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Naamkaran 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Neil Meets Sunehri


Naamkaran 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Naamkaran 12th March 2018 Episode Start With Sunehri saying you love Neil, who took care of Neil, that coward Nilanjana or Avni, who spent time with Neil, all these things have one meaning, you love him, he loves you, you both should be together. Avni says yes, I love Neil and will always do, the moment I met him, I forgot all the promises made to me, Neil and I can never be together, I won’t let him suffer again, if the police knows I m alive, they will release Vidyut, I won’t let Neil’s family happiness get ruined.

Neil talks of love on Raabta. He plays a romantic song. Saisha smiles and thinks of KK. Avni thinks of Neil. She goes to pray. Neil welcomes back listeners on show and says I m waiting for your call, dial my number. Avni sees pics and says Aisha, Neela, please make Neil strong, take good care of him. She cries and lights candles near Jesus idol.

Saisha calls Neil and says I m a first time caller, I don’t wish to reveal my name. Neil says name isn’t important, go ahead and tell your feelings. She says I think a guy is perfect for me, I miss him more when I hear your words, its true love from my side, I don’t know what to do. He asks what’s the time now, close your eyes and make a wish, allow your heart to show you right path, if its true love, universe will unite you, I just wish you both always stay together, we will meet at the same time and talk, trust me, follow your heart as your heart knows what you want. She smiles.

Its morning, Avni burns neem leaves to get rid of mosquitoes. She says there is much work. Sunehri says Avni, sorry I mean Nilanjana….nothing will happen if you stay busy in work, you will find peace just with Neil. Avni says I can’t go back, don’t push me into this again. Tara says what if you bump into him. Sunehri asks will you lie that you are Avni’s lookalike, you can’t run, you can’t hide from true love. Neil comes there. Avni hides behind the door. Neil asks who can’t hide, sorry, door wasn’t locked, so I came here without knowing, what’s wrong, are you not going to ask me to sit and talk. Sunehri says we were playing mannequin challenge, will you play along. He says yes, tell me who can’t hide. Tara says we were playing hide and seek.

Sunehri says we are glad you have come here, sit down. He says sorry about last night, I have no idea how I came here, I don’t remember. She says its fine, when hearts are connected, people come closer. He says I saw some men here, do you know. Sunehri says local mafia wants to vacate our house, Mitali helped us. He says she is my friend, she will take care of you all. Tara asks don’t you remember anything. Neil says no, I really don’t remember anything.

Avni goes out. Tara asks nothing at all. He says I know its impossible to believe, but its truth, I don’t remember anything. Sunehri says Avni passed 10 years ago, did you move on in life. He says Avni gave me much love, I had no desire to move on, her memories are enough to live, I miss her a lot, why don’t you install security cameras. Tara says we have no budget, we spend money on kids. He offers help. Avni signs no. Sunehri says no thanks, we will manage. He asks where is Nilanjana, she stays here right. Sunehri says yes, she lives here, but she has gone out. He says fine, I will leave, let me know if you need me. Sunehri says it was nice meeting you. He praises her for work. Avni goes in. He asks about smoke. Sunehri says pest control is happening. He says fine, tell me if you need help. He goes.

Avni sees Neil going. Neil stops and senses her. He turns. She hides. Dil me hai zinda….KK says social media going crazy, it was all your idea of party and screening. Neil says you were finding location for romantic song right, I have found a place, Sukoon ghar. KK asks are you sure its good. Neil says don’t forget, party idea was mine, I want you to pay the location owners. KK says anything for you, I will talk to my producer and director. He goes. DD asks Sukoon ghar? Neil recalls Avni’s words. He smiles and says I think Avni is watching me, I sense Avni’s strong presence, Avni would have wanted me to help Sunehri and others, maybe I find the peace I have been searching for. KK comes and says its done, you will be glad to know they have signed Sukoon house as location, its a cheque for them, we can book it, I want you to write Sukoon ghar on the cheque. Neil writes on cheque and smiles.


Naamkaran 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Avni hides. Mowgli says Nilanjana is inside, she is infected with chickenpox, you can’t go there.

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