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Naagin Season 2 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Episode start everyone see rockey but shivangj take him using her naagin power. Baba feels something. Badi maa say lets go out and find him. Tanya says lets check hia room. They go to see him in his room. Badi maa acts protective towards him. Baba thinks that window is closed than how come he came inside. He searches. Shivangi hides. Badi maa ask everyone to go and sleep.

Badi maa confronts baba that he told he was out and what powers he got? Baba says lets go and find out. Shivangi take her form back and says that even they don’t know that rocky is icchaadari naag. She holds rockey hand and says i will fight for my love even if i loose my powers. Everyone knows in world that when naagin loves its more deeper than human love and when she take revenge she fight till death. Tere sang pyar me nhi chodna plays..

Mahendra tries to find kashi and see window open and think he ran away. Rockey gets up and have serve headache. Tanaya come with juice She confronts rockey about why he came back and sleep? Rockey throw glass and in anger says stop irritating me. Tanya leave crying and rockey come behind her. Shivangi come back and badi maa ask her why she is here? Shivangi shows stay order. Rockey tears stay order papers and ask shivangi to go. Everyone smiles expect tanya. He hold shivangi hand and feel his change in skin. Just than he sees his naag reflection in shivangi eyes. Tere sang pyar main nhi todna plays..

Rockey again drag her but is unable and light spots on them and their romance is shown but rockey come in sense. Badi maa says that are you throwing her out or i shall do it. Shivangi says try and i shall bring mahila mukti morcha. She says to rockey that please let me stay here for 5 days. I don’t have shelther to stay after 5 days we will have divorce. Rockey say that you are naagin and killed my family. Shivangi says i was naagin not now but i don’t have place. Rockey shouts ok stay. Bua say but rockey… rockey says its fine just matter of 5 days and warn shivangi to stay away from everyone. Rockey says to himself that why heart beats when i come near to shivangi.

Everyone seats for breakfast and rockey eats whole breakfast as if he did not ate food since many years. Everyone watches him shockingly including shivangi. Rockey says to badi maa that why did you make so less food. Badi maa goes in kitchen mummering that he ate food and wants more. She see lizard and shouts. Rockey and tanya come inside and rockey see it and dies. Rockey says lizard is dead. Badi maa gets shocked.

Baba read some book and badi maa and mahendra reaches. Baba says stop starring me i will not die. Badi maa says than how come lizard died? Mahendra say kashi knew. Baba say i shall find it soon.

Rockey and shivangi are sleeping just than clock strike and full moon fall on rockey which irriates him and he turns into naag. Lord shiv of takash mountain give him some power. He turns into complete snake and goes. Shivangi gets up from sleep and search for rockey.

One girl is shown running and goons are behind her. They catch her and try to rape her. Rockey arrives their in his naag form. All get scared and goons try to shoot him. Shivangi sees this goons tries to run but rockey catch him and bite them. And they both dies. Rockey eats man. Shivangi witness everything. Rockey get up normal and shivangi bring him home.

Rockey get up from sleep and see himself undress. He feels pain and see blood traces on neck. He thinks to find out. Just than he see shivangi and confronts about clothes. FB is shown where shivangi cleans him. Rockey ask again. He tries to touch her and get shock. Shivangi says to herself that to unite us destiney even changed you to naag. Rockey shouts you can’t to anything with me and goes.

Baba do some puja and make some kind to magnet and says now rockey will dance on my saying. Everyone see news that some animale killed goons. Shivangi thinks rockey should not remember any thing. Rockey sees glimps. Baba magnet catches rockey and take with himself. Badi maa ask where are you going rockey? Rockey shouts on her that don’t call from behind. Badi maa thinks that baba told his life will change. Are these signs of changes.

Baba calls rockey using his powers. Badi maa and shivagi reaches hidding. Rockey sneezes and says baba how come i am here? He tell all incidents to baba and baba ask what all this going? Baba says leave on god. Rockey leaves and says i shall ask to god. Shivangi goes behind him.

Badi maa ask baba why rockey came here? Baba says i called him using my powers. He is under my control now. Badi maa ask that means you know about his powers? Baba says no. He is getting protective by some powers.

Rockey reaches shiv temple and confront lord shiv about happenings? He ask to answer. Shivangi create protective wall so that rockey do not enter inside temple.
Rockey tries to enter but is stopped by wall. He says I can’t enter inside. Now Lord shiv will come out.

Rockey changes into snake form and than to snake clan dress and start doing tandav. Guru dev inform shivangi that he might be takash clan raja. Rockey sits and prays. Some snake come and start biting him and make him murchit. And take with them by flying.

Shivangi says what is this gurudev? Gurudev informs that takash clan snake can fly . If they take rockey to takash clan place, rockey will never return. Shivangi says I will not that happen. Shivangi uses her power and bring him home. She tries to see kanjar nishan. But their skin start changes. Tere sang pyar main nhi chodna plays. Rockey shouts shivangi. And gets up.

He shoves shivangi and ask where am I? Just than he remembers that he was bitten by snakes and ask shivangi what are you upto? He says I was in Shiv Mandir, how come I am in home? Shivangi says I followed you and brought you back. I was worried. Rockey says just shut. You are not naagin now, whats your plan to hurt me?
Shivangi says I am trying to protect you from your family who want to kill you. Rockey says not a word against my family. You are one who wants to kill me. But I shall kill you in return. Shivangi says go ahead. But just see in my eyes and find if I want to kill you or love you. Rockey sees in her eyes and tere sang pyar main nhi chodna plays..


Naagin Season 2 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Badi maa goes to some lady baba, who give her a ring and ask her to make it wear to rockey all truth will come out. Gurudev says to shivangi that you and rockey can’t be together. His love is fire for you. Shivangi says I am ready to die but will not leave rockey and put her hand on buring diyas, and ask him if you will support me or not.

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