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Naagin Season 2 26th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Rocky’s deaf aunt Mansi sees party at home and asks Rocky reason for party. Rocky says he got award. She hears something and jokes start. Nidhi comes and sends Rocky aside. Nidhi then sees Uttara sipping alcohol and reminisces her words about ichadhaari nag/nagin and asks her what she was talking about ichadhari nagin. Rocky comes and ass Nidhi to control Mansi as she is forcing him to sing. Nidhi says she was asking Uttara if ichadhari nag/nagin can change their form during day. Rocky asks what has happened to them. Uttara says ichadhari nag/nagin can change form anytime they want. Rocky walks aside.

Sushanth drinks liquor mixing it in juice. Gautami asks him to stop drinking much, else his mom will catch him. He says everyone drinks openly now a days and asks her to try

some. Gautami says no and moves aside. Susthanth then acts suspicious and mixes some pill in juice and gives it to her. She drinks it. Shivani comes down wearing black sari. Rocky get sad that she did not wear his gifted dress. Shivangi says his dress was very short, so she made changes according to her needs. Rocky says she always does what she does and does not care about others and moves aside. Sesha comes wearing his gifted dress and says Rocky that she found this dress in store room, so wore it. She praises whoever/Rocky bought it and says she could not resist seeing this dress, its color is very good. Rocky gets more disheartened. She then goes to Rudra and says she created a rift between Rocky and Shivangi and now he should go and do his job. Rudra changes himself as waiter and says he will give nidravish/hypnotic poison to Shivangi. Rocky near liquor counter. Shivangi comes near him and gets closer to him to cheer him up. Rudra as waiter mixes nidravish in apple juice and serves it to Sivangi along with liquor glass for Rocky. Rocky picks the apple juice glass. Shivangi stops him and says she will not let him drink liquor today and gets very closer. He asks what is she doing. She says trying to cheer her husband and says that dress was very short. Rocky says that is why she threw dress in store room and Ruchika/Sesha wore it. Shivangi notices Shesha wearing different dress and realizes that she wants to create rift between her and Rocky, thinks she will fail Sesha’s plan.

Shivangi tells Rocky that she did not get the dress he sent, parcel had a small top, maybe someone exchanged it during receiving parcel, they will check who did it. She wore that top with sari to cheer him up. She says she will give him a lot of time, but for now she wants to dance with her husband and forcefully takes him to dance floor. They both dance on song Kyun aata hai seene mai….song…romantically. Sesha sees her plan failing and gets jealous. Rocky clams down and dances with Shivangi well. Everyone clap for them. Sesha thinks Shivangi did not drink nidravish, she has to force her somehow Rudra via telepathy warns her not to harm Shivangi and leaves.

Gautami starts feeling uneasy after drinking Sushanth’s drug mixed juice. Sushanth insists her to go to her room and sleep. Raubel sees Gautami feeling uneasy and asks what happened. Sushanth says she is having headache, so he is taking her to her room. Raubel says he will help. Sushanth says no need and takes Gautami to her room. Gautami falls asleep. Sushanth’s expressions changes to evil ones and he locks door and walks towards Gautami.

Rocky smiles at Shivangi and says she convinces him every time. Their romance continues. Rudra serves juice to Shivangi and leaves. Sesha thinks belpatra is dangerous to nag, but not to human. She spits poison on belpatra and drops it in shivangi’s juice glass. Rocky asks Shivangi how much she loves him. She says a lot. He asks that is all and picks glass, saying it is liquor glass. Sesha gets worried and thins if he drinks it, he will die. Shivangi snatches glass and drinks it and says this does not have liquor, he lied. Shivangi walks aside and starts feeling severely ill. Rudra thinks why she is in pain, he gave her only nidravish. Shesha smirks. Shivangi drops glass. Rudra sees belpatra and gets worried that Shivangi may die. He rushes to Shivangi. Shivangi says someone gave her poison, but she is snake and why poison is affecting her, collapses. Rudra hugs her and thinks how to tell her that Sesha gave her belpatra. Sesha comes and asks Rudra to thank her now. Rudra asks why did she gave belaptra. She says he wanted Shivangi, now he should get antidote and give it to Shivangi, Shivangi is a human and not nagin to die after consuming belpatra. Rudra lifts Shivangi and walks thinking she is nagin and he will save her. He drops her on bed and leaves to get antidote.

Sesha standing aside smirks that Rocky will hate Shivangi a lot today. She turns into Shivangi, acts as heavily inebriated, goes and insists Rocky to get one more drink. He asks what happened, what is she doing. Shivangi shouts that he gave her short dress and she did not want to wear it, he scolded her. He broke her heart. Everyone look at them. Rocky says guests that Shivangi is unwell. Shivangi says she is well and wants to dance. Nidhi says everyone is having food and they will dance later. Shivangi shouts that she wants to dance right now and shouts where is DJ. Uttara tells Yamini that her bahu has one mad after a drink. Yamini says she is Sesha, kali nagin, not Shivangi. Sesha has gone black in jealousy and is creating this drama. Shivangi comes down and sensuously dances around Rocy on Aaj jaane ki zid na karo…song…She then dances with other males. Rocky is shocked fumes in anger and shouts to stop the music. He calls Aaliya and her friend asks to take Shivangi to her room. Inebriated Sivangi resistingly walks. Rocky apologizes guests and asks them to leave. Shivangi resists and asks Aaliyaa to go. They leave. Shivangi turns back to Sesha and smirks thinking Rocky will hate Shivangi now.

Rudra brings antidote and feeds it to Shivangi and hopes she would have been awake and he would have expressed how much he loves her, informed he saved her and not her husband. He apologizes for helping Sesha, thinks he can take Shivangi from here right now, but he wants to help Shivangi in her revenge and win her heart. He dorns blanket on her and leaves. Rocky walks towards room thinking what happened to Shivangi today, drinks and dance, his Shivangi is not like this, unbelievable. He sees Rudra coming out of room, turning into snake and leaving. He is shocked to see this and rushes to room and sees Shivangi sleeping, thinks if she is sleeping then what was snake doing here. Why Rudra is around Shivangi always and why they meet often, what they do. He picks Shivangi’s suitcase and checks it. He finds an old snake book and thinks why Shivangi is holding, if she knows abot Rudra, what she is hiding from him.

Uttara does black magic on havan and orders to get nagin’s real face inn front of her. Rocky reads about panchner in book. Uttara burnssnake skin on havan. Shivanig gets up suddenly and gets dragged towards Uttara’s den, thinks what is happening to her, tries to stop herself but gets dragged. Nidhi hears her shout and wakes up. Rocky travels towards Pancher haveli reminiscing Rudra telling Shivangi that she should fulfill her goal first and thinks what is Shivangi up to. Uttara orders nagin to come in front of her. Shivangi gets dragged to her. Uttara shouts she knew she is nagin. Shvangi says yes she is Shivanya’s daughter Shivangi nagin and grips Uttara in her tail and says she called her death today and is about to bite her when Nidhi comes and is shocked to see Shivangi as snake.

Precap: Rocky goes seshnag room in Panchner haveli. Seshnag says he did a big mistake for coming here and will be punished. Gautami wakes up and sees herself wrapped in just bedsheet and Sushanth smirking on her. Sesha tells Rudra that Rocky doubts that Shivangi and Rudra is having an affair and Shivangi has connections with naglok. Sesha as Rudra strangulates Rocky and warns that he is just a human and to not come in his way, else will die.

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