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Naagin Season 2 28th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Rocky tells Shivangi that he is happy that she does not want to kill anyone. Shivangi says whoever loves don’t take anyone’s life. Someone calls Shiavangi and leaves. Rocky sees Yamini shouting like a buffalo and asks what happened to him. She shouts rascal, stupid, why are you calling me badi maa. Sesha comes and says badi maa is having medicine reaction and asks Avantika to take her in, else she will throw hefty Yamini on her and she will die under her weight. They both take Yamini and Yamini continues shouting like buffalo

Maheesh finds Shivangi again and warns she should tell where she hid his horn, else she will lose of her family member. She says she is not afraid of his fake warning. He says then get ready for countdown and counts 3..2..1..and looks at chandelier. Sushanth bends to cut cake and chandelier falls on him. Rocky and whole family gathers around Sushanth trying to wake him up. Maheesh starts acting and asks Shivangi to call doc. Shivangi thinks she cannot risk innocent people’s lives. Maheesh warns her to return her horn in 3 hours, else Aaliya will die. Shivangi thinks she can save Sushanth and reminisces guruji telling her poison can both kill and save Sushanth. She walks towards kitchen. Rocky asks her to get a cloth to tie around Sushanth head. Shivangi walks into kitchen and makes kaadha/herbal tea with her poison. Rocky enters and scolds he asked her to bring cloth, what is she doing here. She says she prepared kaadha for Sushanth, in her place they prepare it for injured people and injuries heal fast. She walks with kaadha. Sushanth’s mother asks what is it. She says it is kaadha and if Sushanth drinks it, his wounds will heal. Rocky resists and asks to call doc. Sushanth’s mother lets Shivangi feed kaadha to Sushanth. Doc comes and says wounds may need stitches. He removes cloth around forehead and is surprised to see wound healed without stitches. He asks if they gave something to Sushanth before. Sushanth’s mother says Shivangi gave kaadha. Rocky shouts he told not to give it. Doc says it has healed wound miraculously without stitches. Sushanth’s mother thanks Shivangi.

After sometime, Shivangi sees Aaliya walking with Maheesh and stops her and asks where is she going with Maheesh. Maheesh says he is taking Aaliya to get another doc for Susanth and will drive car slowly, everything will happen slowly. Shivangi asks Aaliya to go, she will go with Maheesh. Aaliya leaves. Maheesh says he gave her 3 hours, but she did not listen, now she has less time.

Shivangi goes to her room, calls Rudra and says she needs to meet him soon as Maheesh is insisting to get his horn. Rocky enters. Shivangi changes her tone and says she needs flowers in the morning soon, etc. After a bit of discussion, she leaves when Rudra repeatedly calls her. Sesha comes to Rocky’s room and says even he got injured while saving Sushanth and nurses his hand, asks if he is in pain. He says he is in. She starts telling about Shivangi that she is betraying him and he cannot watch it.

Shivangi meets Rudra in a room and tells about Maheesh demand. They both exchange identities. Manav passes by sipping alcohol and peeps into room. He is shocked seeing them exchanging identifies, then thinks he is heavily inebriated and leaves. Shivani then goes to guruji and asks him if she should return horn to Maheesh as he is killing innocent people. Guruji asks not to do that as Maheesh has even nagmani. He suggest her to call Maheesh to a room behind Panchner haveli and then do as he says. They both walk into ice room behind haveli and guruji asks her to go from there as nagin cannot handle cold. She says she will stay. Guruji makes some setup. Shivangi does some meditation and gets horn out. Rudra via telepathy asks Shivangi to come back as he cannot hide his identity for long.

Mahesh gets Shivangi’s message and walks out happily. Avantika sees him going, thinks he must be going to get horn, so thinks of following him and get horn before him. She informs Yamini and Sesha and they all 3 fly on bees. Yaminni jokes. They both get down on earth. Yamini’s drama continues. Avantika gets some powers via her bees and gets to know that horn in shiv mandir. They all 3 head towards shiv mandir.

Maheesh enters ice room and locks door with steel chair and tells Shivani that she cannot escape now. Shivangi shows him horn. He goes and picks it and shouts that it is fake. Shivangi says yes and pulls chain. Water falls on Mahesh and he turns into ice holding her hand. She picks ice breaker and breaks his hand and then shatters him with a rod. She thinks she should have got nagmani after shattering Maheesh, but nagmani did not appear. She feels severe cold.

Avantika, Sesha, and Yamini reach shiv mandir and threathen guruji to give horn. He says he does not know. Sesha grips him in her tail and tortures and the kills him. They then start searching nagmani. Yaminni finds it near Shivji’s idol’s feet and starts her jokergiri again. Avantika picks it. Yamini says they will give it to Maheesh and get nagmani. Sesha starts fighting. Avantika asks to stop fighting and via her bee spirits finds that Maheesh is in Panchner haveli’s back room. Avantika gives horn to Yamini and ask to keep it carefully. Sesha leaves and Avantiak leaves as bee. Yamini’s jokergiri continues.

Shivangi walks back home hypothermic. Rocky sees her and says he was coming to her, he wants to talk about their relationship. Shivangi says their love, even she wants to hold their relationship. She falls unconscious. Rocky gets concerned. Take her on bed and thinks why her body is cold. He rubs her hands and feet and drapes her blanket. In Lamhon ke Daaman me…song…plays in the background. He drapes more blanket and seeing her still cold removes her jewelry. He thinks cannot got badi maa, Shivangi is his wife, what to do. He says whatever he is doing, Shivangi should forgive her, if he does not, she will die of cold. He draws window curtains and removes Shivangi’s clothes and then his clothes and sleeps next to her to give his body temperature.

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