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Naamkaran 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naamkaran 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Neil thinking of Avni. Ali asks him what happened, is everything fine. Neil says I m a bad loser, I got beaten up by a girl for the first time, case 123 did not get solved and now this girl’s case, she is strange. Ali teases him. Neil says she is stubborn, oversmart and beautiful. Ali says she answered phone right, tell me more. He does shayari. Neil says love is nonsense, this girl is a mystery. Ali says look at yourself after spending an evening with her, I m living in Avni’s memories since 15 years, person’s joke is made in love. Neil asks why do you link everything with Avni.

Ali says Avni’s name is permanent on my name. Neil says I m saying about case and girl, you are saying about Avni. Ali says sorry, tell me about her. Avni gets a message. She sees Riya’s picture on FB and laughs. Neela jokes on her. Neela says its time Ananya Verma enter Dayaben’s world, Riya’s engagement is business deal. Avni says now this won’t happen, Dayaben’s face will be out, they will know she is greedy and hollow person, who have kept everything mortgaged, and now keeping Riya mortgaged for her use, we have to find out whom is Riya getting engaged to. Neela says that’s why I joined fancy kitty parties. Avni checks Riya’s pic and sees the store name in background.

Neil says that girl talks nonstop, she does not say sorry or thanks, anger on nose and punch in hand is always ready, she falls in problems, after taking help, she says I don’t need your help. Ali looks at him and says you said there is nothing to say about her, now see you did good research. DD says Neil’s mum has sent shirts, as a girl has taken his shirt, Neil came home shirtless. Ali asks Neil the story. DD says your mum is on call. Neil answers the call.

She asks him does he not have time to meet her. Neil says I m meeting you on dinner. She asks why did you come home shirtless. He says I m meeting you in evening. She reminds his date. He says I remember, this is embarrassing. Ali does shayari. Neil says you both talk here, I have urgent work, enjoy.

Riya is at jewelry store and tries bangles. She clicks selfie and posts on social network. Avni meets her and says you are Riya Mehta, my fashion icon, I m Ananya Verma, your number one follower, we met because of social media, I got to know you checked in this shop and came here, I m so excited to meet my style guru, can I take a selfie with you. Riya says yes of course. Avni takes pic and praises her.

Avni thanks her for making her day. She sees Riya’s bangles and compliments her. Avni says its my engagement gift, my engagement is tomorrow. Avni says you look gorgeous in normal outfit, you will look so pretty in your engagement outfit. Riya says everything is sorted. Avni says I wish I could see you, I will see your pics, I wish if we were best friends, I could share your life’s imp day. Riya says you can, you have to come in my engagement party. Avni says I just said in excitement, your guest list will be set. Riya says you have to come. Avni says if your family feels bad. Riya says none will say anything, I will make you talk to Dadi. She calls and asks Dayaben to ask her friend Ananya to come in party. She says my Dadi is very sweet, talk to her.

Avni thinks of Dayaben. Dayaben says Riya said you are her special friend, so you are also my granddaughter, will you not come to share her happiness. Avni says its Riya and my life’s imp day, how can I refuse if you invited me by love Dadi, Riya calls you Dadi so I thought to call you Dadi. Dayaben says its fine, I will wait for you, come tomorrow. Avni says I m coming, I will be seeing everyone for the first time. Riya asks what. Avni says I will be seeing you in designer lahenga. Riya says you are lucky that Dadi invited you. Avni asks about her family.

Riya says you can come early and help me in getting ready, my friends are on holiday, they will miss all fun. Avni says I missed a lot, I mean I will learn to live with style. Riya says yes, you only love once, I have another surprise, he is coming here, we decided to shop engagement ring together, I will introduce you. Avni asks really, you gave me many surprises, I m thinking how to surprise you. Neil calls Riya and asks where are you. Riya tells him about jewelry store. Neil says I m coming. Riya says he will be coming. Avni says time has come. Riya goes to update status. Avni stops her and says your lipstick… Riya says it spoiled, thanks you saved me, I will fix makeup and come, its my third date with my boyfriend. Avni says these bangles with this dress, no cool. Riya says not bad, I m impressed, your style quotient got higher being with me. She asks the man to pack bangles and goes.

Avni swaps the bangles. Neil enters the store. He calls Riya and asks where are you. Avni sees him and says did he come here finding me.

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