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Naagin Season 2 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Naagin Season 2 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Takshak sainiks chant nagraj ki jai ho. Rocky says he will not marry Sesha. Sesha says they have to marry, else sesh lok’s nags will take nagmani away again. Rajmata tells Sesha becoming nagrani is shivji’s wish and they have to marry as per destiny. Rocky says Sesha brought her to keep nagmani under shivling and is tricking to marry her, he will go from here right now. Shesha requests him to stay for at least 1 part of night. Rocky agrees. Shivangi thinks Sesha is thinking something and telling something. She sees 2 snakes’ photo and says Anshuman that she saw one of these in nagmani book, she and Rocky are related somehow. Anshum asks to give that book, he will show it to gyaani maa and find out.

Yamini and her puppets wait for Shesha to return She does her usual overacting and asks when will her red nagin/Sesha will come and tell where is Shivangi and her nag friend. Jadunath says he will find out where Shivangi and her nag partner is. Yamini says he just boasts and does nnot do anything.

Rajmata starts havan and Sesha joins her and tweaks her powers. Rajmata says tonight she will start fling instead of crawling on earth after she become takshak rani completely. She has to perform maha aarti for 1 part of night and then 2n part has to be with Rocky. Sesha says she can do anything to be with Rocky.

Anshuman reaches shivling under which nagmani is present, prays and dances in front of it. Shivling lifts, and he picks nagmani. Rocky reaches there and attacks him repeatedly, but nothing happens to Anshuman due to Gurudev’s raksha kavach. Anshuman stops him and sasy she knew he would come when he will pick nagmani, he does not know the real truth and saw false truth. He removes his raksha kavach and asks Rocky to attack him if he does not believe him. Rockky asks what truth. Anshuman says he ha to come to Panchner haveli with him and they both head towards Panchner haveli.

Jadunath does black magic and tells Shivangi’s nag friend Anshuman is heading towards panchner haveli. Sesha joins them and says Yamini says they have to go there and finish him before he meets Rocky and tells him truth. They head towards panchner haveli. Shesha goes back to takshak lok for the second part of night. Rajmata asks her to go to Rocky. Sesha returns and says Rocky is not in takshak lok. Rajmata via havan shows Rocky’s location. Sesha says he is in Panchner haveli. She joins back Yamini and her puppets and they all walk towards pancher haveli.

Anshuman takes Rocky to Panchner haveli and then seshnag mandir and says seshnag is head of their clan when someone kills ichadhari nag/nag, their image is locked in nag’s eyes. Even if they are not present at that moment, they can see it in Seshnag’s eyes. He requests seshnag to show what had happened. Rocky sees Avantika killing Rudra, Yamini and her puppets killing Shivani. Rocky is shocked and cries that badi maa cannot do that, she is badi maa. Anshuman says this is the truth. Sesha is ichadhari nagin and is 119 years old, Shivangi’s aunt. She did not mind killing her sister. Yamini and her puppet reach outside haveli. Sesha says Rocky and Anshuman are in and if Anshuman tells their truth to Rocky, their story will be finished, so she will create storm and call out Rocky and then kill Anshuman. She creates storm. Rocky senses something is wrong outside and goes to check. Sesha gets him trapped under storm and gets her team out. She says Rocky cannot come out of storm and now they can go and kill Anshuman.. Rocky uses his power and tries to free himself, but cannot. Sesha searches Anshuman in whole haveli and says he is in seshnag mandir for sure. She enters mandir and strangulates Anshuman shouting she knew he would be here. She grips Anshuman in her tail and throws him repeatedly. Anhsuman also retaliates and throws her on ground, but she overpowers and kills him. She boasts that she killed him as he took their enemy Shivangi’s side. They all walk out. Storm stops. Rocky walks in and sees Anshuman injured on floor. He picks Anshuman and asks who harmed him. Anshuman says Yamin, shows seshanag and dies. Rocky watches in Seshnag’s eyes, Sesha killing him and telling she killed him as he helped her enemy Shivangi. Rocky cries.

Shivangi goes to Gurdev and tells Anshuman did not return yet from takshak lok. Gurudev show on havan that Anshuman is in Panchner haveli. Shivangi says what is he doing there and rushes. Gurudev says he will accompany her. They both reach seshnag mandir and does not see Anshuman. She requests Seshnag to show what happened here. Seshnag shows the visual. Shivangi sees Rocky with Anshuman and cries that Rocky killed Anshuman. Rocky comes in front of her. She shouts she cannot believe even he became a killer, if he wanted to take reveng, he would have killed her, why did he kill innocent Anshuman. She continues yelling. A romantic song..plays in the background. Rocky just cries. Anshuman comes in front. Gurudev says they saw he was dead. Rocky says Anshuman was dead, but got back his life. He reminisces going back to takshak lok and reqesting shivji to give him nagmani to save Anshuman’s life. Light emerges from sky and shivling lifts. Rocky picks nagmani, goes back to seshnag mandir and saves Anshuman. Rocky then silently walks away. Shivangi runs behind him and stops. Rocky says she was always right, engraves nagmani in her head and gives back her power. They both become snakes. Rocky says she was always right and he misunderstood him. She hugs him and cries emotionally.


Naagin Season 2 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shivangi tells Rocky that he saved nagmani and whoever protects nagmani is shivji’s true disciple.. Shivangi shows nagmani book to Gyani maa and says she found same 2 snake picture in takshak lok. Gyani maa says she will find the secret in the same place. Rocky says Shivangi that they will kill their enemies. Shivangi says they cannot kill Mahendra baba as he is Rocky’s father.