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Naagin Season 2 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Yamini with her Manjusha and Ranveer brings babaji to a room. Ranveer asks why babaji is coming like a thief. Yamini says if Rocky sees him, he will hold his leg and sit, they cannot do what they have planned. Babaji asks if knife is ready. She says yes, Rocky’s death weapon is ready. Mahendra enters and fumes that he knew they are planning to kill his son. He tries to attack Yamini when babaji throws black magic on him and he collapses. Yamini says it is time to use this knife and walks out.

Police drop Shivangi far away from Rocky’s house and warns to be at least 500 meters away from Rocky’s house. Once they leave, Shivangi thinks she will go and leaves as snake. Yamini brings Rocky to a room and says she needs to perform his nazar. Rocky closes eyes and asks to perform soon. Mahendra from mirror watches that and shouts at Rocky to get alert. Yamini stabs Rocky and he falls down in a shock. Shivangi reaches outside house as snake. Rocky in a shock repeats badi maa. Yamini laughs. Mahendra cries loudly. Light emerges from sky and Rocky wakes up and asks if she performed nazar, then he will go. He asks to come out soon as everyone are waiting for her. Yamini thinks how Rocky is alive again. Babaji says Rocky’s life is linked with many people, so he cannot die, Rocky is alive for everyone.

Shivangi does not feel pain and thinks how can pain vanish, what is happening to Rocky. She enters house wearing mask kept near door. She searches him and thinks if Yamini and her puppets harmed Rocky. Rubel announces birthday boy Rocky is coming. Rocky comes holding Tany’s hand. Everyone sing happy birthday to you Rocky. He cuts cake and feeds it to his family. Babaji is seen doing black magic while Mahendra sits in front of him and watches. Rubel, Avni, and Aaliya dance on Aaj ki raat…song…Shivangi walks behind Tanya and gives her hypnotic poison/nidravish and she collapses. She then turns into Tanya and walks out thinking she will be with Rocky as Tanya. She sees him alone on sofa and asks what is he doing alone, let us dance. Rocky hesitates, but then agrees. They both dance on a romantic song. Rocky thinks why he feels it is Shivangi and walks away. Babaji opens window and moon rays fall on havan kund.

Rocky orders liquor. Tanya says she will not let him drink. He cries that he forced Shivangi to go, he cannot bear this pain and drinks. He hugs her and thanks her for her support. He parts way and feels itching and leaves warning Tanya not to touch her. Tanya/Shivangi also feels itch and follows Rocky. Shivangi turns into herself and continues following. Yamini informs babaji that Rocky went somewhere. He says Rocky had to go. Today, their dreams will be fulfilled, whole world will bend in front of him/her. He shows a line passing through broken gate to Yamini and her puppets and they all follow line. Rocky walks into jungle and Shivangi follows him. Babaji asks Yamini and puppets to follow line soon. Shivangi hears them and clears line. Yamini and puppet get tensed seeing line vanished. Babaji says someone erased this line. Rocky continues walking into jungle and Shivangi follows him. Rocky falls down from cliff. Shivangi turns into snake and jumps behind him. Yamini yells at Babaji he is confusing them all. Babaji warns her to stop her rubbish and follow him. Rocky falls on ground without being hurt and then turns into snake. Shivangi is shocked to see that and thinks if they are related since long time. Rockky turns half snake half human and shouts in pain, thinks what is happening with him, he cannot understand. Shivangi realizes even Rocky does not know he is an ichadhari nag. Yamini with her puppets searches Rocky and shows light on sky. Babaji says the moment has come when Rocky.. Yamini yells to be specific. Rocky continues feeling pain and Shivangi feels bad for him, thinks of taking him to Gurudev as snake. Tere sang pyar me nahi in the background..Rocky turn into complete snake seeing Shivangi and follows him.

Rocky goes to Gurudev. Gurudev thinks which snake is this. Rocky turns into half human and Gurudev identifies him. Shivangi hiding behind flowers informs him that Rocky turned into ichdhari nag. Rocky goes back to jungle and shouts again in pain, turning into snake again. Hawks attack him. He kills them with his tail. He then turns back to complete human. Babaji on the other side does black magic and creates havan kund. Gurudev walks to Rocky and heals Rocky’s ain. Shivangi rushes to Rocky and Gurudev tells she did not lose her nagin powers. Shivangi says it her good fate that her husband is also snake. Gurudev says Rocky is from takshak clan and Shivangi from seshnag clan, they both are enemies, that is why Rocky did not enter shiv mandir. He says it is curse for her, so her dad and his mom were friends, their marriage and then separating again, then remarriage, etc.. is a big secret. Shivangi says she will leave the world, but not Rocky. Gurudev sees a big disaster awaiting and asks Shivangi to take Rocky from there soon. Shivangi turns into snake and takes Rocky from there. Storm comes in front of Yamini and puppets and vanishes. Yamini yells at Babaji that he is just fooling around. Manjusha says they should go home and check.

Tanya wakes up feeling headache and sees it is already 2 a.m. She rushes down. Mansi asks if she did not go with Rocky as badi maa, her parents have all gone out. Tanya asks at 2 a.m. Mansi gets tensed for them. Shivangi reaches Rocky’s home holding unconscious Rocky and finds window closed. Yamini and her puppets reach home. Tanya asks where they had gone. Yamini to bring baba jadunath and get his blessings for Rocky. Tanya asks where is Rocky. Shivangi enters holding Rocky in her tail. Mansi sees them and says Rocky. All others turn hearing that.


Naagin Season 2 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Rocky’s skin turns into snake skin and then he completely turns into snake.

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