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Naamkaran 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Naamkaran 14th February 2017 Video Watch Online on TeleShowUpdates

The Episode starts with Avni looking at the house and crying. She says that day came when we all will get justice and Aisha’s murderer will get punished, Aman and I will go to mumma’s house, I can’t believe this. Neela smiles. She says yes, you will return to your old world where there is happiness and love, you will get your lost childhood back, I will pray your life never has such bad time again, always be happy, study and make Aisha’s name shine, never forget your second mumma. Avni hugs Neela and says you are my second mumma, you stay in my heart, none can forget such person.

Neela asks her to come now. Avni goes to see Aman. She does not see Aman and shouts. She asks maid. Maid says he is in room. Avni says he is not in room, where is he, who will take him. She hears Aman and goes to see. Reporters stop Dayaben and Neela for knowing about case. They ask Neela about going supreme court if she gets punished. Neela says ask this to Dayaben, her second bahu has blame of killing her first bahu, I m sure real culprit will be caught, Avni’s hardwork will pay off, all problems will end, culprit should be punished.

Avni sees Ashish with Aman. Ashish talks to Aman and asks him not to become a loser like him. He says, your mumma left us, you don’t know me, how to punish myself, what shall I do, I m dying to hear Papa from Avni. Avni takes Aman. Ashish says you take care of Aman so well. Avni finds him drunk. He says sorry, I should not drink, what to do, I m such a loser. Avni says I don’t know when I saw you first, you were not such, mumma used to say, we become like we want, victory don’t come to us, we have to fight for it, if you really love us, you will come out of these bottles and win for mumma, Aman and me, else you will be responsible for your failure, no one else. She takes Aman. Ashish gets thinking.

Ketan, Diksha and Dayaben are on the way. Ketan asks can Neela kill Aisha or is this someone else. Diksha laughs and jokes. Ketan asks what are you saying. Diksha taunts Dayaben. Dayaben scolds them and asks driver to stop the car.

Neela and Avni reach court. Avni says we reached destination, some steps more, and we will win. Lawyer meets Neela and says you came on right time, court hearing will start, come. Ali holds Avni’s hand and says I will always be with you, in your problems and happiness. Avni smiles. Aladin holds Ali’s hand and says we are also there to hold your hand Avni. Fatima and Tiku also join them. Avni smiles. Fatima says its day of Avni’s win.
Dayaben reaches there. She says if crowd gets victory, then deer would rule in jungle, not tiger. Avni says one should have belief in oneself to get victory, truth is with me today. Ashish comes there.

He sees everyone. Dayaben says you came on right time Ashish. Ashish says yes, I came to take your blessings to stand with truth. He kisses Avni and hugs her. He stands with Avni and holds her hand. Dayaben gets shocked. Avni smiles.

They all go inside courtroom. Ashish asks Ali to tell him about the case, I came to support Avni, I don’t know much about case, I know Avni is true. Ali says some months passed, not few days, you are Mr. India, strange. Ashish says you said right. Neela is caught in witness box. Lawyer says Neela is accused for Aisha’s murder, its simple accident and murder case, I have evidence to prove Neela is behind it, Aisha’s purse was found in Neela’s room. Aladin holds Avni’s hand.

Inspector Joshi confirms that he got purse from Neela’s room. Aladin stops Avni and says he is doing his work, sit. Lawyer calls the taxi driver and takes his statement. The man says Neela madam has given me money for doing accident. Dayaben smiles. The man says Neela asked me not to say anyone, I did not know who was on taxi and what enmity she had, I m poor man, I wanted money for children’s education and did this mistake, forgive me. He cries aloud.

Lawyer says its a murder case, Neela wanted to make Aisha out of Ashish’s life, Neela knew Aisha has two children with Ashish, and killed her, Neela should be strictly punished. Neela’s lawyer says this case does not end, I have such solid proof that will prove all evidence wrong, I request to arrange a tv set that will bring truth out. He plays the recording. Video does not play. Dayaben smiles. Neela and Avni get shocked.

Naamkaran 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Avni says trust me, Dayaben killed mumma, I recorded her confession, Neela is innocent, Neela is like my mumma.

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