she can massage her legs. Rocky says she can take Shivangi, but she should be careful as Shivangi is not in sense today. Nidhi takes Sesha out and signals Shivangi to walk in. Shivangi thinks she has to act as inebriated like Sesha and gets romatnic with Rocky first and then says let us go down and check family. He agrees.

Avantika tells Sesha and Yamini that there was no earthquake in panchner haveli, Rudra’s partner must have done something, he/she must be somewhere here, so they have to find out who he/she is. Shivangi hears their conversation and disguised as Sishupal walks hiding. Avantika sees him and thinks how can he escape. She thinks she has to follow him and find out where he goes to find out her death secret. He goes to Panchner haveli. He walks into panchner haveli and turns into Shivangi. She then goes to Saroja minister and grips her in her tail. She gives her hypnotic poison and makes her sleep and takes her form. Avantika goes to her soldiers and scolds how can they let Shishupal escape. She then goes to Saroja and asks how did Shishupal escape. Saroja says she has recaptured Sishupal seeing him coming back. Avantika asks what to do now. Saroja says she has to perform reverse pheras with Sishupal to get more powerful and become immortal. Avantika asks if Shishupal will agree. Saroja says she has hypnotized Shishupal and he will obey them.

Rocky starts searching Shivangi again. Yamini throws garud kavach on each family member to find out who Rudra’s partner. She finally throws it on Rocky. Rocky says this has to be in her neck, then why is she throwing it. Yamini says she wants to get a new design as this is old. Rocky goes to his room and sleeps. He dreams searching Shivangi and a multi-mouthed snake surrounding him. He wakes up from sleep worried and thinks what was that.

Shishupal with gurudev reaches outside mahishmati palace. Guruji asks him to act as hypnotized. Saroja reaches with Avantika and says before Shishupal gets out of hypnotism, she has to perform reverse pheras, 3-1/2 with her in front and 3-1/2 with Shishupal in front. She asks guruji to start mantras. Avantika hesitates. Saroja says she has to if she has to suck Sishupal’s powers and become immortal. Avantika agrees and starts reverse pheras. Climate changes. Saroja insists that it is begging of her immortality, she should continue. Bees surround Avantika. Saroja insists she should continue and insists her with each phera. Avantika finishes 7 pheras. Guruji says 7 pheras are finished. Mahishmati palace bursts. Avantika is shocked to see that and asks Saroja what is it. She is shocked to see Shivangi. Shivangi gets knife from havan. She says Avantika that she was disguised as Saroja and it is time for her to die. Avantika challenges she cannot harm her. Shivangi says she lost all her powers with reverse pheras, it is her end now and reveals that she and Shishupal planned all this. Avantika says her drama was good, but now she will die. She tries to get weapon, but does not get anything. Shivangi says she will pay for her sins now. Avantika thinks if Shivangi is telling truth, she will die with this knife, so she has to escape from there first. She runs and jumps from cliff. Shivangi turns into snake and grips her in her tail.


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