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Naagin Season 2 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Naagin Season 2 2nd April 2017 watch online on

Shivanigoes to terrace to exchange her skin on puranmaasi while Sesha exchanges her skin in her room. They go through a very painful process. Sesha hides her skin under bed and thinks to first check whether Yamini’s owl killed Rudra’s partner or not. She goes out and sees Yamini with Sushanth ullu/owl and asks if they killed Rudra’s partner or not. Yamini says they are waiting for him/her here. Sesha scolds to check whole house then. Yamini says Nidhi has gone up. Nidhi comes down and says there is nobody there. Yamini sends Sushanth ullu to go fly around whole house and check. Sushanth walks and clashes Rocky. Rocky calls him, but he ignores Rocky and leaves. Aliya goes to Yamini’s room and finds snake skin under bed. She shouts. Rocky enters and seeing skin thinks if it will harm Shivangi. He starts searching her and asks everyone. Yamini warns youngsters not to go up as it very dangerous.

Sushanth goes to terrace and turns into ullu. Shivangi thinks Yamini must have sent him and burns him. He gets relived and laughs on Shivangi that she is playing game with Yamini and Sesha as their bahu, he will kill her now. Shivangi grips him in her tail. He asks if she will kill her sister’s child’s father. Shivani leaves him. Sushanth boasts that he mixed drugs in Gautami’s drugs and raped her, he enjoyed it a lot and made her pregnant. Shivangi turns into complete snake and grips him in her tail and kills him. Rocky with Yamini and Sesha goes up and is shocked to see dead Sushanth. He angrily tries to attack Shivangi, but Yamini stops him and says it is very dangerous. Shivangi escapes to jungle. Sesha follows her till jungle and attacks her. Shivangi tricks her and escapes. Sesha sends fire on her and Shivangi escapes even that. Sesha fumes.

Rocky and family perform Sushanth’s last rights. Mansi cries loudly and says Sushanth was so innocent, why snake killed her. Gautami tells Shivangi if she knows what Sushanth did. Shivangi says she knows everything and even she did a mistake by hiding Sushanth’s truth with family. She tells Mansi is 6th murderer and she will kill Mansi first. Men carry Sushanth’s dead body for cremation. Yamini consoles Mansi.

Yamini in her room cries that she had made Sushanth ullu with such a difficuty, but snake killed it. She and Sesha then scold Nidhi for being careless and coming down while Rudra’s partner changed skin and even killed Sushanth. Their drama continues. Sesha says Nidhi does not know Rocky’s secret, so it is better they kill her. Nidhi says even Rocky does not know about his secret and only she knows. She goes out and changes into sari back. Shivangi sees her and says she was right, she should first kill boss Yamini first. Nidhi gets happy that Shivangi accepted her plan and will kill Yamini first. She goes to Yamini’s room. Yamini yells she came back again and does not let her in. Nidhi says she found solution how to kill Rudra’s partner. Yamini lets her in. Nidhi tells she know tapaswini mata who has killed so many ichadhari nag/nagin. Yamini says she knows many sadhus and babas, why don’t she know about tapaswini. Nidhi continues and says Kapaswini will meet in a cave . Sesha comes and she stops. Sehsa asks what are they talking about. Nidhi silently leaves. Sesha asks Yamini, and Yamini in her overacting style asks to forget it.

Nidhi goes to kitchen and picking knife murmurs she has bigger knife to kill Yamini. Sesha comes and asks what was she talking to Yamini. Their argument starts. Shesha tells that she will tell Rocky that she wore his dress and killed Shivangi’s mother. Nidhi says even she will expose her truth that she is icchadhari nagin. Gautami hiding behind kitchen counter hears their conversation and runs out. Sesha says someone was there. Nidhi says it is her imagination. Gautami hurriedly rushes out and tries to inform Shivangi, but Nidhi comes there and reminds Shivangi that she has to go somewhere. Gautami thinks she will inform Shivangi over phone and asks her go then. Nidhi asks what she want to tell Shivangi. Gautami says she will tell only her.

Nidhi takes Shivangi to a cave and showing havan items asks Shivangi to disguise as tapaswini and wait for Yamini. Shivangi turns into tapaswini. Nidhi says she should kill Sesha,Yamini, and Mansi and take both their revenge. Shivangi grips her in tail. Nidhi says she should grip Yamini more tightly and kill her. Shivangi drags her near her and reveals that she is her mother’s 8th murderer and reminisces how she identified her first and then disguised as Yamini agreed to meet tapaswini. Nidhi takes out gun. Shivangi says she cannot kill her with bullets. Nidhi says she knows and asks her to look up. Shivangi is shocked to see Gautami tied in air. Nidhi shoots bullet.


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