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Naagin Season 2 29th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Sesha enters ice room and sees Mahesh as ice sculpture with head and hand on floor. She fixes his head and hand. He gets back to life and shouts like a buffalo. He then holds Sesha’s neck. Sesha says she is his friend and saved him. He leaves her. She asks who tried to kill her. He says he will not. Sehsa says they got his horn and he can exchange it with nagmani.

Shivangi wakes up in the morning and finds herself clothless next to Rocky. Rocky says she was hypothermic yesterday. Shivangi drapes blanket around her and runs to bathroom. Once out, Rocky informs that she came home hypothermic and collapsed, so he had to give his body heat to revive her. She thanks him. He says he wants to forgive everything and give their marriage another chance. Shivangi says even she needs same. Rudra calls Shivangi. Shivangi gets tensed and says a person who helped her yesterday night is calling. Rocky says he trusts her. Shivangi goes out and meets Rudra and informs that she could not get nagmani from Maheesh. Rudra informs that Yamini and her puppets injured guruji and took Maheesh’s horn, they have to get it back. They both plan.

Yamini holding Mahesh’s horn eagerly waits for to come and exchange horn with nagmani. Mahesh with Shesha comes and Yamini with her usual jokergiri asks Mahesh to give nagmani and take his horn. Mahesh gets nagmani out and exchanges it with horn and leaves with Sesha. It is then revealed that Shivangi and Rudra disguised as Sesha and Mahesh took away real horn. Shivangi asks Ruda to hide horn safely and sends him. Mahesh with Sesha returns and asks Yamini to give him horn. Yamini does usual jokergiri. Sesha checks nagmani and says it is fake. Mahesh realizes that Shivangi took away horn again. He fumes that he should harm Sivangi’s vey dear one to get his horn.

Maheesh goes to Rocky’s room. Rocky greets him in. Mahesh acts as sad with Sesha’s rude behavior. Rocky gifts him 18-year-old liquor and says he had kept it for him, but gifted him, he is not good in love, but can listen to him and suggests what he feels. Maheesh adds alcohol in glasses and starts talking in puzzle and thinks of poisoning Rocky. Shivangi enters and asks Maheesh to go as she needs to talk to her husband. She thinks Mahesh dared to harm her husband. Maheesh thinks he can do anything to get his horn. Shivangi asks Maheesh to take his glass and drink in his room. Maheesh leaves fuming while Rocky still continues talking to him.

Rocky goes down and speaks to Maheesh again. Meesh pins Rocky to a wall and shouts that women are betrayers and tricksters. Rocky pushes him and asks what happened to him. Maheesh says he is same from before and starts hitting Rocky. Their fight ensues. Rocky confronts him. Maheesh continues that Shivangi is a nagin/snake and is a betrayer, etc. Rocky starts beating Maheesh, but Maheesh overpowers and severely injures Rocky. He throws Rocky in a car and then tortures Shivangi, yelling he thought of being gentle thinking her as woman. He warns she will see how he will kill her most dear one Rocky and leaves in car. Shivangi turns snake and follows him to jungle.

Sesha in her room gets disheartened thinking how Rocky rejected her and selected Shivangi instead. Yamini applies nagmani style bindi. Avantika jokes. Yamini starts her drama and asks Avantika to wear her bindi to remind that they have to get nagmani back. Sesha comes fuming and warns Yamini to stop her jokergiri and find where Maheesh’s horn is. Avantika tries to find it with her bee super power, but cannot.

Guruji does pooja and creates protective barrier around horn and tells Rudra that he should protect horn from hereon. Rudra says he will protect it even if he has to risk his life.

Maheesh returns home and shows Shivani that he has gun Rocky in air. Shivangi sees Rocky hanging in air and pleads him to spare her husband. Maheesh says until he gets his horn, he will not. Lengthy dialogues start. Maheesh throws weapon in air and it cuts Rocky’s rope. Rocky falls down. Mahesh thorws spearhead and it pierces Rocky’s body. Rocky falls down. Shivangi runs towards Rocky and shouts at Maheeesh that he shed her husband’s blood, she will not spare him. Maheesh smirks and leaves. Shivangi cries and asks Rocky to open his eyes and look at her, still they have a long life to live together, she loves him truly and needs to tell him a lot. She will not let him go…She took 7 pheras, but could not become his wife for 7 days, she wants to give him true love and show that she is his same old Shivangi. Tere saath hi..mai tere kaabil nahi…song..plays in the background. She reminisces the moment she spent with Rocky. Mai tere Kaabil hun yaa Kaabil nahi…song..continues in the background.

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