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Naamkaran 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naamkaran 14th March 2017 Video Watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Avni saying your son can’t do anything and goes. Neil’s mum says whichever house you go, you will ruin it. Avni throws clothes from cupboard and shouts. Neela asks why is she doing this. Avni says it got all tight, leave me alone. Neela says we are alone, get angry and annoyed, but don’t ask me to leave you alone. Avni hugs and says sorry. Neela says its fine, we are mum and daughter, and friends too, mood swings and tantrums, friends bear this. Avni says I myself can’t tolerate, how do you tolerate. Neela asks her problem to solve it.

Riya asks shall I buy big solitaire ring for engagement. It happens once. Neil says fine but don’t force me. She asks how will we put pic on FB. Avni complains about Neil. She says he ruined my plan to change bangles, I hate him.

Neela says you give me space in your mind. Avni says no, I don’t agree, he comes everywhere. Avni denies it and goes to room. She thinks of Neela’s words and thinks Neela is right. She goes to Neela and says you are right, I gave importance to wrong people. Neela says you make your roots strong to make Dayaben’s roots weaker, you should have control, give respect to enemies. Avni asks what, you are asking me to give respect to Dayaben. Neela says yes you get angry, calm down. Avni says I get hatred when I think of her. Neela says I know, don’t forget, Dayaben has your brother Aman, control yourself, else Dayaben will understand who are you, he will come to you, have patience. Avni says yes, its time to fulfill promise to Aisha, now Dayaben its time to change the game.

Diksha says you are enjoying tea after long time. Dayaben says its happy time for us, we signed deal with Prakash, Riya will make a new start, out old days of happiness will come back, you know everything. Diksha says yes, I have accounts of your good and bad deeds. Dayaben says I m ignoring this as its happiness day, I want us to get old status. Diksha says Riya got good bangles, make it for me. Dayaben says let Riya go there, have some patience, then you will get what you want. She goes. Diksha gets angered on Dayaben for favoring grandchildren. She says I will get bangles.

Neil’s mum asks him to go for facial and avoid sun tan, become normal. He asks is this normal, what is this confusion. Neil‘s mum says I ordered designer clothes for you, its worth 85000rs. He says I won’t wear loud outfit. She says punjabi weddings happen such, I will dance too. He says I want something simple. She gets sad. He says fine, I agree to whatever to say. She says I m very happy, are you doing this engagement for us. Neil says no, I m happy, Riya is happy for her. She says why do I feel, you have kept her in your heart. He says I will not let her shadow fall on my present. She asks him to leave behind darkness and gather light, its all in your hands.

Avni says its all in my hands, I have to fulfill promise to Aisha and you, get enemies punished and get Aman back. Neela asks her not to forget herself. Avni says you know what doctor said, I have no heart. Neela says but you have heartbeat, life is lovely. Avni says nothing matters to me, just you and Aman matter to me.

Neil’s mum asks him to get love in his life once. He says if I agreed to this relation, I will fulfill it, I know you and dad supported each other always. She says our marriage happened in other situation. She says when will I able to see a smile on your face. He says I m happy see and smiles. She pulls his cheeks and says we want to see many happiness in your life, once Riya once in your life, you will fall in love again. He promises to keep Riya happy.

Avni says I could not find out who is the guy Riya is getting engaged too. Neela says I have imp work, Dayaben is doing deal with them and can get powers again. Avni says it will happen when deal is done, Dayaben will meet her bad time tomorrow.

Avni enters Dayaben’s house and thinks of Dayaben. She sees locket and thinks of Neela’s words. She says its time to fulfill promise, I took first step to get our Aman back. She hears Dayaben’s words and shuts ears. Little Avni comes to her and smiles.


Naamkaran 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Neil enters the house. Avni turns to see him.

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