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Naamkaran 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Naamkaran 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Avni waking up and going to Ashish’s room. She sees his photo and recalls him. She sees their photos and cards. She recalls his words and holds her head. She faints. Neil wakes up and looks for her. He gets shocked seeing her and lifts her. He sprinkles water on her. Bebe says thank God you got conscious, how did you faint. Avni says I just fainted while doing kitchen, I m fine. Shweta says we will go and sleep. Bebe asks her to get sweets for Avni, maybe her sugar got low. She asks Avni what does she want to have. Avni says nothing, I m fine.

Bebe says you kept fast and fainted, eat good food, your face got pale in one day. Shweta gets sweet. Bebe says you know you passed with good marks, I was testing you, I don’t believe in such things, I wanted to see if you will stand by Neil in difficulties, now I m satisfied, have water and laddoo. Neil signs Avni. Bebe says this was a test, but don’t forget, my sight is always on you. Avni smiles. Bebe asks Neil to take Avni to room. She asks Prakash to take Shweta, else she will sleep here. They go. Neil takes Avni.

He asks her to sleep on bed, as she is unwell. She says I will manage. He insists. She says I will sleep on sofa twice then. He says you are a guest here till Dayaben gets punished, we have nothing between us, this relation is a compromise. She says I will keep it as well as I can. He says fine, but I don’t like Bebe’s way to test. She says if I give happiness to them till I m here, then we have to go our ways. Neil recalls their moment. Avni smiles and sleeps.

Its morning, Avni wakes up Neil. He asks what happened. She says I got a call from college, someone is trying to find out about Ananya. He gets shocked. Diksha looks for Ketan and calls him. The man says Ketan is drunk in bar, come and pick him. Diksha leaves.

Diksha reaches the bar. She asks Ketan to come fast. The man announces Ananya Verma is coming to rule on their hearts. Ananya dances on Chikni Chameli. Diksha calls Dayaben there. They see Ananya. Neil shoots and asks everyone not to move. He asks constable to arrest everyone and dancer too. Everyone run. Dayaben, Diksha and Ketan hide and leave. Ali calls Avni and offers help. Ali says I will tell you if there is anything, I m waiting for Neil’s call. She ends call and calls Neil. DD answers the call.

She asks him not to call her Bhabhi, where is Neil. DD says he just came after raid in dance bar. Ananya asks him to leave her. She says I will call later. Hetal gives lemon water to Ketan. Diksha says Ananya used to stay in hostel by Avni’s name. Dayaben asks what nonsense, Avni is dead. Diksha says I told warden to send her pic on my phone, I lied our daughter is missing. She gets the photo and downloads. The phone gets off. Ketan asks can’t you charge phone. Diksha keeps it on charging. The power fuse goes. Diksha says cheap phones should have fire alarm, we will take new phone. Ketan asks what do do now. Dayaben says it was that girl’s eyes, I m going to police station. Hetal says wait, maybe we got Avni’s curse that we lost everything. Dayaben scolds her and goes.

Neela says so you are missing Neil. Avni says no, Dayaben is after that girl. Neela asks her to trust her husband. Avni asks her to stop it, Neil does not want what you want. Neela asks did he tell you. She says no. Neela gets Ananya’s call. Ananya asks her to free her, police raided the bar and arrested me, they are asking 50000rs for bail. Neela says its Neil’s police station, how did this girl reach there. She says I m coming.

Constable says 50000rs bail. Dayaben sees Ananya and sees her eyes. She thinks if its Avni, I have to keep her, else I have to find who is that Ananya, are they together. Neil thinks why did Dayaben come here. She asks how did you come here. She says I just came to find out about Avni. Neil says she was fraud, she wanted your money, she accepted crime knowing you have no money. She says I had hope that my Avni came back. He asks her not to trust people. She says thanks, don’t know she is alive or… He says she is alive. She asks what. He says Riya. She says yes and goes. Neil thinks Avni is alive, when you realize this, my work will be easy, I m waiting for your mistake. She smiles and thinks I killed Avni 15 years ago, how can she be alive, who is Avni and Ananya, this girl can answer, I have to get her out of jail some way.


Naamkaran 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dayaben asks what’s the hurry Avni and aims gun at her. She checks her bullet mark and threatens to shoot at her head this time.