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Naagin Season 2 5th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 5th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naagin Season 2 5th March 2017 Video Watch Online on 

Mansi opens fridge door. Nidhi and Shivanya see Uttara’s dead body in fridge and stops Mansi. Mansi says she is taking out breakfast. Shivangi says she will bring breakfast. Mansi without wearing hearing aid hears differently. Nidhi signals that she has forgotten to wear her hearing aid. Mansi goes to get her hearing aid. Nidhi asks what is Uttara’s dead body doing here. Shivangi says Rudra must not have found way to get dead body out, so he hid it in fridge. Nidhi goes behind Mansi. Shivani thinks how to get this body out. Rudra disguised as Mansi comes and apologizes Shivangi. Mansi comes back and Rudra changes as Nidhi next. Mansi returns and sees 2 Nidhis, thinks if her eyes have also gone wrong. Shivangi asks Rudra to get dead body out now. Rudra says being in fridge, dead body has become heavy and takes it out. They both try to get it out from kitchen when Rocky speaking over phone enters. Shivangi and Rudra hide as snakes. Rocky is shocked to see Uttara’s dead body and calls everyone. He sees snake bite on her forehead and thinks a snake bit her. Inspector comes and after inspecting dead body a snake has infiltrated their house and Uttara died around 12 hours ago. Inspector asks where did he find Uttara’s dead body. Rocky lies that he found it in garden. Shivangi thinks why did he lie. Inspector says since it is a snake bite, no case will be filed and leaves Rocky says Uttara maasi is his dear one. Yamini says even her dear one, he does not know who bit Uttara. Rocky says snake, inspector told it is still in house. Shivangi thinks she lost her game for the first time and has to be careful. Rocky leaves. Sesha thinks why he lied, she has to find out.

Rocky goes out and starts thinking what is happening around him. Sesha comes and asks him why he is tensed and insists. He says he found Rudra getting out out of his room and turning into snake. He does not believe in all this, but saw it from his eyes. Whatever Rudra did with Aaliya, he realized Rudra is not a good human, then he started meeting Shivangi, he is a snake. He feels Shivangi is hiding a big secret from him. He say he knows he can trust Seshha and she will not tell anyone. Sesha nods yes. Rocky leaves. Sesha thinks Rocky knows a lot now and she has to stop Rudra and Shviangi from meeting, else he will know even her secret.

Yamini in her room wanders tensely thinking if Rudra killed Uttara. She continues her usual over acting and drama. Avantika comes and Vikram is missing and she is tensed. She asks if she knows where he must be. Yamini in her usual jokergiri style says nagar, nagin gali, etc…how will she know. Avantika says she is smelling someone around and walks to terrace. On terrace Aaliya, Sushanth and others are busy playing game. Aaliya asks where is Gautami. Sushanth says she is afraid seeing Uttara’s dead body and must be in her room. Avantika comes on terrace smelling stranger. Yamini says these are her children. Avantika says someone else is also here. She smells everyone and feels weird smell from Sushanth. Yamini asks youngters to go and sleep. They all greet her and leave. Avantika says she smell stranger among them.

Shesha informs Rudra that Rocky knows he is snake and now she will use Shivangi in her plan. Rudra warns he will not to let her use Shivangi. She shoutshow dare he is to deny her. He turns and smirks.

Rocky on bed thinks he is having severe headache, he will sleep nw. Sehsa comes as snake and turns into Rudra. Rocky hides. Rudra calls Shivangi and says he wants to tell her something. Rocky comes out and asks what he wants to say. He heard ichadhari nag/nagin use their powers to help others, but he is troubling people, why he is betraying his friend Shivangi. Rudra warns him to stay away from his plans. Rudra comes and sees Sesha disguised as him and fumes that kali nagin is using his form even after warning. Rudra strangulates Rocky and warns again and leaves. Rocky shouts he is human, but he will not let Rudra him harm his wife. Rudra/Sesha disappears. Rocky leaves to ask Shivani why she is befriending icchahdari nag Rudra. Real Rudra thinks he has to inform Shivani first and rushes in Nidhi’s disguise. Real Nidhi panics seeing him. Rudra says he is Rudra and wants to tell Shivangi something, so he disguised as her, she should not come down for sometime.

Rocky rushes down searching Shivangi. Rudra as Nidhi follows him to inform Shivangi before him. Rocky sees Shivangi with family and stops. Youngsters discuss about breakfast. Rocky messages Shivangi that he needs to talk. Shivangi reads message and walks behind her. Nidhi stops her. She realizes it is Sesha or Rudra. Rudra speaks and tells Rocky knows he is iccadhari nag and tells her how Sesha betrayed and added belpatra with nidravish, etc. He even how Sesha disguised as him strengthened Rocky’s doubt. Shivanig ges worried what se will do if Rocky will know even she is icchadhari nagin. Rudra suggests her to behave normally as she does.

Shivangi reaches her room. Rocky shouts he realized why she reads nag/nagin book, what is her truth. He slaps her. She falls on bed and says he wants to know her truth and turns as nagin. Rocky is shocked and says she and Rudra behind him….Shivangi turns back human and leads him to listen to her. He says he does not want to live with her and pushes her out. Shivangi comes out of her imagination and realizes it was just her imagination, thinks she has to hide her truth from Rocky. She sees Rocky carefully reading nag/nagin book.

Rudra angrily enters Sesha’s room and shouts how can she betray him. She says she is doing it for his good, once Rocky kicks out Shivangi, he can take her away. She is also nagin and just worried about even herself.

Rocky continues reading book. Shivangi enters and asks why did he call her, she is busy in household work. He sees tattoo on her neck and realizes he found it in Panchner haveli. He asks how did she get this tattoo, who is she. She says her parents told they got this tattoo in her childhood. Rocky says Rudra is icchadhari nag and he saw Rudra changing into ichadhari nag. Shivangi thinks she knows. Rocky says she must not be knowing about it and says Rudra wants to use her to get nagmani, he went to Panchner haveli and found all this. He hugs her and asks not to worry, he will protect her. Shivanig feels guilty for hiding truth from Rocky. Rocky says nagmani is in Panchner haveli and they will have to go there. Rudra will follow them, s he has a plan. Sesha waits down thinking in a minte Rocky will blast bomb which she planted and will kick Shivangi out. She hides seeing Rocky and Shivangi coming. Rocky comes down holding Shivangi’s hand and leaves in car. Sesha fumes that her plan failed, thinks Rocky must not be taking Shivangi for a romantic date, so she has to follow them. Rocky sees Sesha following him as snake and tells Shivangi that he told Rudra are behind her. Shivangi thinks it is Sesha and she will not attack Rocky, but will do something, prays god to protect her Rocky.

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