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Naamkaran 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Neil and Avni coming home. Shweta asks them to come and see the wedding gown design. Neil says I have to tell something, I know you will get shocked, truth is Juhi and I have a little daughter. They get shocked. Avni gets Juhi. Juhi cries and folds hands to apologize. She says I didn’t wish to come back in Neil’s life, if I was not helpless, I would have not told anyone that our daughter is in danger, whom would I say, I could just tell Neil. Neil says whatever happened has happened, we have to see how we can save her. She apologizes to Neil. He says none can change past, I didn’t mean that.

Avni says everyone knows what you mean, I learnt to accept what happened, I will save that girl. She nods to Juhi. She says we found out pandit has kept the girl in some chawl.

Neil says I will discuss with my team. Avni says I will come along. Juhi holds his hand and asks him to take her along. She says sorry and leaves his hand. Avni says why do you want to go there. Juhi says I will get strange thoughts here, take me along. Avni asks Neil to take Juhi with him, she will serve dinner to everyone and come. She goes to kitchen. She gets her hand burnt. Neela says you got your hand burnt while caring for others, when will you understand. Avni says you are there, nothing can happen to me, you will apply ointment to my wounds. Neela says this is your house, family and husband, till when will you fight for others, sometimes one has to get selfish. Avni gets a call and tells her that she has to leave, she will meet later.

Neil says we have one way, you can save the girl, you know Ragini pandit’s son. Juhi says no, he is very dangerous, I wish I had courage in me, so I m asking help from you. Avni says I think we just have one way, I decided, I m going to save the girl. DD asks what will you do. Avni says I will go as social worker. Neil asks how will you identify her. He asks Juhi if she has any pic. She says no, pandit’s son used to show pic when they had to threaten me, I lived there with a hope to meet her. Avni says don’t worry, we will go there and click every girl’s pic, we will send you pics, you reply when you find her. Neil says we will meet people as social workers and spread some fruits and food, none should doubt we are policemen. Avni asks how will we contact each other. DD says by bluetooth devices. Neil says Juhi will come with us.

They come home. Avni goes to do arrangements. Prakash says Shweta didn’t have food, she is waiting for you. Avni comes to her room and sees Neil’s pics. She thinks of him. Juhi comes there. Avni says Neil see our pictures, its good. Juhi says really good. Avni says sorry, I felt its Neil, do you want something. Juhi says no, can I come in.

Avni says Bebe would have fixed pics to surprise me and Neil. Juhi says I wanted to talk to you. Avni asks what. Juhi says you have much courage, how are you so strong and calm, I could have not done this, your heart is very big, I have seen whatever you did for me, you and Neil are husband and wife, don’t ever think I will come in between, I just want my daughter and then I will leave. Avni says its not needed to say, I don’t feel so. She stops Juhi and says I will get your daughter safe, I promise. Juhi thanks her. Avni says I will get medicine for your headache. She gets calm and sindoor box falls. Juhi catches it and hands it over to Avni. Avni thanks her. Juhi leaves.

Neil asks Shweta to have food. She refuses. Prakash reminds how she used to feed food to Neil, now he should take revenge. Neil says yes, now its my turn, I will feed her. She asks do you want to joke now, how shall I have food, Avni and Neil started loving each other and we had to hear this news. Neil says its not about past and Juhi, its about my daughter, you will know what is Juhi going through. She says yes, I can also understand what is Avni going through. Neil says life gets one on such a path, it all had to happen today. Clock strikes 12. Shweta wishes him happy wedding anniversary. He thanks her. Prakash congratulates him. Neil thanks him.

Avni talks to Neela and says I will wish Neil, he has come. Neil wishes her happy wedding anniversary. Avni smiles and says same to you. He says I wanted to celebrate it well, but you know….. He holds her hand and says I know you are with me, journey will get better, right. Ishq aashiqui mein ……plays…. He stops her and kisses her hand. He compliments. She smiles.


Naamkaran 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Neil says we are social workers. Someone gives a note to Juhi. Juhi gets shocked and shouts Neil……

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