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Naagin Season 2 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Naagin Season 2 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Naagin Season 2 8th April 2017 video watch online on

Nidhi shows Shivangi that she has hanged Gautami in air and shoots bullet. Gautami’s one hand rope breaks and she hangs on one hand. Shivangi says no…Nidhi boasts about herself that she is staying with Yamini and is intelligent like her, she saw Gautami hearing that she is 8th murderer and would inform Shivangi, so she hit her head from behind and hanged her here. She shoots. One bullet hits Gautami’s stomach and one rope. She falls. Shivangi leaves Nidhi and holds Gautami. Gautami collapses and Shivangi cries holding her.

Rocky thinks who can help catch icchadhari nag in this house. Yamini and Sesha walk in garden when Nidhi comes running pleading to save her from nagin. Shivangi as snake reaches there, grips her in tail and leaves. Sesha fumes she will not spare her, but seeing Rocky coming there hides with Yamini. Yamini continues yelling that Sesha’s community nagin took away Nidhi

Shivangi takes Nidhi to shiv mandir and says she killed shivji’s biggest disciple her mother Shivanya for nagmani. Nidhi says they both will get nagmani and will rule whole world. Shivangi says she killed her mother ruthlessly, she will not spare her. Nidhi says she knows Rocky’s secret. Shivangi says she did not tell her partners about her enemy, so she is untrustable. She bites her and kills and invites all nag nagins to come and bite her. Nag nagins come and start biting her repeatedly. Yamini continues her overacting and drama and yells at Sesha that Rudra’s partner easily took away Nidhi and she did not do anything. Sesha sees nags crawling towards temple and follows them. They both see snakes gripping someone. Sesha orders them to move away and sees Nidhi. Yamini starts drama and says Rudra’s partner killed even Nidhi, let us take her body home. Sesha says no, Rudra’s partner must be there and anyways she does not want to see Rocky sad. She burns Nidhi’s body and does her last right. Yamini continues her drama that Rudra’s partner killed each family member and Sesha is just watching silently. Sesha says she is going home and knows who Rudra’s partner is. Yamini asks who is it. Sesha says Shivangi. Yamini yells that Shivangi gave so many tests and passed, she is not nagin. Shesha says they killed her mother Shivanya, so Shivangi is killing each murderer. Today, she will expose Shivangi.

Rocky reaches market and searches babaji who can catch ichadhari nag/nagin. Babaji follows him and leaves his snake. Rocky asks someone if he saw babaji who roams around this place. Man says yes. Snake grips Rocky’s leg. Man panics. Rocky takes knife and is about to cut snake when babaji stops him and says he does not know what it needs. He catches snake and chants mantra on it and it starts crawling helplessly. Rocky asks how did he do that. Babaji says he knows he came here to find out answer who is killing his family members. Rocky asks if he knows. Babaji says he can read his eyes. Rocky pleads to save his family and catch ichadhari nagin in his house. Babaji walks with him.

In Shiv mandir, gurudev is busy giving moral gyn to people when Shivangi reaches with Gautami’s deadbody. People leave. Shivangi says she killed one more enemy, but lost Gautami, now she does not have anyone in her family. Gurudev consoles her and sys she should kill her remaining enemies. Shivangi says she will kill Yamini and Sesha soon. She does Gautami’s last rights.

Yamini with Sesha reaches home and sees family tensed. They say Nidhi and Gautami are missing. Yamini says Nidhi has gone to Nagpur and will return after 3-4 days. Rocky enters with Babaji and says he will find out Rudra’s partner ichadhari nag/nagin. Yamini asks who is it. He looks at each family member carefully and looking at Sesha says nagin. She gets tensed. Babaji moves aside and says nag/nagin is in this house. Rocky asks him to find out then and takes him along. Sesha tells Yamini that Babaji was looking at her with lust. Yamini taunts that all young and old men are behind her, she should be careful

Shivangi reaches home and smells unusual. She sees Rocky walking with a saint and hides. Rocky takes babaji to his room and asks to get rid of Rudra’s partner, he will give how much ever money he wants. Babaji says he needs his trust. He says his life and death are same. Rocky asks what does he mean. He looks into mirror and does some magic, gets something in his hand and blows it. He then tells Rocky whenever nag/nagin comes in front of this mirror, he will see her/his real face. He then walks out and Yamini asks how will he find ichadhari nag/nagin. He throws his moral gyaan. Sesha gets tensed that this babaji is very intelligent and she needs to be careful. Shivangi watches standing near door. Babaji walks towards door. Yamini and Sesha then walk Rocky’s room and asks where did he find babaji, he is a siddhi purush. Rocky says he found him in market and describes snake incident. Yamini asks if Babaji told how will he find Rudra’s partner. Rocky shows mirror and says whenever Rudra’s partner will come in front of this mirror, his/her real face will emerge. Sesha looks herself into mirror and sees herself as snake. Yamini warns her to move aside. Sesha asks Rocky to get 10 copies of this mirror, they will easily identify Rudra’s partner. Rocky says it is a good idea and walks away. Yamini asks why she wants to expose herself. Sesha says she knows her game. Yamini thinks Sesha’s ending has come.

Rocky asks Roumil to get 10 similar mirrors as he Babaji wants to throw vibhuti on it to identify Rudra’s partner. Shivangi returns. Rocky asks where was she. She says seeing things happening at home, Gautami wanted to go and stay with her friend in Delhi, so she went to drop her to station. Rocky gets busy. Sesha goes to Shivangi’s and says she must be shocked seeing babaji. Shivangi asks what does she mean. Sesha says Rudra’s partner will be exposed soon, so she must be happy to know about. Shivangi says they will see. Sehsa says today Rudra’s partner will be in front of everyone and Rocky will trap it in a box, it has killed so many people. Shivangi says whoever kills should be punished. Sesha says Rocky will punish and she will help him. Shivangi counter attacks. Yamini enters and says today their enemy will die. Shivngi says yes, thinks they both will die. Yamini asks her go and rest. Once Shivangi leaves, Yamini scolds Sesha why she throws her poison always and is jealous of Shivangi. Sesha transfers her powers in a pendant and thinks she is a common human for some time.


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