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Naamkaran 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Madhavi saying Neela is Ananya’s mum, I will not say anyone you got me here. Neil says shut up, listen to me carefully, you will stay with them as my spy and make news reach me, if you act smart, then jail is yours. She says no jail please, fine I will do as you say. He says fine, you can go, but can’t go leaving Mumbai, if Ananya asks something, say you had some imp work. Madhavi goes.

Neil says now we have to find out what’s Ananya’s relation with Dayaben. DD says maybe Neela and Dayaben had problem, maybe Dayaben is behind her dad’s death, maybe both mum and daughter are taking revenge. Neil says no, Ananya can’t be Neela’s daughter, Neela and Ashish were married 16 years ago, Ananya’s age would have been less if she was Neela’s daughter, Ananya has some motive, so she risks her life.

Avni tells Neela that Ali and she are reaching hospital. Neela says everything will be fine. Doctor gets the file and it has Avni’s pic. Avni and Ali enter hospital. Ali asks for Dr. Nair’s room. Avni acts to be in pain. They sit. She sees Dr. Nair’s room number on board and shows Ali. She says there are two Dr. Nair, we will go and see. Ward boy gives the file to Dayaben.

Guard asks everyone for visiting card. Avni says we will go by stairs. Dayaben checks pics. Ali asks Avni to go that way. Ali and Avni see Dayaben. Dayaben is about to turn the page and see Avni’s pic. Fatima pushes her away. Dayaben gets shocked. Ali and Avni look on from far. Fatima recalls asking a man about Ketan. She gets to know the matter. Ali says how did Nanno come here. Fatima asks what are you doing here. Dayaben says I don’t find it necessary to answer you. Fatima says I have faced the disaster which occurred here by your coming. Dayaben says I m unwell, so I came here. Fatima asks her why is she checking papers in matron room, my Aisha died in this hospital, she was killed here, her murderer is roaming freely. Dayaben and Fatima fight.

Fatima says she broke my hand, she will kill me. Dayaben says she is mad. Fatima says this mad woman was trying to kill me, don’t let her go. Nurse gives an injection to Dayaben and takes her.


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Shweta comes to meet Neil and sees the mess. She sees cockroach and tries to hit. The board falls down. She gets shocked seeing Avni’s pics. She says so many pics of Ananya, why does he want to know about her, is he marrying Riya, but loves Ananya. She hears someone coming.

Fatima sees Avni’s pic and says Avni, you have grown up. Avni and Ali enter the room. Fatima says your mumma came here thrice, when she was born, when Avni was born and when ……. even you came here thrice, now I don’t want you to come here again, its unlucky place, it has snatched a lot from me, I just want you to come to me once and hug me. Avni cries. Avni says Nanno. Fatima gets shocked and turns to see her. They cry and hug. Fatima says Avni, you have grown up. Avni says everything is fine.

Fatima sees Ali and asks him to come to them. She hugs Ali. Neil comes inside the room and asks what investigation is happening in my room. She says Riya called me, I said once you dance, they all will get quiet. He says I forgot all that. She says you are going with Riya for rehearsals right. He says yes, happy. She asks don’t you want to dance with Riya. He says I m marrying Riya, that means I will perform with her on sangeet. She thinks Ananya is smiling in pics, I will make her cry.

Fatima thanks Neela for keeping Avni like own mum. Neela says she is my daughter. Fatima says Aisha will be happy that you took her place. Fatima makes Avni have sweets. Avni says I can have it on own. Fatima asks her to eat and feeds her and Ali. Avni says I have erased evidence from hospital, I have to stop Neil and Riya’s marriage. Fatima says I was against it, why do you want to stop it, do you love Neil. Avni and Ali get shocked. Fatima asks Avni to say. Avni says no. Fatima says I m modern, tell me if you love Neil, its your age to love, why did you get trap in revenge.

Neela says ordinary people have age to love, Avni grew with bullet mark on her chest. Avni says its not love, I want to break marriage, Dayaben is cheating Neil, she lost her money, she is eyeing Prakash’s money, she is doing deal with Prakash, I want your help to break this marriage. Fatima says you just tell me what to do. Neela says just don’t let Dayaben come out of hospital, we will manage everything. Fatima agrees. Avni says I will pack this kheer, we will leave. Fatima says you are hurt. She pats Ali and asks him to pack it. Ali says till Avni has plaster, she can make me work, then I won’t work. Dayaben gets conscious and finds herself tied. She sees Fatima coming with a pillow and recalls killing Aisha.

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