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Naamkaran 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 10th November 2017 Episode start with Avni asking Neil to leave Vidyut. Vidyut asks will you welcome new landlord this way, that’s not fair, think we can wish good morning, you can keep an eye on me and I can keep an eye on you, your bad time begins. Neil says this man entered the house and made it dirty, I will not stay here, I will send the man and get my things cleared, I can’t bear Vidyut. He takes Avni out. Avni asks what was the need for doing this. He says like he was misbehaving with you, like he scared Mishti, he will get punished for this.

Its morning, Prakash asks what, Vidyut bought the apartment. Neil says yes, he is fast, we have to be careless, its good he didn’t see Juhi, we should not take risk, we should send Mishti and Juhi to Canada. Mishti hears him and goes. Neil gets a call and says fine, I will reach there.

Vidyut and Gurumaa are at some godown. He says I went to Neil’s house to scare Mishti, you had to see Neil’s face when I told him I have bought his apartment. She says don’t forget Neil snatched everything from me, he insulted me, he tried to ruin me, he gave me sorrow. He says very soon you will have everything back.

Avni packs Mishti’s stuff. Shweta gets Neil’s little sweaters for Mishti. Juhi thanks her. Avni gets the doll house. She says Vidyut snatched all her happiness, but not now. Juhi thanks them. She says my packing is done. Avni says no one manages anything alone here. She opens her bag. Neil and Juhi’s pics fall. They get shocked.

Avni gives it and goes by excuse. They all look at Juhi. Vidyut and Gurumaa get shocked seeing Neil. The police surrounds them. Neil sees Vidyut’s watch and says your bad time begins now. He shows the tracker in Vidyut’s watch. They get shocked. Neil recalls how he has fixed the tracker. He says you feel you are very smart, you thought you will scare Mishti and insult my wife, you will buy my house and I won’t do anything, I want to gift something. He shows the handcuffs.

Avni knocks the door and asks Mishti to open the door. Juhi and others come and ask what happened. Avni says did Vidyut….. Neil says a beautiful gift for honorable pandit ji, how do you feel seeing your mum getting handcuffed, I m sure you won’t like it, she has run away from hospital, she has killed nurse and Juhi, Vidyut did crime to help her. DD arrests them. Neil says this is not your Goa, this is my Mumbai, you will see how police does the enquiry, I will expose your illegal businesses, are you angry. Bebe shows Mishti’s frock and says she is sitting near the door. They all worry. Neela says even Avni did this in childhood. Avni smiles. She asks Mishti to say what does she want, so that they can make her happy.

Mishti opens the door and hugs her. Mishti says I don’t want to go Canada. Avni says its a game, remember we played a game in Goa and we came here, you will have Juhi. Mishti says she is not my friend. Juhi gets sad. Ali comes and asks what happened, its not time to get sad, have sweets, Neil has arrested Gurumaa and her son. Juhi thinks if Vidyut tells Neil that Mishti is his daughter then… Avni says but Neil didn’t tell me. Ali says you didn’t answer his call, so he has sent me here to give good news.

Neil gets Vidyut and Gurumaa to jail and taunts them. Vidyut stops Gurumaa. He says I have to talk to my lawyer, you know constitutional rights. Neil smiles. Bebe says Mishti is connected to Avni, Juhi wants Mishti to come close, I have an idea. She tells Ali. Neil says you criminals remember this constitutional rights when you are arrested, call the lawyer or Lord, you won’t get saved.

Vidyut calls the lawyer. He says by the way, how are you alone, I thought you don’t investigate any case without Avni, if I didn’t hate women, maybe you know…. is it you both have a bet to spend time, you want to arrest me first. DD stops Neil. Vidyut smiles. He says you use women to solve case. Neil asks him to stop it. He gets away. Vidyut says I hate women, I don’t respect them, they dance on my fingers, you have position and uniform, even then you have used your wife to reach me. Neil holds his collar and asks what did you do, you used a little girl to threaten a woman, how can you fall so low, you entered my house and threatened my daughter, I m not going to leave you. Vidyut asks your daughter and smiles…..


Naamkaran 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lawyer says you can’t arrest my client, Vidyut was helping police to get his mum arrested. Vidyut smiles. Juhi adds something in sindoor box. She turns and sees Avni.

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