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Naamkaran 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Naamkaran 17th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Naamkaran you will watch Avni says its your family’s personal matter, I would leave. Dayaben says you look dear, don’t know how did you come, you saved me. Avni asks did your family member do this. Dayaben sees Diksha. Stay tune for more Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Shweta says its same bangles. She asks Dayaben did she had to do this. Neil asks his dad to calm down Shweta. Prakash says I was losing 25 lakhs, what shall I say. Shweta says you can’t see my insult happened in front of everyone. Neil says what insult, we can’t leave without finding truth. Avni thinks she should be careful. Shweta says I have seen truth, you find out anything you want. Prakash says before Shweta does drama, let us go home. Neil asks them to go. Shweta goes. Prakash asks Dayaben not to worry, we will find a solution, Shweta is just worried. He leaves.

Neil sees Riya crying. Riya says our engagement, your mom is very annoyed. He says trust me, don’t worry, I will handle situation, your kajal is spoiling, I have no tissue to clear it, I will give you a call. Neil asks Dayaben not to worry, and goes. He stops and sees Avni. He leaves.

All the guests leave. Avni asks Riya not to worry, everything will get fine. Riya cries and goes. Avni says its not right time to talk to Riya, I will talk to her later, its your family’s personal matter, it will be better I leave. Dayaben says just family can save from big insult, I feel you are like family, how did you come. Avni says it was my duty, I said jeweler did this, but did your family member do this. Dayaben looks at Diksha. Avni says sorry if I said anything wrong. She takes her blessings and goes.

Dayaben gets dizzy. Avni comes back and holds her. Dayaben says take me to my room. Avni takes her and asks shall I call doctor. Dayaben says no, I m fine. Avni says take care, don’t know whose bad sight caught your house. She sees Dayaben and goes.

Avni comes home and tells Neela that Dayaben was so worried. Neela says happiness was on your face shows it. Avni says I have kept bangles in Dayaben’s purse, it was so difficult, she was impressed with me and asked me to leave her to room. Neela says yes, because you trusted yourself. Avni says yes, i was confident, but nervous, I made her doubt on her family members. Neela says your first step in Dayaben’s house was successful. They smile.

Dayaben comes to her room. She thinks of Shweta’s words. She removes her wig, lenses, makeup. She looks very much old. She cries and lies down to rest. She sees little Avni laughing. She says I will not leave you so soon. She throws water on her face. Dayaben wakes up and sees herself. She checks her room.

Avni massages Neela’s head and tells about Dayaben. Neela says we can’t fail in our plan, mum’s does massage to daughter’s hair, and here its opposite. Avni says we are unique, I forgot to say, that guy came there also, I thought he is finding me, Riya said he is his fiance, don’t know will he become Riya’s fiance or not, Dayaben’s deal will cancel.

Dayaben goes to Diksha and says I will end this problem today. Diksha wakes up and sees Dayaben with a gun. She asks did you get mad. Dayaben says I will kill you and then me, outsiders is showing me sympathy, and here my own blood is doing this, you have kept bangles in my purse, you said many times that you want such bangles, you know this house’s state, why did you do this, if Riya does not get engaged, we will come on road, Mehta industries will be ruined. She scolds Diksha. Diksha says I did not do anything, forgive me.

Shweta argues with Prakash. He says we should not do anything that we regret later, its about Neil’s life. Shweta says I know, every relation is based on trust, my trust broke, if Dayaben is like this, Riya will be ahead. Neil says what’s Riya’s mistake, why are you judging her. Shweta says she did not come here and created difference in us, you mean Dayaben is not thief. Prakash says we know her, why will she steal. Shweta says fine, but maybe her family member did this, I will find thief.

Prakash says we should be thankful, we did not had loss. She goes. Prakash says I will see her and goes. Neil thinks. He says Dayaben’s purse had bangles, all family members were there, and no outsider. He thinks of Avni.


Naamkaran 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dayaben reads news. Neil reads news that Dayaben is bangle thief. He says I will find the person who has spread this news. Avni says I think everyone should know your truth. Dayaben looks at her.

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