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Naamkaran 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Naamkaran 14th April 2017 Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Riya and Aman coming to cafe. She says Neil is not here, don’t know where he went. Aman says he is policeman, he would be busy, give him some space, we will leave. He collides with Ali. Juice falls over his shoes. Ali apologizes. Aman scolds him. Ali thinks who is this guy with Riya. Aman asks Ali to clean his shoe. Ali gets angry. Neil says enough dressing now. Avni says sit quiet, your mum will get worried. She does the aid. He looks at her. He says forgive me for mistake, trust is like the glass pieces, once it breaks, it does not join again, do you believe this. She thinks try to ask me, but you won’t get to know anything. Ali says this is my cafe, there should be a board here, rude and arrogant people are not allowed, now get out. Aman gets angry and stops him.

Aman says you may have to sell this cafe to me. Ali says you are very small in age and deeds, its foolishness to explain people like you, now get out. Aman says I can get your cafe shut by telling my Dadi, she can buy it, then you work here and clean my shoes, you don’t know my Dadi. Fatima holds Aman’s ears and says I will tell you, who is your Nani. She scolds him.

Ali smiles. Riya says old lady, leave him. Fatima scolds Riya and says you are with him, so I was thinking how did this ill mannered guy come here. Riya says yes, he is my brother Amol Mehta, Dayaben’s grandson. Ali and Fatima get shocked. She thinks my Aman and cries.

Avni says I will call Maa and come, do you want to inform your family or want to stay in my house. He asks for his phone. She gives him. Neil calls DD and says I met with a small accident, I m fine, mom should not know this, get the medicine kit, there is medicine of every disease, we have medicine to get rid of all diseases. DD says I will get the magical medicine box. Avni asks Neil are you not breaking your mum’s trust by hiding this, Gyaan is for others, not yourself?

Riya asks Ali to handle Dayaben, she can’t bear Aman in problem. She asks Amol to come. They leave. Fatima says Ali, he is our Aman. Ali says he is our Avni’s Aman, its that family’s upbringing, don’t worry, I will manage. He thinks to inform Neela that he got Aman, she will be happy. Prakash asks Dayaben to sit, and goes to get tea. She checks his phone to find out Neil. She sees him coming and keeps phone back. She says Neil would be taking good care of Shweta. He says Neil did not get free of police job, he went on field trip. She thinks Prakash does not know about Neil’s accident, where is he. DD meets Neil and asks are you fine, what is she doing here, did she do this. He gets angry on Avni. Neil asks DD to stop his nonsense investigation, get my bag. Avni asks such a big bag. Neil says I was thinking to stay here till I recover. She asks him to go. Neil says you took care of me yesterday and now this attitude. She says you got much energy to ask, you did not say thanks.

Ali says I don’t have Neela’s number, I will go and give news that Aman got back. He is on the way. The man calls Ketan and says don’t know what she wants, she is not saying anything. Ketan says keep her there, I m reaching. Neela struggles to get free.

Avni is leaving. Neil says you look in hurry, like a criminal is in hurry to end evidence. She says I m in hurry to find something, not hide, you think I m thief. She walks to him and says you think I don’t know, you are staying here by false excuses, you want to check my house, have the keys, check everything well, take your time, don’t forget to tell me if you get anything. She taunts him and goes. DD laughs. He says she is foolish, she gave keys. I will check and come. Neil says she gave keys as there is nothing to find here, we have to find about her, its written on her face that she is a liar, Ananya.

Avni says even voice messages are not going, I have to meet Aman and know accident truth. Ali reaches there and says Neela would be happy knowing Aman came back. She sees him and thinks if Ali sees me here, he will understand I m Avni. She goes by back door. She makes the car alarm ring. He thinks what happened to car. He checks the car. She locks the main door. He stops the alarm. He walks to the house again. She runs. Neela says Avni would be worried, I have to leave any way, Lord help me. The goons drink. Neela falls down the stair. The goon says you can’t run away. They make her sit back.

She gets the photos from the man’s pocket and thinks this proof will take Dayaben to jail. Dayaben says Prakash also does not know about Neil, go to police station and find out Riya. Riya asks Amol to come with her. Dayaben and Amol worry. Dayaben says no, he won’t go anywhere, Amol take rest at home, I will go police station with Riya. She asks Amol not to worry for anything, I will find Neil.

Ketan reaches the place. Neela tries to get free. Ketan thinks who is that woman who reached here by following me. Neela opens the ropes and runs from here. Ketan and the goon come and see her gone. The goon says she was here. Ketan asks where did she go. He scolds the goons. He worries.

Ali sees the house locked and says maybe I did not see this before. He leaves. Avni hides and thinks to meet Aman soon. She calls Neela again. She worries as Neela’s phone is off.


Naamkaran 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Avni says my heart is right, my Aman can’t hurt anyone, I can’t wait more, I want to meet him once. She goes to see Aman and gets shocked seeing Aman beating an old servant, and drinking.

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