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Naamkaran 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Naamkaran 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Naamkaran 18th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Diksha, Ketan, doctor and Inspector lying to Avni and putting all the blame on Avni. Riya tells Ashish that Avni used to add medicine in Dayaben’s food, she told me that she will ruin Dayaben. Ashish asks who used to give her those medicines. Riya tells him.

Ashish meets Avni and asks did you add medicine in Dayaben’s food. Avni sees Ali and Akash. Ashish asks Avni to answer yes or no. Avni says yes. Ashish raises hand and stops. He cries and says I feel Aisha and I did mistake, else we would have not got such child, how did you get such hatred, that you got blind and killed Aisha. Avni gets shocked. He asks how can you blame my mum, she did not hurt you, you have hurt her so much, I will just end this hatred fight now, you crossed limit, you killed Aisha, how did you get such cleverness, till I send you to jail, your right place, I will not sit quiet. He goes. Avni cries and takes Aman. Ali gives her water.

Avni says how can Papa say this, what happened to him, he has seen me growing, how can he think this, I was his superstar, I love mumma a lot, how can he say this. Ali says leave it. She says he said he will send me to jail. I have seen anger in his eyes, if I go jail, they will take back Aman back in that house, I won’t let this happen with him. Ali says we will explain him, he is your dad, he will agree. She says no, he wants to get his mum out of jail, he left us alone to fight, he lost right to be my father. Ashish’s lawyer gives the evidence to inspector. Ashish asks do you want any other proof, tell me formalities, I want to get Dayaben out. Inspector says this is enough to send Avni to jail and get Dayaben out, file complaint against Avni, then we will arrest her, you have your mum and daughter on two sides, you have to think, whom you want to save. Ashish thinks.

Avni packs bag and says situation went out of hand now, we have to run with Aman, else Ashish will take me to police station, I can’t lose him. Ali says let Fatima and Tiku come, talk to them and go. She says they can understand, but Ashish can’t, its better to run away. He says fine, I will come along, I will pack my bag and come, then we will run. She says stop Ali and hugs him. She thanks him for his help.

He says wait, I will come, promise you won’t go. She says promise. He goes. Neela gets breaking news. She gets shocked seeing Avni getting blamed for Aisha’s death. She calls Avni. Ali comes and looks for Avni. He thinks of Avni’s words and says how can you leave me alone, we promised to be always together, how did you leave me Avni, I will never talk to you, even if you say sorry.

Avni is on the way. She checks money and takes a taxi. Driver asks where do you want to go. She thinks and says bus stand. Fatima and Tiku worry. Fatima calls Avni. She says where did she go with Aman, Ali why did you not stop Avni, how can Ashish raise hand on her. Ali says we will get her back, when Ali is here, Avni can’t be alone. He asks Fatima to see Ashish getting police.

Fatima scolds Ashish. Inspector asks her to get Avni, we have arrest warrant. Fatima asks why, what did she do. Inspector says we have proof that Avni killed Aisha. Fatima angrily slaps Ashish and says I thought you are a weak human, you are worse than animal, even animals went to death to save children, you and your mum blamed my innocent Avni, such a big blame, Dayaben used to point on Aisha’s upbringing, Dayaben’s upbringing is bad, you are spineless, you could not become good husband and good father, how can a girl kill her mum, think once, did you and your mum not think once, leave from here, else I will kill you.

Ashish says I did not come to make relations with you all, I did mistake once and my family got punished, I came to make Avni reach right place, you made her devil by making her hate us, my mum asked me to stay away, I did not hear her, today my family is bearing punishment, why did you send my mum to jail, who does this to feed medicine and make her mad, I won’t bear this, Avni has to go jail. Fatima says we have a heart of tigress, we will not be scared of you, get lost. Ashish leaves.

Avni goes to bus depot. She goes to ticket window. She gets shocked seeing her wanted poster. A man sees her and stares. Avni buys tickets. The news about Avni plays. She sees tv. She leaves. The people see Avni.


Naamkaran 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Avni runs. The men run after her to catch her. She sits in taxi and leaves. The men follow her to get reward money. Taxi driver also sees news. Avni worries.

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