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Naagin Season 2 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naagin Season 2 26th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Shivangi grips Avantika in her tail and pulls her back. She stabs Avantika repeatedly shouting she stabbed her mother repeatedly same way until she bled and died. Avantika dies. Shivangi says she killed her mother’s one more murderer; now 3 are left, Yamini, Sesha and 8th masked murderer. Sishupal says she took her revenge by killing Avantika, let him finish Avantika’s last rights. He burns Avantika’s body into ashes with his superpowers. Gurudev telsl Shivangi that bad ends very badly like Avantika. Shivangi says she will end all evil with Shivji’s blessings. She takes Avantika’s form and sys she will kill Sesha first, then Yamini will be powerful, she will kill Yamini and then 8th murderer.

Rocky walks into trunk and does not find steps there. Eight murderer follows him and hides. Rocky touches a stone and it turns into ashes. He gets worried that something is wrong here, he has to take back his family to Mumbai. He goes out. Eight murderer picks ash and blows. Rocky goes out and sees whole family enjoying holi. He asks Avni to pack all their bags, they are going back to Mumbai. She says she has invited all her friends and they are all coming. He says he does not want to hear anything, ask whole family to pack bags and hurry up. Sesha throws color on him. He says they are going to Mumbai and does not need any excuses. Shivangi sees him tensed and thinks if he takes everyone to Mumbai, how will she take revenge from her enemies. Rocky cleans color yelling Ruchika is too much. Shivangi reaches and says how will he clean her holi. He says no..they will go to Mumbai first. She says she knows trunk’s secret, but whole family does not, let them play holi. He says they will in Mumbai. Yamini comes and says they should enjoy their first holi together. Shivangi gets sad and tries to leave. Ang lagade re….song…plays in the background. Rocky holds her hand and applies holi on his cheeks with her hand and says happy holi. Shivngi gets emotional and shy. Aaliya comes with youngsters and says how romantic. Shivangi gets shy and runs. Aaliya requests Rocky to agree now at least. He throws holi on all youngsters and enjoys. Shesha fumes that soon she will make Rocky hers forever.
Shivangi goes near trunk thinking she to mingle with murders in Avantika’s form. Shes sees someone knocking trunk and sees lock on it, thinks Rocky must have locked it, who is inside. She opens lock and turns into snake. Eight murderer comes out of trunk and runs out. Shivangi follows him. He escapes. Shivangi thinks he went into a room, she will know who he is. She enters room and does not find him, but finds his jacket. She hears sound and hides. Mansi comes there and Shivangi thinks Mansi is 8th murderer, asks what is she doing. Mansi without her hearing aid hears something else. Shivangi gives her hearing aid and asks what is she doing here. She says she is searching color thali and says let us go down and leaves. Shivangi sees jeans and thinks Mansi is 8th murderer for sure. Nidhi finds her and asks where was she. Shivangi says to finish her enemy, she finished Avantika. Nidhi says good, one enemy is out of her list. Shivangi says Mansi is 8th murderer. Nidhi says how can Mansi be..Sesha comes and says what Mansi cannot be..She walks towards Nidhi and applies color. She tells badi maa is asking thandai and leaves with Nidhi.

Back in holi venue, Sehsa warns Yamini to stay away from her as she is wearing garud kavach. Yamini says she will fly her in air today.
Rumel and other youngsters bring thandai and serve it to Yamini. They then force Rocky to drink it. Sesha hears Rumel and Sushanth discussing that thye mixed bhang in thandai and warns Yamini not to drink it as it has bhang. Yamini in her usual overacting and loud style yells and drinks bhang. Her drama starts. Shivangi enters as Avantika. Yamini tries to apply holi Avantika shouts to stay away from her, she will go and wish others. Yamini says Sesha that it is not Avantika, it is Rudra’s partner. Sesha asks how does she know. Yamini reminisces Avantika backing off due to Garud kavach. Sesha asks what will they do now. Yamini says they will find where Avantika is and trap Rudra’s partner. She with Sesha takes Sushanth to Avantika’s room and tells her earring fell in somewhere. Sushanth starts searching. She removes feather from his back. He gets hypnotized. She smells him Avantika’s kerchief and asks to search her. He takes her to to Avantika/Shivangi, but suprasses him. Sesha says moti/Yamini that she was right, it is Rudra’s partner. Yamini says let us catch her then. Sesha asks her to keep an eye on Rudra’s partner, she will find where Avantika is. Yamini’s drama starts. Sesha follows Sushanth. Yamini finds Rudra’s partner missing and panics.

Shivangi goes back to Mansi’s room and sees Mansi hiding shoes, asks why she is hiding them. Mansi says these are not her shoes, she was trying to get colors. Shivangi sees she will get color and climbs chair, does not find colors and thinks her doubt is right. She says there is no color here. Mansi says so what, she twisted her ankle and it is paining. Shivangi asks her to relax and goes out. Nidhi comes and asks where was she, she saw Avantika out. Shivangi says it was her in Avantika’s form. Mansi was hiding 8th murderer’s shoes, she is 8th murderer for sure. Aaliya comes and asks Shivangi to come with her soon as Rocky. Shivangi asks her what happpend to Rocky and walks with her. She says Rocky heavily inebriated under bhang effect.

Sushanth takes Sesha to Avantika’s burnt ashes and says this is Avantika. Sesha uses her super powers and asks to show Avantika’s face if it is Avantika’s ash. She sees Avantika’s face in ash.

Rocky starts dancing on Do me a favor let’s play holi.. song.. and forces Shivanig to dance with him. All youngsters dance with them. Yamini continuing to drink bhang milk thinks she should finish before kali nagin/Sesha comes. Sesha fumes that she will not spare Rudra’s partner. She calls Yamini and asks if fake makhi is front of her. Yamini asks where is real makhi. Sehsa says real makhi is dead. Yamini says fake makhi is in front of her, she is not drinking bhang..Sesha asks to keep an eye on fake makhi as her real face will emerge once she does Avantika’s moksha. Yamini says she will. Shivangi as Avantika again asks Yamini where was she and where is kali nagin. Yaminii says everyone has worn color on their face, they will clear everyone’s face and see where kali nagin is. Shivangi thinks why Yamini is looking at her weirdly. Yamini thinks once Sesha comes, she will kill Rudra’s partner. Rocky comes and says he will apply color on Avantika. Avantika runs and Yamini runs behind her yelling. Rocky runs to apply color on Avantika. Yamini yells how will she Avantika’s partner’s face now. Sesha performs Avantika’s moksha. Rocky sees Avantika hiding behind curtains and then coming out as Sivangi and is shocked.


Naagin Season 2 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rocky carefully looks at Shivangi’s face, thinking how did she change from Avantika to Shivangi.

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