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Naamkaran 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Neela saying just Neil can help you. Avni says I don’t want to become burden on Neil, I m fed up becoming his bad luck. Neela says fine, punish yourself for the thing you did not do. Avni says same happened with Aisha, Papa had to choose between us and his family, I don’t want to put Neil in such situation. Neela says you are not Aisha, Neil is not Aisha, you can’t get past back, your future is in your hands, accept this, else none can help you. She goes. Avni says how to explain you, I can’t see Neil’s life getting ruined.

Neil thinks of Avni. Shweta comes and says you are thinking of that girl, you forgot me, you care for that girl, she did not love you, her love was a cheat like her. Bebe comes and hears them. Neil says this doesn’t suit you, I saved innocent girls’ respect, what did you do, you cheated my wife’s respect, you ashamed her, you cheated me and my wife. Shweta says you are blaming me, hear what she did. He says see what you did, you raised finger at her character and now her birth, was her birth in her control, you could have controlled your behavior, you raised question on her birth and made me ashamed on my birth. He goes.

Amol comes home and gets shocked seeing Avni. She asks where were you, what’s in your hand. He says nothing. He says I thought to do job and return fees to Prakash. She asks him to complete his education first. He says no, I m finally taking up responsibility, keep this, my first salary. He gives her the cheque. She hugs him. She says mum would have felt proud seeing you. Neela comes and says I m proud of you. They hug. Amol thinks there are just few days left of happiness.

Its morning, Neil sees Avni’s bangles and misses her. Prakash holds him. Neil says Avni….. sorry I felt its Avni. Prakash says sorry I couldn’t do anything. Neil says its her decision, she doesn’t want to be with me. Prakash says think about it, someone came to meet you.

The people meet Neil and request him to become part of Janmashtami event as chief guest. Neil says no. The man insists. Amol sees the pandal model and makes something/bomb. Avni comes there. She calls him out. He gets shocked and covers up the model. She asks what’s all this, don’t lie. He stammers. She says I know what you are doing here, you left studies and doing job here. He says I went college and did not reach on time. She says you have to leave early from home. He says sorry, I will reach on time. She says come, I have to show something. Some chip falls. She says I will pick it. He worries and puts chemical on his hand. She says you had to be careful, come and wash hand fast. They go out. She asks him to open eyes now. She shows the bike. Amol smiles and asks for me. She says yes, not for roaming with friends, its for reaching college on time, this is your helmet, I just have one brother whom I got after many years, I can’t lose you. He thinks typical emotional fool, I will clean your name and identity soon.

Dayaben says Gurumaa, its time to end that Daayan, its your profit too. Gurumaa says tell me what’s going on in your mind. Dayaben says Amol made a plan, we don’t need to get saved from police. They smile. Fatima knocks the door and asks Ali to open the door. He cries. She asks why is he so sad. He says I did mistake, you know what happened yesterday. She says yes. He says I should have told everything to Avni, none knows this truth. Neil says I will find truth. Shweta asks will we lie to you. He asks Prakash whose plan was it. Ali says it was Shweta and Riya’s plan to make Avni out, they told this to me, I m the witness.

Bebe asks what, you have left that letter, photo and certificate for me. Neil says I did not send any letter. Ali says I came in their words, they assured me that if I support them, Avni and Neil’s fake marriage will break and Avni will be mine. Bebe says you left letter for me and told Avni’s truth. Prakash asks maid to get letter. Ali says I was wrong, I got involved on their plan. Maid gets letter. Neil checks and says who did this, I did not write this letter, Papa you know my handwriting. Prakash checks letter and says Bebe this is not his handwriting, someone misused his name. Neil says yes, someone was planning against Avni.

Ali says when I realized, it can bring big problem in Avni’s life. I refused to them and hidden certificate. Fatima says you did not do this right. Ali says I wish I told truth to Avni and Neil. Bebe says who can do this. They all see Shweta. Fatima says we can’t change this, Avni should not learn this. He says it will be cheat. She says no, you should hide the truth which hurts someone’s heart. Shweta asks why are you seeing me as if I did everything, Bebe got this letter, she should find out. Bebe asks will I send letter to myself, maid gave this to me. Maid says Riya gave this to me. Neil says Riya….. it means it was Riya’s hand behind this planning. Shweta worries.


Naamkaran 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Avni and Neil do aarti. Avni says I got the family I was waiting for. Dayaben says Avni’s down count begins, I will give her dangerous punishment than death. She laughs.