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Naamkaran 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Avni shouting to Neil to free her. He goes. Dayaben asks Meher will she help her and get Avni to Rangmahal, her grandson is also of her age, he is free, doesn’t she want to get free, she just has to pay little price. Avni asks DD to open handcuffs. DD says sorry, Neil took keys, I can’t open it, Ali taught me to make poha, I will make it. Dayaben says you would have had dreams, see where you are now, you lost hope, you are Ganesh ji’s devotee, don’t worry, I m with you, take a day time to think, close eyes and think of your incomplete dream, trust me, that will get complete.

Avni gets her phone and checks Ali’s video. Dayaben says I feel something good will happen. Why did Avni not come to find Ali, where is she. DD makes poha. Avni messages her friends. The guy says Avni is calling, come. Dayaben asks someone to keep an eye on Avni. DD asks Avni to have poha. Avni says Ali used to write everything on his diary, if we get it. DD says I didn’t get it in his house. She says he used to hide diary around tree, we can give lead to Avni. Neil calls DD. DD says she is fine, she is happy, she will eat my handmade poha now. He ends call. DD asks her to have poha, he will find diary. Someone comes.

Meher/Juhi recalls Neil. FB shows Neil saying I got admission, I will be in London for two years. Juhi takes a rose and gets on knees to propose him. Neil asks what are you saying, everyone is seeing. She says let them see, its called proposing, if you fall in love with any girl in London, if you forget me then, I m asking lifetime commitment. He says no. She gets sad and keeps the rose. He holds her hand. He says I said no as you want lifetime commitment, I want to give commitment of seven births. She asks him will he never leave her. He says never, these tears have no place in our life. FB ends. She says this dream can never get fulfilled now. Ballu comes and says feed this food to Ali, if anything happens, you will be responsible. DD calls Neil and says Avni is not here, she asked me to find Ali’s diary. Neil scolds him.

Dayaben says you know what to do now Amol. She smiles. Juhi gets food for Ali. Ali confronts her and says Avni’s life is also in danger. She says I know. He says even then won’t you help me. She says this hell doors don’t open to leave. He asks how will you win if you lose before trying, I will help you if you help me, Avni’s husband is ACP, he will help us, please help me go out.

Neela asks Prakash about Avni. Prakash says DD said Avni is not at cafe. Neela says she is not anywhere, where can she go. She calls Riya and asks is Avni there. Riya says no, don’t worry, if I know I will tell you. Riya smiles. Neil comes home. Neela and Prakash ask about Avni. Bebe says how can you lose courage, Avni did a lot when Neil was in hospital, now its his turn. Neil says Avni is following dangerous people, I m their main target, I promise I will get Avni back. Shweta stops Neil and says Avni will never come back, atleast find out if she wants to come back or not. She shows divorce papers and says Avni has sent this. They get shocked. Neela says its not possible, how did this come here, it was in my house, its old. Shweta argues.

Neil says enough, I have to save Avni’s life. Avni thanks her friends for dropping her, she will message Neil. They ask her to give missed call if there is any problem. She asks some men about the route and drives ahead. Gurumaa asks are you saying truth. Juhi says yes, Ali said Avni’s husband will help us and make us free. Dayaben says she came to us after knowing everything, it means she wants to stay connected to us, we have to go to Rangmahal. DD gives Avni’s location info. Neil gets angry and says I don’t want your help, I have seen trusting you. DD says really sorry, its imp to track her. Neil says this happened with Juhi too, remember, its life, it ends in seconds, if anything happens to Avni, I will not leave you. DD gets sad. Neil says sorry, I will go alone. DD says no, I will come along. Neil and DD leave,

Gurumaa scolds Ali. Ali sees Juhi and says cheater, Avni wanted to help you. Juhi says I told you none can run from here. Ali says you are a cheat. Dayaben comes and says don’t shout. She hits Ali. Avni drives inside blast site. DD tells Neil that Avni has sent him message. Neil checks. Neela says Avni doesn’t want to divorce Neil. Prakash says I know, I just want Neil to reach Avni, get her home. Bebe drops aarti plate. They worry. Neil spots Avni with blood stained clothes. Avni faints. Neil holds her.


Naamkaran 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Avni signs Neil to look there. Neil sees someone lying. He gets wallet and sees Ali’s DD. He gets shocked.

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