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Naamkaran 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naamkaran 13th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Avni swapping bangles. She sees Neil and worries thinking did he come here to find her. The man shows her jewelry. She says I did not like it. He asks her to wear it and see, you are going to get married, you will spend much and buy jewelry. Neil sees her. She tries necklace. He says you are Miss Ajooba, and come anywhere. The man says this is suiting you a lot, Sir tell madam its looking good. Neil jokes on her.

He says I did not know you observed me so well, you gave good description, one mistake, my height is not 5.5, its 5.11. She argues. Dayaben asks Neil’s dad to come. Neil’s dad likes samosas. He asks the price. She says leave it, just have it. She says its good, my wife is not here, else I could have not eaten this, she just asks me to have coconut water, its also not cheap. She asks shall I get it for you. He says no, leave it, I have to tell one thing, you still behave like old times, you helped me many years ago. She says Prakash, now our families are going to unite. He says I have everything because of you, you are giving Riya to my family now, we will sign business deal in engagement itself.

She says don’t misunderstand me, if anyone’s bad sight catches us, people can think I m doing Riya’s deal. He says fine, we will do deal later. She asks him to have sweets. She says we will do deal now itself, papers are ready. He agrees. Servant gets papers. Diksha looks on.

Prakash signs on the papers. Dayaben gets relieved. She congratulates Prakash and gives him sweets. She asks servant to put four box sweets for Prakash in his car. Ali sits down to tie shoe lace. Riya collides and falls. He says sorry. She says you never learnt manners since childhood, you spoiled my outfit. He says I m finding my earrings, on which you are sitting. She gives his earrings. He checks. She says how tacky. He says 10000rs. She says my outfit costs 46000rs.

He asks her to pay money. She scolds him. He says you have seen your real place today. She gets angry and gives him money. She says this is for the cheap earrings. She crushes and throws earrings. She warns him.

Avni and Neil argue. He asks can’t I come to this shop. The man says its fine, madam is excited for her marriage. Neil says oh, okay, relax. She asks the man to show a ring. She asks the man to show bracelet. He reminds she has his shirt. She asks him to take money, policemen are ready to take money for everything. He says I don’t want money, tell me when are you returning my shirt.

The man shows rings and Maang tika. She says thanks, I don’t want to try. He insists. She wears maang tika. She says when will he go, when will I swap kada. The man asks Neil to try ring. Neil says its ladies ring, not possible. The man asks Neil to make madam wear it. She says don’t think. Neil asks her to help. She asks did you just get me here. He says I don’t see any girl. She thinks he will take ring and go, then I can do my work.

Neil shows two rings to her. She chooses one. He makes her wear it. She asks him to go now. He says this necklace looks good, you just need to smile a bit. She removes ring and gives him. She removes necklace and says change your collection, its old fashioned.

Ali holds Riya and says mistake can be forgiven, but double pay for intentionally done mistake, 20000rs per earring. Riya says you cheap people show your status. He asks her to get earrings, I know to leave my impression well. She picks it. He returns her money and says you may get a mirror by this money, in which you can see your real face, I have seen your real face today. He goes.

Avni gets leaving. The alarm rings. Security stops her and takes her bag. She asks him to leave the bag. Neil says leave the bag. Manager says we have to call police. Neil says no need, I m IPS Neil Khanna, you don’t have manners to treat a lady.

Manager says but alarm rings when… Neil says don’t explain police, do you think she is thief, everyone does mistakes, but there is a way to say. He removes the Maang tika from her hair and gives them. He says add this in thank you list.

Riya complains to Neil about Ali. She says I got hurt. He says I will get antiseptic. She says no, he asked me to pick earring, see he spoiled my clothes, I had to come this way. He says you look good. She says its not time to joke, I m crying, you did not offer a tissue, I will not leave that goon. He says on what basis, will you get him arrested. She says he has asked me to pick earring, he looted my money.

He asks did he loot or ask. She says he asked, angrily I broke other earring. He says its your mistake too. She says what’s benefit of having fiance in police. He says don’t spoil mood, we will go and finalize engagement ring, happy, come.

Avni is leaving and says he always traps me in problems, I could not change kada. A car hits her car. Neil’s mum sees the dent and argues with Avni. Avni says its not allowed to drive car while talking on phone. Neil’s mum says I would have asked my son to arrest you, he is super cop. Avni smiles. Neil’s mum asks did your parents not teach you anything.


Naamkaran 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Neela says important deal is signed between Prakash and Dayaben, she will become successful again. Avni says if Riya’s engagement breaks, then what deal and what power, tomorrow Dayaben will meet her bad time.

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