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Naagin Season 2 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Manjusha feeds her son Prithvi and says she will double celebrate for his/Avni’s marriage and Ricky/Tanya’s marriage. Sesha enters and says Rocky is her partner. Manjusha says when she can get Shivangi out of way, who is she. Sesha asks if she wants to know who she is and grips her, Prithvi and Ranveer with her tail and asks if she should kill them. They plead to spare her. Yamini enters with Mahendra and ask Sesha to spare them. Sesha says she was giving her intro to her new guests. Yamini does her usual overacting and asks her to come along. Mahendra says she is icchadhari nagin then and leaves. Sesha says sasurji/father-in-law is flying high. Yamini asks if she knows he is Rocky’s father. Sesha says she knows everything and walks with Yamini.

Engagement party starts with mask theme. Yamini asks Prithvi to exchange ring with Avni. Rocky gives mask to Shivani and walks with her to party venue. Jadunath calls Tanya and asks her to meet him right now She meets him. He says today nagmani will glow itself. Tanya says they will get it Jadunath says Ruchika/Sesha is also behind it and she is icchadhari nagin, Yamini hid this secret from him. He says only Shivangi can pick nagmani. Tanya says she still has one thorn with her, she will prick it into Shivangi and hypnotize her, Shivangi then will get nagmani to them. Jadunath boasts that he will get nagmani finally.

Party continues. Yamini’s drama continues. Shivangi and Rocky dance on Ye mausam ki barish…song. Sesha fumes standing aside. Tanya chats with Shivangi that she is happy that she and Rocky reunited and silently pricks thorn into Shivani’s shoulder. Shivangi writhes in pain. Tanya says it must be her bracelet and apologizes. Shivangi feels dizzy. Rocky gets conceredn and makes her sit. Tanya insists him for a dance. He says he will be with Shivangi. Shivangi says she is fine and asks him to go and dance. Tanya hypnotizes him and says he will dance with her now. He dances with her and tells his story. DJ plays been music. Rocky, Shivangi, Sesha start turning into snakes. Sesha asks Rocky to go away with Shivangi. Rocky takes Shivangi to terrace. They both turn into snakes. Yamini walks on terrace and notices snakes. She then is shocked to see nags are Rocky and Shivangi. She goes down and stops DJ’s music. She then walks into Sesha’s room and asks if she knows what happened to Rocky. Sesha says he is ichadhari nag and got powers when he turned 27 years. She further reveals that she brainwashed Rocky against Shivangi and once Shvangi will pick nagmani, Rocky will kill her.

Shivangi tells Rocky it is time for nagmani to glow, they should go there. He lifts her, turns into half snake and flies. Shivangi thinks once he gets nagmani to Rocky, she will tell him about his real parents. Tanya goes to Jadunath and informs him that Yamini and her friends are not home. Jadunath asks her to use black magic and stop them while he goes to shiv mandir and spoils Gurudev’s pooja. Tanya performs black magic. Leaves emerge from havan with Yamini and her friends’ names. Jadunath goes to shiv mandir and tries to spoil Gurudev’s pooja, but protective barrier stops him. He then laughs that Gurudev’s pooja will spoil now. He throws black magic and Gurudev falls unconscious. Tanya sees Yamini and her team freezing except Sesha. She thinks she cannot even call Jadunath and inform that Sesha has escaped.

Shivangi and Rocky on the other side reach nagmani venue. Shivangi tells once shivji’s third eye light falls on nagmani it will glow. Sesha reaches there with her soldiers. Shivangi says Rocky that Sesha came. Rocky asks her not to worry. Jadunath walks towards shiv mandir. Nagmani glows. Jadunath loses eyesight. Rocky asks Shivangi to pick it. She picks it. They both come out of shiv mandir. Rocky asks if she is fine. She says yes and gives nagmani to him. He pushes her. Sesha comes and Rocky gives nagmani to her. Shivangi says Rocky betrayed her. Rocky says not like she betrayed him, she killed his family. Shivangi says he trusted Shesha. Shesha comments. Shivangi turns into half nagin and tries to attack, but Sesha shows nagmani and Shivangi loses her powers. Sesha boasts that Sivangi is common woman now and throws her from cliff. She falls down. Another icchadhari nag saves her. Rocky shouts at Sesha why did she kill Shivangi. She says Shivangi would have killed Yamini. She then thinks Shivangi is dead now, Rocky will soon accept her.

Shivangi wakes up and sees a man setting bonfire, thinks he is Rocky, then reminisces Rocky telling if she is nagin, he is nag and can understand her pain, he will do whatever she says, then him giving nagmani to Sesha and betraying her, Sesha throwing her from cliff, etc. Man comes near her and she realizes it is some other man. She asks who is he. He says a friend and extends hand, says he is not enemy, he will not betray. She says when her love betayed her, how will she trust anyone else, she does not need anyone else’s trust.

Naagin Season 2 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sesha holding nagmani says she got it after a long time, soon Rocky will be with her. Shivani walks to Gurudev. Rocky years Tanya telling Jadunath that they will get nagmani at any cost.

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